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That's Wichu's rng spreadfinder program and has nothing to do with shoddy battle patches :/ you have to get the moveset list (a text file, not exe) and use that as your patch in
Edit: this is the list in the correct format for a patch
Just name that server.patch and follow duck's instructions, and you're ready to go!
when i try to log in, it says im already logged into the server. is this because my internet went away for 2 minutes? anyone know how to fix this? thanks in advance


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The server is down. There have been about 20 posts about this in the last two days. Just look around a bit and see if someone else has had your problem. There is nothing you can do until the server is brought back up.
For some reason, whenever I try to load my team in Pokémon Lab, it says "Selected team file could not be loaded." What should I do? I created the team in the Pokémon Lab team builder, if that has anything to do with it.
Cant see sprites on Pokelab at all, when battling and when team building. I have no idea why or how to fix
Are there any ratings or ladder being done on Pokelab? Shoddy hasn't been connecting for weeks so I assumed we transferred over, but I don't see anyway to see my rating or anyone elses... thanks :)
Milo1985beau: The feature will be implemented soon.

Delta: Not as of yet.

LySon: File > Preferences, pick a sprite pack and add it.


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Is there, at the moment, a way of gathering stats from all of the matches on the Smogon server on Lab like there was for Shoddy? If not, are there plans for them?
I have been trying to log into lab for quite a while now, but the 5 times I have tried, it says that I have gotten the password wrong or my username does not exist. I thought it might be a misclick on my part. Should I reset my password or would that complicate things more?
I have found on my server that with patch or no patch, Bibarel and Bidoof don't have abilities.
Is there any way to fix this using the patch? I currently have +Simple; on both of them to no avail.

Thanks for an answer.

EDIT: Tried importing a Bidoof/Bibarel from my Pokemon Box - it didn't work either...

EDIT #2: Fixed by rebuilding the server from source.... *shudder*
Does the battle timer still last five minutes? If yes, why? All it does is encourage stupid fuck like trolls/bad battlers running the clock out.

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