Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3)

@P_K No, the link to the Sprites JAR for that metagame.
@youhaveaface - Read the above section of this post.

@falcokid- Check the prefrences
So uhh, teams I make won't load and they're saved as an .sbt file. Is this because I saved 'em in the wrong file or something like that? Help?
.sbt is the PokéLab team extension.

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@falcokid- Check the prefrences
Would you like to show me where?

That is the battle preferences screen the "show my/my enemy's health changes" bars show the changes in the battle log..... not the health bar which is what I asked for.

sorry to sound rude but I hate having my question answered incorrectly.
could someone ban hidoku on the main chat at smogon? He is really spamming and the mods arn't paying attention(5:29 PM)
I'm having some computer troubles right now so I'm debating whether or not to download SB2. Could someone give me the lowdown on whats new besides Double Battles? What does Shoddy Battle 2 do that Pokemon Online can't? (Besides arguably better players)
Better teambuilder and interface and same nice minor update like ignoring user

But as it's actually just a beta you don't need to download it atm ;)
Sorry if this has been asked before but are custom double battles possible? Like, not under VGC rules I mean

EDIT: Ok just found out how to do it. Didn't really understand the wording at first due to me being slow.
Hey I'm in Bahrain and I'm trying to play Shoddy by connecting to the Smogon server. It worked in America but isn't working here. Just curious if anyone could give me an answer why.


(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)
anybody have any idea why it would say my password is incorrect? I'm confident it is the same password as my smogon password.
Pokemon lab is saying my acount doesn't exist. I get the error Error: No such user account exists on server. Obviously it should since i logged in yesterday, and I'm talking to you. EDIT it seems that I got my password wrong too many times and it locked me out. Nice feature actually.
Is it just me or does the time not recharge until your time gets below 30 secs? Also, how do you change arceus's type?
On Shoddy, I'm making an UU team, and I'm including Porygon2 on it, and I want one of its moves to be Recycle, because as Smogon says, Recycle can allow Porygon2 to stall for a long time. But Recycle isn't in the friggin' move list for Porygon2! What the?!
Is the server down for maintenance right now?
Just making sure I'm not b& for leaving the lab open by accident or anything. Keep getting connection refused and stuffs.

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