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Uh, you just read what I said, right? You are not going to run Offensive options on a SubSeed set with Whimiscott. Just use the spread given on the analysis as it focuses on keeping Whimiscott alive, which is further bolstered by SubSeed, as the goal is to annoy the opponent by staying alive with Leech Seed draining their HP. But wait, what's this? There's already an option to make a SubSeed set on the analysis. By picking Substitute over U-turn. But when using Whimiscott, remember that is one of the most difficult pokemon to use, due to it relying on prediction so heavily. Just saying.
okay, and i didnt mean mixed attack, i meant mixed defense
We need 4 votes in order to get the TC badge as far as I know. So, if we vote for non-pokemon and for pokemon on the same suspect round does it count as 1 vote or 2 votes?
Can someone explain me why a sd Gliscor should run 72 speed evs?
Thank you in advance. :-)
72 is a minimum in order to outspeed:

-Standard Nasty Plot Celebi (although they all run more speed now, but this is for those who don't), specially defensive Jirachi, standard Magnezone, standard Mew, and others such as standard DD Scrafty.
is there no analysis for Banette? not that i'm saying i could make it, i wouldn't mind actually.. but now that Cursed Body is released, I was expecting to find something. All the analyses seem locked/outdated, so i dunno, i'd just like to find a place where to discuss Banette, it's tiers and capabilities with this new ability... any links? any analyses i overlooked? thanks in advance.
Who is eligible to vote? Everyone? Seriously?
As far as round 5 goes:
1. Most importantly: the rating requirement for voting is going to shift back to a static 1450. No more 15+15. While a solid system on paper, with the addition of decay, it no longer serves its primary purpose and the brain trust has unanimously agreed that a static number is better suited for determining the voter pool.
Depends if the battle is on Wi-Fi or Infared. On Wi-Fi, this isn't the case. However, with Infared you get the option to pick either your Battle Box or your pokemon at hand for the battle me thinks.
What are some good partners for CBTyranitar?
Well, CB Tyranitar can destroy many dangerous walls with Pursuit, so it's a good partner for many things. SD Lucario with Ice Punch (walled by Jellicent) and Hydreigon (walled by Blissey) both work well with CB Tar. Rotom-W is a very excellent partner as well, as it can Volt Switch out on common counters such as Latias and Celebi that CB Tar can destroy.
Does the stat increase by Choice users count as an automatic "+1", or can further changes be made, allowing up to "+6" boosts.

For example, a Scizor with 252 Atk and Adamant will have 1576 Attack at +6, does the amount go higher to 2364 (1576 x 1.5) supposing that scizor was holding a choice band while boosting, or is the amount of stat increase a choiced item count as a boost itself, and the stat modifiers are then making changes off of the original, "unboosted" stat, offering the capability of allowing the user to get up to "+7" (1773 Attack) as opposed to 2364, in which case the stat modifiers counted the already boosted stats as the "base" stat to which the stat multiplier(s) are then implied?


If a Scizor holds a Choice Band while using Swords Dance, does the attack cap out at 1773 or 2364, after accounting in Choice Band boost, and supposing +6
No, it does not automatically count as +1. A CB Scizor will still have higher attack at +6 than a non-CB one at +6.
Thanks for the confirmation, but to the "second" part of my question - does the stat multiplier still derive from the original stat (394) or the new stat after the CB Boost (591)?
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