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The registry is down and has been down for ages. is the advanced connect. You're not going to see anyone on NBS except if you're trying to find an old-timer for an RBY or GSC tournament, though, so you are better off going with PO for older gens.

Don't know why it's not letting you on if you had the advanced connect right. Maybe atq was down at that moment.
Special HGSS tournament

So we're having a special " win a 3DS " HGSS tournament with special rules : Every single legendary is banned + tyranitar/garchomp/wobuffet/salamence, and no weather change is allowed.

So i would like you guys to give me some insight on what could be a really strong team under these conditions : one team with just the rules respected, and another one with just the following pokemons ( weavile, infernape, gastrodon, scizor, lucario, gliscor, blissey, stamie ).

But just as a start, i would like to have outs to breloom since it showed to be REALLY dangerous during the little testing time i did.
In RBY, exactly under what conditions does the 1/256 miss glitch occur?


More specifically, for how which of these move categories does the glitch occur?
- Physical moves like Strength
- Special moves like Ice Beam
- Swift
- Non-attacking moves like Spore
- Non-targeting moves like Amnesia, Reflect, and Haze

I'm asking because despite what the site says, I have seen numerous different answers on other websites, and I'd like to get a very clear answer.
Any conditions, iirc.

All enemy-targeting moves with 100% listed accuracy will have the 1/256 chance to miss, Swift being the sole exception. IIRC moves that target yourself (i.e. swords dance, etc) are also exempt from said accuracy calculation
Last I checked, Swift can miss, and it's no-miss rate applies more to things like Evasion boosting, Fly and Dig. But this is the only way it can miss.
Thanks for the fast response.

So moves like Strength, Ice Beam, and Spore can all miss, but Swords Dance, etc. cannot, right?

What about moves that target the whole field, like Haze? What about Struggle?

Is there any sort of absolute proof (game disassembly, etc.) that Swift cannot miss? I'm asking because it's by far the move that the most sources disagree on.
Normal "100%" accuracy moves such as Ice Beam, Spore and Struggle have 0xFF as their accuracy byte, which means they have 255/256 accuracy. Moves such as Swift, Swords Dance, Haze and other moves that target the user or both fields also have 0xFF iirc, but as far as I know, the accuracy value is not checked by the game when using these moves.

The hexadecimal error apllies to everything with a "X" chance of happening. Moves that are supposed to have lets say 95% acc for example, have a slightly smaller accuracy as well: 242/256. Ice Beam's freeze ratio isn't exactly 10%, but 26/255. Critical hit ratios are multiplied by 255/256 as well. Etc.

If you want, I guess, you can test Swift yourself in a rby rom by changing it's accuracy byte to 0x00, and you'll see how it still doesn't miss. You can do this with an attack editor or by hand with an hex editor (attacks info starts at offset 0x38000).
If a move like Growl has 255/256 accuracy, why does it display "But it failed!" almost frequently when used?
The opponent introduce sleep on my Zapdos, I hit Rest with Sleep-talk and fall asleep again.

Is sleep clause still active? Or did my own Rest "override" the sleep-move? I guess the later is the answer, but I`m really not sure.

This is a GSC question, obviously.


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Rest over-rides the pre-existing sleep. Your opponent is free to put something else to sleep now.
So, I'm looking to piece together a team- Some candidates I'm looking at for my team are Arcanine, Jolteon, Gyrados, Tyranitar, and Meganium. Could you please give me any suggestions for move set and the 6th?

I already have an idea with what I want to do with Gyrados- Leftovers Roar/Rest/Waterfall/Sleep Talk.
Competitively or in-game?
Why not? I just need a simple answer where else should I ask?
Ladder don`t mean much and I don`t know if anyone even bother to check it. Players are really just clicking "find battle" to not having to go through the trouble of actually challenging people. That is what I do, anyway.

The playerbase is just too tiny for a proper ladder to work. Top10 usually consist of the same people you play against everyday.
In Generation I, does Bide take into account poison damage?

For example, say I have 160 HP and I'm poisoned (10 damage per turn). I use Bide while the opponent stalls with Splash or whatever. Bide lasts randomly from 2-3 turns. Will the opponent be hit with 40-60 damage because of my own poison damage? Or would Bide fail?

If it's not too much trouble, does anything different happen in other generations? (My main concern in Gen I, though.)
Thanks for clearing that up. So what would be a good way to gauge your skills?
Playing in tournaments I guess. Personally, I think that is the best arena regardless of gen.

The other way would be playing against the best players on PO. You learn quickly enough who they are.

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