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Ok so i was heading to my server i saw that it said PSIM.US in the Http.
What is this, because i believe it has made the server go down?
Thanks in advance!
That happened to me too. I checked and found that the regular showdown sever wasn't doing anything either. After the regular server returned to normal, so did mine.

I went into data and made changes to pokedex.js, and learnsets.js. When I entered my local server I didn't see the stat changes I had made in the team builder, and the moves I had added were still labeled illegal. For a moment I thought nothing had happened. Then I tried searching for a battle with one of the new moves I added, and one that was still illegal. The new move was accepted, and the other wasn't. Even though it doesn't show, the changes I had made to the moveset were effective, and I'd assume so for the stat changes as well. Is it possible to make it so that the added moves are shown as legal and the stat changes show in the team builder?

Also, I'd like to test the changes I've made for balance. Is it possible to battle against myself, or must someone else do it with me? If I must test it with someone else, what are the necessary steps?


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The changes aren't shown because Client has it own data. You would need a custom client to show your changes in /data, etc., and there's no easy way to do that nor it's really supported.
Ah, I was afraid it was something outside of my reach. I thought there might be something already stored in the thingy (apparantly called client) that it was drawing that from. Oh well, as long as it plays.
So I've made all sorts of crazy changes to pokemon (and by crazy I mean carefully considered) that I want to test to check if the resulting metagame is balanced. The problem? I'm soooort of the only person logged in to the server. Obviously.

I'd like to be able to let other people play my modified showdown, but uh... the README doesn't go that far.
Does PS work on a 3DS?
No, the way PS works in-browser doesn't support 3DS. It simply isn't coded to work on it. I heard battle replays work, however, but haven't tested it myself.
It does work on iOS, albeit not as well.

Why can't you up the PP of moves (like using a PP Up in the actual game) to allow moves to last longer?
They default to being PP Up'd to the max (hence why 5 PP moves have 8 PP)
why is there random lag on showdown to the point i can use showdown? (usually during the day)
As with any website, there are peak times of activity for Pokemon Showdown. Lag is often influenced by the number of users on the site at the time. When the user count approaches or exceeds 2,000, PS! tends to have the greatest lag. Unfortunately, nothing really can be done about this lag. My only suggestion would be to get on during less active time periods.
hey, i have done 35 uu games so far and i am still provisional.

uu 1775 81 1879 ± 74 (provisional) 29 6 0
how many games do i need to remove the provisinal tag ? because im already lower than 100 ?
Was it a custom game? Main server? Hackmons? That rule is enforced!
PS has some basic level checking built in. But yeah, what tier were you playing? Custom game has no legality checking at all, and hackmons allows hacked pokemon (hence the name). This is the reason why we ask for replays, after all, because they'll record this sort of information.
OU ladder match, on the main server >.>"

I didn't save the replay, sadly. Ughhhhhhhhhhh >____________>"

a level 25 toed could easily take 92% from like almost anything lvl 100, albeit the whole egg move thing is known.
pretty sure level 25 politoeds don't activate focus sash at 8% HP
So, the PokeCommunity server's ladder hasn't been working since February. Whenever a rated battle is finished, this message is given:

Other servers such as the Pokemon Database are also having issues with the ladder rankings. Our server ID is set correctly, as you can see here, and we've been using the default server files. As far as I know, node.js has also been updated recently. My question is: can we fix our custom ladder so that the rankings are updated again, or is it out of our hands?
Now we're no longer listed on the main page. Any help please?


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Now we're no longer listed on the main page. Any help please?
PokeCommunity is running either a very old version of Pokemon Showdown, or a version of Pokemon Showdown modified not to display on the main page.

If it's a very old version, update it.

If it's a modified version, well, you modified it not to display on the main page, what do you expect?

edit: it's also possible that something else is preventing the connection, such as a firewall. Does your server have any unusual firewalls?
Would there ever potentially be an option available for us to keep the April Fools sprites? That was probably the best thing that happened all day yesterday, couldn't stop laughing as I kept seeing different ones.
So I went in to battle today and saw this:
Site Temporarily Unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: "bad_httpd_conf"
When is PS going to be back?
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