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Does Power Split affect Clear Body / White Smoke / Hyper cutter pokemon?

I would think it does since it's actual stat changes, not stat boosts/decreases (which Clear Body, etc. prevents), but can anyone confirm? I have not tested and do not see the answer in first post. I can test it out if no one knows answer. Thanks.

EDIT: Thanks poccil.
Chinese Dood:

I've tested this. Power Split works as normal even if the user or opponent has Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke: Power Split affects "stats" ("User's Attack stat and opponent's Attack stat..."), while those three Abilities affect "stat stages". (In my attack list, "[e]ffects that refer to a Pokémon's Attack stat [and so on] refer to the original stat, unmodified by the effects of moves, Abilities, items, and so on ... or by stat stages.")


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This isn't listed on the first post, but the gems boost all hits of a multi-hit move, such as Icicle Spear.

L48 Vanilluxe (90 Attack) vs. Chatot with 127 Defense

Expected damage range with Ice Gem boost: 32-38 per hit
Expected damage range without Ice Gem 20-26 per hit

Icicle Spear hit Chatot 3 times, dealing 32, 38, and 36 damage. So all hits received the Ice Gem boost.


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Updated the OP with a couple things that were missing. Thanks everyone who participates in this thread carrying out Pokemon research, it's appreciated.

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There's a cosmetic change that isn't noted in the OP. I'm sure that everyone has noticed it, but I believe it should be added for the sake of completeness.

There's a graphical difference when a Pokémon has been hit with bad poison rather than regular poison, in the indicator, that is (PSN). Regular poison has white letters, while bad poison's are purple.


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Does the Analytic boost apply to targets switching out of the battlefield? Anyone who does the research on this will significantly help the OU QC team on making a verdict on This thing.

Yes, Analytic will apply if the other Pokemon switches out. In this case, the bearer of Analytic is considered to "strike last" this round. I've tested this in-game to make sure.
No it will not, the "flinching" from being hit while using Focus Punch is completely different than the normal flinching in battle.
The following is with regards to Unburden.

The description of Unburden (http://www.smogon.com/bw/abilities/unburden) says that "Regaining an item does not remove the boost.", but I had an experience to the contrary.

I had a Bronzong (Sassy, Leftovers, 252 HP/4 Def/252 SpDef, 0 Speed IVs) in on an Unburden Hitmonlee. He used up his Normal Gem with Fake Out, thus doubling his Speed. I went for Gyro Ball, which should be 150 base power (25 * (600/63) ~ 238 > 150), but he used Thief first, stealing my Leftovers and then living the Gyro Ball with ~15%. If Unburden was not lost upon regaining an item, the hit should've done 100.4% - 118.2%, guaranteed OHKO. However, without the Unburden boost and thus only 300 Speed, it would only do 80.6% - 94.6% (120 base power).

To check this, I went on Pokemon Online and tested my hypothesis. I used a standard offensive Shaymin vs Hitmonlee. Shaymin outsped on the first turn, and Hitmonlee activated Unburden (via Gem usage). Hitmonlee then outsped Shaymin and used Thief to steal my item. On turn 3, Shaymin was once again faster than Hitmonlee with his newly acquired item.

So in conclusion, the Unburden boost IS lost upon gaining a new item (at least in Gen5, this may not be true for Gen4).

For those interested in seeing the scenario I described, look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ5d5jSUe0I at 2:19. If you want to test the PO situation, it's simple enough to do.


burned solrock explosion vs. my ttar: 27 damage
not burned solrock explosion vs. same ttar: 26 damage

PO is right.
Unless we know the stats of Solrock, that doesn't prove this. Solrock's Attack has a wider than 50% possibility of increase. For instance, at level 50, you can theoretically increase Solrock's Attack by 56.3%.
I apologize for not saying this sooner, but this was in a wild double battle with an owned solrock. This was not against a wild solrock; it was against two pidoves. Am I missing something?

For reference, its attack is 122 and the defense of my Tyranitar is 179.

This may mean that explosion damage (when burned) is normal on opponents and halved on teammates.

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Almost everything on the game treats multiple hits of a move as separate moves, except for Color Change, Life Orb/Metronome and the resist berries. What about Counter, Mirror Coat and Metal Burst?

Does Substitute block Attract? Attract's page contradicts itself in the Competitive Use paragraph.
I've done in-game testing and found that:

1. Chilan Berry and the like affect only the first hit of a multi-hit attack, like most other effects that deal with multi-hit attacks.
2. Counter also treats each hit of a multi-hit attack as a separate attack, so it uses only the
last hit of such an attack.
3. A substitute can be affected by Attract as normal.


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I have determined that in a double battle, if a Pokemon outspeeds a Pokemon and uses Sky Drop on a target, and Trick Room is activated before the next turn, the Pokemon hit by Sky Drop will not be able to make a move on the next turn (EDIT: assuming that the target has lower Speed than the user of Sky Drop). This of course has no impact on VGC since Sky Drop is banned.

I have not yet tested to see what happens if a teammate of the victim of Sky Drop uses Tailwind (or switching in an auto-weather inducer or using a weather move corresponding to an ability that boosts Speed in a certain weather) during the turn Sky Drop is used.

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Do Blizzard, Thunder and Hurricane have 100% or nevermiss accuracy during their respective weather conditions?

Does the trapping/damaging effect of Bind and similar moves disappear once the user switches out?

If Porygon is Ghost-type (after using Conversion 1/2), is hit by a Fighting-move (after taking Foresight, or against a Scrappy pokémon) and then uses Conversion 2, does its type change to Bug/Poison/Flying (as in, does immunity take priority over resistance or not)? And if the user has Substitute, does Conversion 2 consider the last move to hit the user, or the Substitute?

When does Copycat fail? The Smogon Dex says it does if the opponent switched in on the turn before Copycat is used, or it if switches out the turn Copycat is used, which means switching out as a whole makes the move fail, even if it doesn't really make sense (as Copycat can call a move used by the Copycat user). So, this means... that Riolu strategy can be beaten by a mere switch-in? Is it really that easy?

Does Anticipation activate if the opponent has Explosion/Selfdestruct, but the ability bearer is a Ghost-type?

Does Battle/Shell Armor block only the CH bonus damage of Frost Breath, or the whole damage dealt?
Thunder is nevermiss. Remember when people kept saying that Kyogre's Thunders was Moody's best counter in Ubers?

I dont know about Hurricane and blizzard, though... But i guess at least blizz is nevermiss too.
For Conversion 2, the user can still change to Bug, Flying or the like
if the user is a Ghost type and was damaged by a Fighting-type attack.
Conversion 2 chooses "a ... type that is resistant or immune" to the Fighting
type, that is, it chooses from among all such types; Conversion 2 doesn't
fail if the user has the immune type, in this case Ghost, if there are also
resistant types. (Conversion 2 doesn't take effects such as Foresight into
account when determining whether a type is resistant or immune to
another type.) Conversion 2 also affects attacks that hit a substitute as normal; such attacks are considered successful against their opponents.
Hurricane and Blizzard are never miss under Rain/Hail.

16/16 hits in 10 separate trials against a +6 evade blissey under rain/hail for hurricane/Blizzard so like thunder when the correct weather is up they become never miss
Anticipation displays a message "if any opposing Pokemon has ... a damaging move whose original type has at least double effectiveness against bearer's types". Selfdestruct and Explosion have type Normal, and Normal is not "super effective" against the Ghost type, so Anticipation doesn't trigger. (This Ability doesn't trigger from Selfdestruct and Explosion per se.)


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Just ran into an interesting situation on PO. My pokemon was asleep, and I used Sleep Talk. Sleep Talk chose the move Mimic, and my pokemon thus learned the opponent's last move (Mud Slap). Funny thing is that Mud Slap overrode Sleep Talk, so my new moveset looked like Rest, Mud Slap, Mimic, Shadow Ball. Is this the way it works in-game, or does the Mimic just fail or something?
Uh, I'm probably just out of the loop from not battling on PO for nearly a year, but I noticed a difference between PO's battle engine (at least as it was last time I battled) and PS!'s engine that I've been trying to ask various people about. I haven't gotten a straight answer on it.

This concerns "active" abilities like Intimidate, Download and Trace.

State 1:
P1: Mickey
P2: Minnie (is faster)

Both opponents switch:
P1: Donald
P2: Goofy (has Intimidate)

Is Mickey Intimidated or is Donald? Last time I battled on PO, Mickey was affected, but on PS! (at least as far as I've seen), the abilities activate after BOTH switches, and Donald is affected regardless of switching order. I ask this because I'm aware that people have gotten it wrong before (an Advance analysis of Kyogre says that in a double switch with weathers, the weather goes to whoever clicked the button last) and I'd just like to see this answered so that I could, for example, fix the OU Porygon2 analysis on this topic if PS! happens to have the correct mechanics on this.

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