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Does Psycho Shift... uh.. shift status like its name implies (Burned Mew + Poisoned Sigilyph -> Poisoned Mew + Burned Sigilyph) or does it merely place the status upon the opponent if it has no status? If the latter, what occurs if it uses this on a pokemon with synchronize?
Does Psycho Shift... uh.. shift status like its name implies (Burned Mew + Poisoned Sigilyph -> Poisoned Mew + Burned Sigilyph) or does it merely place the status upon the opponent if it has no status? If the latter, what occurs if it uses this on a pokemon with synchronize?
Psycho Shift only works if the target has no status. It simply inflicts the status upon the foe, then cures the user of said status. Now here's the interesting part. I happened to use my Sigilyph's Psycho Shift to burn an Umbreon on Random Matchup. Here's what happened.

Sigilyph used Psycho Shift!
The foe's Umbreon was burned!
Umbreon's Synchronize
Sigilyph already has a burn.
Sigilyph was cured of its burn.

Synchronize attempts to inflict the status on the Psycho Shifter before Psycho Shift cures the user of its status (so Synchronize fails), then Psycho Shift cures the status.
What happens if I use Reflect Type on a disguised Zoroark?
The one who used Reflect Type would become a dark type.

Tested this with reflect type staryu and a zoroark disguised as a golurk. After reflect type, faint attack did "not very effective" damage to Staryu.
I have a glitch report to make about the game:

This was what happened to me: I was randomly fishing outside Dragonspiral Tower, when well, I fished up a wild Dratini. I threw a Quick Ball immediately(like usual), Dratini escaped, and tried to p-haze my Haxorus with Dragon Tail. Tail hit, but Haxorus didn't get kicked out. I swapped to Zebstrika and tried again, Dragon Tail did not successfully p-hazed, although it did damage.

I tried this again with a bunch of other Dratinis and Dragonairs, and the one Dragonair I didn't throw a Quick Ball at successfully p-hazed me on the switch, ending the battle, as supposed to. :O

Summary: If the opponent breaks out of the Pokeball and uses Dragon Tail, DT will not be able to p-haze.

I am unsure if this glitch is just restricted to my game, if it affects wild Throh+Circle Throw, and the like. Would someone help me test this? Thanks. :)

I've tested that already. The effect of Ingrain overrides Telekinesis. See my attack list for the latest description I have for Telekinesis: "During effect, opponent is immune to Ground-type attacks ... as though opponent had Levitate ... (overridden by Ingrain and Iron Ball)."
EDIT: Sorry for wasting space guys, but read through the entire OP and managed to find that it's already been busted. So ignore this.

I posted this originally in SQSA, but it's probably better here:

Hey guys, I was wondering if somebody here could help me with something.

Whilst trying to build a Hoenn-themed team to use, I came across a small problem - the only Rapid Spin users specific to Hoenn are Claydol, Armaldo and Spinda. I've tried the first 2 in various combinations with other pokemon, but they just don't fit with the rest of my team.

So I was trying to think of alternatives. Magic Coat or Taunt, to stop my side of the field from being set up on, but those just seemed like a waste of a moveslot to me, and required good prediction. Then i thought of another possibility - Defog.

With the help of another person on the PO server, we conducted a series of tests. These are the results:
-Opponent lays down spikes and light screen, I mimic light screen and set it up on my side
-I use defog
-Light Screen is gone from their side, but spikes/LS still on my side

Obviously it wasn't much help to me at all. Pretty useless as a matter of fact. When reading through serebii/bulbapedia's descriptions of the move, the use of the word TARGET was stressed.

Then we were wondering what would happen if we tried it in a double battle scenario.
-Opponent lays down Spikes/LS, I mimic LS and use it
-I target my partner with Defog
-Opponent's LS removed, but LS on my side/Spikes still present!

These results didn't seem to make sense, so we thought that perhaps there is a glitch with how Defog has been programmed into the PO server.

So here is where my actual question comes into play. Or more of a request actually: could someone with an actual version of the game test out the limitations of this move? As in, have a pokemon with the move, have a battle with someone, and conduct similar tests to that above? I know it probably is a bit much to ask, but think of the possibilities - removal of all Entry hazards, that's not blocked by ghosts. Removal of Screens. A whole slew of new pokemon to be added to the list of Utility pokemon!

So could someone either please test this, or give me some info that proves this definitively yes or no?

And here's a link to all pokemon that can learn defog: htt


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It's weird, but although the description says it has a higher crit ratio, the only place I can find that mentions this as being correct is veekun
EDIT: OK, I found this old thread, and also found out that my memory of that time is fuzzy and flawed. Regardless, here's the link. Draw your own conclusions.
Testing with Big Root:

Just tested Big Root w /Regenerator in-game. My Mienshao has 141 making third of its HP 47, I wounded it to 13 HP, switched out while holding Big Root, if 47 (i.e Big Root doesn't work), it'd be at 60, if not higher, and when I checked the HP it was 60, meaning Big Root does not effect Regenerator.
In-game description:
it says: "A Pokemon held item that boosts the power of HP-stealing moves to let the holder recover more HP"
This would indicate that it doesn't just boost recovery, but boost the power as well, so I tested if Big Root effects the power of drainage moves:
In-game with Maractus and Rhyperior, first fight Maractus without Big Root:

all out of 170 HP rhyperior

then with Big Root

So, that pretty much indicates that big root does NOT effect the power, but rather it only effects the HP drainage.

In-game Cradily without Big Root gaining 7 HP
With Big Root gaining 9 HP
So Big Root effects Ingrain, probably effects Aqua Ring too

My guess on Leech Seed is that it heals more but it doesn't "damage" more as in the same principle as Mega Drain..etc

So I'd say Big Root hasn't changed one bit from 4th gen.

What is the percentage/fraction? I.E. Ingrain is normally 1/16; what is it boosted to?
Well, based on SMZ's calcs...
7 x 16 = 112, meaning that Cradily has about 112 max HP

9 / 112 = about 8% or 2/25
7 / 112 = 6.25 % or 1/16

The recovery gained from Big Root is then .0175 / .0625 = .28, or a 28% increase.

Round to 30% maybe? Of course, this could be a little off because Cradily's max HP might be higher due to rounding. It would help if Cradily had more. (or SMZ could tell us what it was exactly)

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