Tournament Balanced Hackmons Snake Draft [Won by the Malefic Mega Rays]

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My predictions are the best predictions because I am the best BH player of all time.
People always ask me about predictions, It's fantastic. Let me tell you about predictions. I do very well with predictions. I love predictions. No one loves predictions more than me, BELIEVE ME. Predictions loves me. We're going to have so many predictions you are going to get sick of predictions. The predictions just got 10 feet higher. I have the best predictions.


Banned deucer.
SM BH: RNGIsFatal vs Ransei - RNG is actually good (no offense Ransei ur good too, ur just not RNG level good)
Tilt scales harder in a long run and you know my level of temperance
Meanwhile Ransei is one of the best human beings I know from here
SM BH: jasprose vs CROW'S BANE- mono pogre is invincible and crow is bad
Seriously stop viewing the world in your perspective, mono pogre is bad and what is the reason behind not supporting your alter ego brother
BH UU: sedertz vs Silver_Lucario42 - SL42 was made for this tier
You forgot to mention that he will bring Shiftry
BH UU: morogrim vs Akashi- I don't know who Akashi is, but he has my full support so he'll win
So are you saying you are down to making another Discord server to cheer moro's opponents


The announcement that they should not be using the updated banlist had not happened yet. I think it should be fine :)
Since the bh uu match that already happened had one of the players use a team using the updated ban list, should they redo their match?
You not grown up yet, remember for your life;
Never ask stupid questions - Some big man or big fish may feel provoked.

Now i understand why many do their matches so late.

Respect for CROW, he is the first i see putting his available online times in a pastebin.

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