Battle Capacity 5.1 released

No new characters this time, but everyone got something new in the form of backthrows. This'll allow for greater control over spacing and corner fights, and they some even offer new setups and followup.

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I figured I'd go through all the characters and list some of the major changes I'd made to each one of them, usually for the sake of expanding options or just for the sake of balance.

- New moves in Wooden Barge and Timber, df.b and d.c in the air respectively. The first one is a forward moving tackle and the second is a fast elbow drop. Both attacks were conceived to give Oak greater offensive options.
- Ember was given about 20 frames more of cooldown, meaning he can't spam it as easily and fill the screen with his fireballs one after the other. So it requires more precision to hit the payoff and the chance of being punished is greater if used carelessly.
- In the same vein, Flamethrower was made less meaty and is more of a quick burst attack. On the one hand, he recovers a bit faster, but again, it makes his defense more precise.

- Whirlwind Kick was made easier to execute in combos. Previously the timing to combo into this move was so difficult it was close to being obsolete, so hopefully this makes Cyclohm less reliant on an opponent's mistakes to score damage.
- j.light had its gravity increased so he falls faster when using it, giving him something of a short hop. The hitbox also lasts longer but only the first few frames can cross up.
- X-Twister has faster startup

- Down strong, his sweep now has greater range.

- Standing light and medium can now hit airborne enemies allowing Syclant more juggle options after a Frost Edge or Fury Swipes.

- Standing far medium and strong have more range, increasing Rev's footsie game

- Crouching medium and strong were given better range and startup
- Standing far strong has a disjointed hitbox making it better for anti air, or for poking.
- He can now use Jumping Slash and Jumping Backslash in the air.

- Corrected some visual glitches that occurred when certain attacks are blocked
- Crouching medium has faster startup and crouching strong now slides further

- All versions of Giga Impact except for X have lost invincibility.
- Crunch and Crouching strong are now more punishable on block
- Hitting the second hit of Horn Attack in the air can now lead to Horn Drill or other juggles.

- Corrected an issue where you could still X-Port without X

- Crouching light has slower startup but faster recovery time leading to more combo options.
- Sweatin' arcade mode fixed

- Crouching medium no longer hits low
- Changed the hitbox of Vital Throw so that it does grab jumping opponents as easily now

- Standing strong's hitbox was tweaked so it works better as an anti air, but will trade more often on the ground

- A new move in Wing Attack. It's fast and can be linked from certain attacks, act as an a reliable reversal and can extend combos in some situations.
- X-WaterPulse is no longer a grab
- Close standing light is now a command normal

This might be the last update for awhile, depending on how the community fares. Hope you have fun with this one.

It's been quite the adventure, building this game, and I feel it's very much grown organically thanks to the feedback from so many of you; from the Smogon community and elsewhere.
I'm loving Cascavian's new attack. It seems like it's got quite a bit of potential. Thanks for the awesome update!
random note, i think it would be interesting/useful to incorporate the background of each CAP in the character section on the website. characters like Cascavian and Vitalimar have obscure histories since they were Cap prototypes that didn't win.

i just think it would be nice to give credit and a little history so we know where the characters came from. especially for those not intimately connected with the Cap project who stumble upon this amazing game!
That's not unreasonable. Perhaps in each character's info section I can place a link to their page. It'd save me from having to do a poor summation and people would be able to see what the project is about more directly.
hopefully my campus wifi speeds up so this download doesn't take forever.

looks great.

edit: god damnit. i have a mac.
I'm not sure if lunaport works with Wine, as it didn't with Venser, but I would still suggest trying, o' course.
Wish I had of heard about CAPacity sooner. I'd been a fan of the Shoddy CAP server meta, but this takes it to a whole new level. Just wish more people played!
I'm not sure how Crossover works, but I take it it emulates the Windows OS? Once you have it running, go to the Batcap folder and double click the BattleCapacityV5_1.exe file.

Once the game is up, click W or S (up or down) to activate the cursor and select either Arcade mode or Versus.

Use Lunaport if you want to play online. Make sure the game is closed and open Lunaport, selecting the option you desire by typing in the number and hitting enter.
I love BattleCAP, but i do have one request Good sir

Please tweak it so it doesn't freeze when i play... I played against Vitalimar and it froze without me pausing it

Also are there any boss battles or is Vitalimar the boss?

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