battle free for all #2

Oh wow I thought your Sunkern was a Digimon or something making a play on the "Screw rules" thing

Fun fact: I used size 72 and 18 fonts

I'm kinda afraid that the same people are dominating this thread but I don't have any posts on this page so why not
i was just about to reserve! crap!

EDIT: here is my pic...

I'm sorry it looks childish, i swear i'm not a 1st grader. I'm just not the greatest artist and i din't have a lot of time to draw this.

And thanks^
If you're using Imgur Espeon65, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL using the message board and forums URL. That way the picture is visible.
I've tried to. I just can't figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience while i figure it out. I'm not at all a computer geek. Just a geek in general :D if you wanna PM me with instructions, go ahead, please.
Sos bout poor writing but i just wanted to do a quick paint pic and my paint dosen't have text :( thxs for compliment though =D

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