Battle Ready!

Stats: 128/95/85/160/91/36 (+50/+35/+0/+25/+0/+0)
Trigger: Reaching 25% health or less.
Move Buffed: Calm Mind: Doubles as Trick Room
Description: Drampas that live on the harshest of mountains are known to have developed a powerful endurance system only to be used as a last resort. However, very few examples have ever been taken off the mountains due to the conditions being too harsh for most humans.
Competitive: Pretty much exactly what Drampa wanted. It can set its own Trick Room up while also boosting, allowing it to threaten a large number of Pokémon almost instantly. The Attack boost makes moves like Earthquake viable coverage options for mons that may otherwise hard-wall, but 95 still isn't all that much. A little Special Attack is also thrown in. The main drawback is that Drampa has so many moves it wants to run, such as Calm Mind, Roost, Draco Meteor, Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Energy Ball, that it can't beat everything 1v1. Using Calm Mind a second time also removes the Trick Room, making 1 boost all it will really ever achieve (unless it also runs Work Up). Because of this, there are still things that can take its attacks and dispatch of it.

Stats: 60/88/215/111/85/36 (+0/+10/+80/+20/+0/+0)
Trigger: Gaining stat boosts.
Move Buffed: Shell Trap: OHKOs if contact is made rather than dealing damage
Description: Some Turtonators have the potential to be extremely volatile. Upon being charged up they surround themselves entirely with their explosive shielding, waiting for something to draw close.
Competitive: An amazing Physical tank. As well as having a sky-high Defense stat that even puts Stakataka to shame, it also deters a large number of Physical moves from being used at all versus it via its signature move. In order to activate this shielded form it can use Bulk Up, Flame Charge, Shell Smash, Charge Beam, Iron Defense and Work Up, as well as a number of status Z-Moves. Unfortunately its Special Defense is very lacking, making it easy to eliminate or threaten with nearly any good special attacker. Assault Vest can make up for this, but only works alongside Flame Charge or Charge Beam. Its offensive capabilities are also sub-par without boosts, making it easy to switch into and deal with.

Type: Grass/Dragon
Stats: 185/120/85/130/75/45 (+80/+15/+0/+5/+0/+0)
Trigger: Getting a K.O.
Move Buffed: Dragon Hammer: 110 BP
Description: When this Pokémon forms a bond with its trainer during battle, its neck grows. Nobody is quite sure why.
Competitive: An amazing bulky mixed attacker. Alolan Eggy has some extremely high power moves, both Physical and Special, and especially when it comes to its STAB. It is both stronger and slightly faster than Guzzlord, with roughly the same bulk. It also has access to recovery in many forms, such as Synthesis, Leech Seed, Wish and Ingrain, making it have the potential to be a big annoyance to the opponent while also dishing out massive hits. Getting a K.O might not be the easiest thing, but Alolan Exeggutor is suitably strong to do so. However, Ice types still ruin it and Steel types wall its dual STAB (albiet, it can hit Steel types with Flamethrower and Earthquake) and its speed makes it easy to revenge kill.

Type: Dragon/Bug
Stats: 77/145/85/80/75/113 (+0/+25/+0/+20/+0/+65)
Trigger: Being Poisoned.
Move Buffed: Crunch: 100 BP, Bug type
Description: When Druddigons with a genetic mutation get infected, their body becomes a breeding ground for tiny insects. These insects end up becoming part of the Druddigon. The Druddigon also becomes significantly lighter as a result of many of its internal organs being consumed.
Competitive: An offensive powerhouse. It creeps above the 110 Speed tier, one all too common in the OU metagame, allowing it to dispatch of many popular threats if necessary. Its unique typing gives it a 4x resist to Grass, as well as resistances to Ground and Fighting, allowing it to utilise its decent bulk and switch in to certain attacks if necessary. The typing, however, does grant it weaknesses to Flying and Rock in return. Because of this, it becomes easily whittled by Stealth Rocks and highly pressured by threats such as the commonplace Landorus. A large amount of its coverage is not overly strong, making switching in to it a little easier, and several OU mons can actually outspeed and deal with it.
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Pokemon Name: Drampa
Battle Bond Name: Defender-Drampa
Stats: 78 (+0) / 60 (+0) 117 (+32) / 160 (+25) / 91 (+0) / 95 (+53)
Battle Bond Activation: If an NFE ally has been KOed, Drampa's Battle Bond will trigger upon switch-in.
Buffed Move: Hyper Voice: 100 BP, hits Ghost types.
Description: Drampa loves to play with the kids. But when one of its favorite kids is hurt badly (in this case, a little NFE Pokemon), it'll enter a frenzy in an attempt to avenge its fallen playmate. Drampa grew some beautiful wings, and its body has extended in length, making it much more nimble, conveniently outpacing Landorus-T and tying with Kyurem-Black and Tapu Lele! Drampa's loud scream has turned into a raging roar, so powerful that even Ghosts cannot block the damaging noise! Partner Drampa up with something like Chansey or Porygon2, and you got an incredibly scary wallbreaker on your hands!

Pokemon Name: Druddigon
Battle Bond Name: Bulwark-Druddigon
Stats: 77 (+0) / 138 (+18) / 151 (+61) / 60 (+0) / 121 (+31) / 48 (+0)
Battle Bond Activation: Tank a Grass or a Fire move.
Buffed Move: Crunch: Dragon type, heals for 1/2x of damage dealt.
Type: Dragon
Description: Druddigon's dex entry mentions it absorb sunlight, which explains the activation method. With Stealth Rock, a sustain move coming off a nice Attack stat, and a variety of attacking and support tools, it is a fine bulky attacker/supporter. It still has very bad speed and an average defensive type to watch out for. Was gonna make it Dragon/Steel, but that's too easy, and a little too good, too.

Pokemon: Drampa
Battle Bond Name: Ares-Drampa
Base Stats: 138 (+60) / 60 / 105 (+20) / 165 (+30) / 91 / 36
Typing: Normal / Dragon
Move Buffed: Dragon Pulse
Move Changes: 100 BP / Lowers target’s SpD by 1 stage / 30% chance to cause Paralysis
Activation: Drampa’s HP is reduced to half or less by an opponent’s attack.
Battle Bond Origin: Ares-Drampa becomes extremely enraged when attacked and becomes filled with a supernatural burst of energy which it uses to decimate its attackers.
Competitive: The buff to Dragon Pulse gives Drampa a spammable Dragon-type attack that exerts offensive pressure on any non-Fairy Pokemon that stays in against it due to the SpD drops. It gets a boost to its already high SpA and a large HP boost which makes it harder to take down after transforming. A Choice Specs set could work well but a bulkier set with Roost could also be used, and it still works well inside a Trick Room too.

Pokemon: Turtonator
Battle Bond Name: Nitros-Turtonator
Base Stats: 100 (+40) / 78 / 135 / 140 (+49) / 106 (+21) / 36
Typing: Fire / Dragon
Move Buffed: Fire Blast
Move Changes: Burn chance increased to 50%
Activation: Successfully activate Shell Trap.
Battle Bond Origin: Nitros was a demolitions expert who loved blowing things up since she was a child. She found a Turtonator who loved doing the same thing and they became the best of friends. Her Turtonator uses its abnormally volatile chemicals to burn everything when in combat.
Competitive: Fire Blast effectively becomes a special Sacred Fire, albeit with less accuracy. However, Turtonator becomes a very bulky and powerful attacker that works well in a Trick Room. A Life Orb set might work well.

Pokemon: Exeggutor-Alola
Battle Bond Name: Mei Long-Exeggutor-Alola
Base Stats: 95 / 150 (+45) / 85 / 135 (+10) / 75 / 100 (+55)
Typing: Grass / Dragon
Move Buffed: Dragon Hammer
Move Changes: 30% chance to confuse the target
Activation: Knock out an opposing Pokemon.
Battle Bond Origin: Mei Long was only a teenager when he met a special Alolan Exeggutor. In an instant, his spirit became intertwined with the Exeggutor’s, and their innate powers connected to awaken the sleeping dragon in both of them.
Competitive: Exeggutor-Alola becomes much faster and hits like a truck both physically and specially. Dragon Hammer becomes very spammable with a new annoying chance to confuse enemies, besides doing a lot of damage off its new attack stat. It can run physical, mixed, and special sets while still having slightly above-average bulk.

Pokemon: Druddigon
Battle Bond Name: Stella-Druddigon
Base Stats: 110 (+33) / 160 (+40) / 127 (+37) / 60 / 90 / 48
Typing: Dragon / Steel
Move Buffed: Iron Tail
Move Changes: Accuracy increased to 90% / Chance to decrease target’s Def increases to 50%
Activation: Successfully hit an opponent with Iron Tail.
Battle Bond Origin: Stella is a Steel-type trainer who also loves dragons. She caught a Druddigon whose skin was as tough as steel, and together they made an unstoppable duo.
Competitive: Druddigon gets a powerful, more spammable Steel-type attack that has a nasty secondary effect that can force switches. It gets significantly buffed Attack and bulk, especially its physical bulk. It has plenty of coverage moves like Superpower, Earthquake, and Sucker Punch which gives it some unpredictability, as long as it gets that first Iron Tail hit.
Tiebreaker: G-Luke

: Drampa
Battle Bond Name: Ryuki-Drampa
Base Stats: 78/70 (+ 10)/85/165 (+ 30)/91/106 (+ 70)
Typing: Dragon/Fairy
Move Buffed: Dragon Pulse
Move Stats: 90 BP. Supereffective against Dark. Doubles in power if an allied pokemon was just knocked out. Raises Special Defense by one stage.

Activation: Drampa ends its turn with an allied pokemon at less than full HP.
Battle Bond Origin: Ryuki is a musician who travelled to Alola to increase his fame and to try become champion of the region. While there, he caught a drama and they quickly bonded, with Ryui adding him to his team that he used to take on the champion. Lie all drampa, he hates bullies and appoints himself as a guardian over children. He takes this so seriously, that when his friends are hurt, he becomes their fairy godfather and punishes the darkness.

Pokemon: Turtonator
Battle Bond Name: Kiawe-Turtonator

Base Stats: 60/78/155 (+ 20)/151 (+ 60)/105 (+30)/36
Typing: Dragon/Fire

Move Buffed: Shell Trap
Move Stats: Does not fail if opponent does not make contact. Doubles in power and raises Kiawe-Turtonator’s Attack, Special Attack and Speed one stage each if opponent does make contact.

Turtonator has a stat lowered.
Battle Bond Origin: Kiawe has a turtonator he used to challenge Olivia. They have bonded and his turtonator will no longer fail its shell traps and risk disappointing its trainer. When one of its stats lower, it gains more power and consistency to compensate and can gain similar benefits to using Shell Smash, another move Kiawe has taught it. This works even if the stat lowering was from Kiawe-turtonator using Shell Smash itself.

Pokemon: Alolan-exeggutor
Battle Bond Name: Samson-Exeggotor
Base Stats: 105 (+ 20)/105/105 (+ 30)/125/135 ( + 60)/45
Typing: Dragon/Grass
Move Buffed: Dragon Hammer
Move Stats: Hits twice. Each hit lowers the opponent’s Defense and Speed by one stage each and has a 30% chance f making them flinch.
Activation: Samson-exeggutor activates or is affected by an opponent’s ability.

Battle Bond Origin: Professor Samson Oak studies regional variants and has an alolan exeggutor he studies and uses for educational purposes while comparing it to its brethren from other regions. This exegggutor is particularly healthy and well-cared for while also being well-educated. When it studies an opponent well enough to learn their ability, it becomes tougher and more confident, ale to withstand their assault through experience.

Pokemon: Druddigon
Battle Bond Name: Jimmy-Druddigon
Base Stats: 77/150 (+ 30)/130 (+ 40)/60/130 (+ 40)/48
Typing: Dragon/Steel
Move Buffed: Outrage
Move Stats: Raises Attack and Defense by one stage each on each hit. No longer confuses.
Activation: Take damage without fainting.
Battle Bond Origin: Jimmy C. Gimmick so loved the Voices, he gave up his ability to evolve his pokemon to give them the power they needed to ensure their next host’s victory. As such, he caught a druddigon which would not be affected by his sacrifice. This druddigon became an important member of his team, inspiring them to greater heights and being incredibly tough. In tough circumstances, he awes others by releasing his power, as if to say, “Who the Hell do you think I am!?”


Base Stats: 77 HP / 176 Atk (+56) / 120 Def (+30) / 60 SpA / 90 SpD / 72 Spe (+24)
Battle Bond Activation: Get hit by a Contact move.
Buffed Move: Dragon Claw
Move Changes: 120 BP, additionally, foe loses 1/8th of its HP regardless of resistance and super effectiviness.
Rationale: Clair has episode on the animé where the is shown to have a Druddigon, as a gym leader I felt like she was a smart pick for Drudd specially since I always associate Druddigon to her after that episode. I know Dragon Claw has more than 60 BP but it really fits on the flavor category because Druddigon is really associated with claw moves learning over five of 'em. The extra 1/8th represents Rough Skin, as it's Dragon Claws are still Rough.
Competitive: Premier Wallbreaker, base 176 Atk with a 120 BP STAB and a Choice Band hits hella hard, and It also has a surprisingly big movepool allowing it to nuke Fairy, Steels or whatever is on its front, additionally it also has Hone Claws as a boosting options which also allows for the innacurate Aqua, Poison, and Steel Tail to be used recklessly. The only issue is, Offensive teams can really pressure it with ease, 77 / 120 / 90 bulk might be decent but it doesn't stop Offense staples such as Koko, Mimikyu, and Kyurem-B to threaten it. It is also easy to avoid activation since Druddigon requires prediction to be hit with a contact move and actiavte it's forme.
im not sure whether im treating this as a Pokemon creation thing or a creative writing contest at this point
Pokemon: Delphox
Battle Bond Name: Delphox-Simmersoul
Activation: KO a Pokemon using Mystical Fire
Base Stats: 75/69/72/164 (+50)/110 (+10)/154 (+50)
Typing: Fire / Ghost
Move Buffed: Mystical Fire
Move Stats: Fire Type / 100 BP / 100% Accuracy / Ignores all fire immunities. Adds a Ghost typing to the victim, similar to Trick-Or-Treat
Battle Bond Origin: Around 3000 years ago, in the Kalos region, there was a legendary blacksmith who created a wide range of weapons and armor for the war. His wares were vastly superior to those of his competitors, and no one knew his secret - that was, until one day, one of his relatives was visiting his house. While the blacksmith tended to some chores he had to do, the relative explored the house and found a basement, which the blacksmith meant to lock. However, it opened easily as any other door, and what the relative saw was a truly mysterious site: A massive forge, filled with fuchsia flames and smoky, swirling shapes, and a ethereal fox-like Pokemon suspended above the flames. Returning to the living room as if all she'd seen was a mere speck of dust, the relative continued the visit without mentioning even the possible existence of a basement, but soon after she last said goodbye, she quickly took the matter to the local law exforcement. After searching the blacksmith's house, the fuchsia forge was deemed illegal for Pokemon abuse: it was shut down, the Pokemon was released and the Blacksmith was arrested - much to the dismay of the army, who found his gear most useful. While locked up in the nearest prison after losing his case near instantly, he confessed to some of the officers how the forge worked. His first ever Pokemon had been a Fennekin, and it had grown and evolved more quickly than any other Pokemon he ever owned. As a Delphox, the blacksmith decided to test a new theory he had been working on based around spirit magic, for the blacksmith had long been interested in the occult. He trained his Delphox to burn souls, and absorb their power, even sacrificing all his other Pokemon to the Delphox's mystical fires, which powered with the scorched spirits of a hundred Pokemon, began the slow change from their usual orange-red to a brilliant fuchsia. Binding his Delphox to the forge he had built specially for it, as a remarkably twisted birthday gift, he made it channel its fire into the forge, so that when the blacksmith used it to create his wares, it would not only be infused with Delphox's usual mystic flame, but the coursing energy of the spirits that had suffered at the hands of it.

As the enslavement of Delphox stretched on, its body began to take a different kind of toll than the mere physical scars - the evil of the atrocities it was forced to commit wrapped round its brain like a blood-covered snake, warping its mind, and later its very body, into a more primal state: Delphox morphed into the form of its ancestors, becoming quadrupedal like the Fennekin it once was, and a whole lot more malevolent. This change numbed it to the torture it received, at least on the mental side, for it had lost all concept of guilt. After it was freed, the Delphox ran off into the forest, and as the scars from the chains healed, so did its mind, and it slowly returned to its normal form, feeling guilt flood over it for the first time in a year. It took many years to get over it, but once it had, it found that it wanted a trainer once again, and so it sought out the relative who had first revealed it, the only person other than its first owner it could remember. It did, eventually, find the relative and allowed itself to be caught. The relative trained it, not just in the normal skills of combat, but also in the most vital skill of happiness, and it rose to the challenge magnificently - for the first time in 2 years, it felt whole.

However, the deepest scars of the spirit magic were unable to be reversed, and the first time Delphox knocked another Pokemon out using its Mystical Fire, its form reverted into the beast-like soulscorcher it had been for the forge, regaining its power over shadows and spirits. While the reversion upset the relative somewhat, it changed back only a few seconds after the battle, and the relative knew it was not truly dangerous. The spirit power lurking within Delphox was instrumental to the relative, who used it to dominate every battle they fought in, and indeed it became every bit as legendary as it was destined to be: Tales of the Simmersoul, a Delphox who could burn away your very spirit, spread around Kalos like a plague. Some wanted it destroyed. Others opted for merely confinement. Others still, however, found it in their hearts to accept its existence and treat it as any other Pokemon, and it is only those noble trainers who still have hope of witnessing this special transformation.

I didn't expect to spend so much time on that section. Just got carried away. Feel free to leave feedback :P
By the way, Fuchsia is a reddish-purple colour.
How... on earth did you come up with something like that?! Pure Genius! :o :-)


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Typing: Grass / Dragon
Base Stats: 95 HP / 135 Atk / 85 Def / 145 SpA / 75 SpD / 105 Spe
(+30 Atk +20 SpA +60 Spe)
Battle Bond Activation: Knock out a foe
Buffed Move: Dragon Hammer
Move Changes: 110 BP. 20% chance to confuse target.
Rationale: Samson Oak studies and owns an Alolan Exeggutor.
Competitive: A mixed montrosity, Alolan-Exeggutor can easily run a large variety of sets with its multiple coverage options on both sides of the spectrum. Dragon Hammer, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Knock Off, Superpower and Iron Tail on the physical and Draco Meteor, Leaf Storm, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb and Psychic round out special coverage. Specs or SD + 3 Attacks are both viable sets.

Typing: Dragon / Fighting
Base Stats: 77 HP / 150 Atk / 130 Def / 60 SpA / 90 SpD / 88 Spe
(+30 Atk +40 Def +40 Spe)
Battle Bond Activation: Get hit by a contact move.
Buffed Move: Chip Away
Move Changes: 90 BP. Fighting type. 50% chance to lower target's defence and speed.
Rationale: Iris had the best Druddigon I have ever seen in B2W2
Competitive: Iris-Druddigon gets a well needed boost in Attack and Speed which allows it to threaten more offensive teams. While the inability to boost its stats suck, Chip Away basically makes it easy to break past walls.
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Typing: Grass/Dragon
Base Stats: 110 (+15) / 160 (+55) / 85 / 125 / 75 / 85 (+40)
Battle Bond Activation: When being the last one not K.O. in a team
Buffed Move: Dragon Hammer
Move Changes: 120 BP / Dragon Type / 50% Chance to boost its attack by 1 stage when knocking out an opponent
Rational: After this Exeggutor saw everyone he knew destroyed by Ultra-Beasts, he developped a growing rage and the improbable power to boost his power when doing a KO... sometimes.
Competitive: Strong late game sweeper who can completly change the issue of a match at the last minute. Still lacks of speed.

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Typing: Grass/Dragon
Base Stats: 100 (+5) / 160 (+55) / 85 / 125 / 75 / 85 (+40)
Battle Bond Activation: When being the last one not K.O. in a team
Buffed Move: Dragon Hammer
Move Changes: 120 BP / Dragon Type / 50% Chance to boost its attack by 1 stage when knocking out an opponent
Rational: After this Exeggutor saw everyone he knew destroyed by Ultra-Beasts, he developped a growing rage and the improbable power to boost his power when doing a KO... sometimes.
Competitive: Strong late game sweeper who can completly change the issue of a match at the last minute. Still lacks of speed.
You've still got +10 BST to mess around with
Alolan Exegutor: Origin0, G-Luke, Gravity Monkey

Druddigon: Exploudit, Origin0, Yung Dramps

Turtonator: Origin0, Ezaphs, Sereg

Drampa: Yung Dramps, Origin0, Ezaphs
Wow. Very sorry about my memory yet again. Also, shoutouts to Smogon for not giving me any notifications again ._. If I'm gonna let this Pet Mod die, I'll let you know lol. For now, lets get the votes and move on to the next slate! (Also, grats to G-Luke for winning the tiebreaker)

G-Luke's Alolan Exeggutor,
Exploudit's Druddigon,
Sereg's Turtonator and
Yung Dramps's Drampa! (Hell yeah)

Next slate coming up!
The next slate is...

Friendship Fodder
These Pokémon take all your love to evolve, and even then they still prove entirely underwhelming. Let's put their loyalty to use and have them transform from it! (Its worth noting that as Silvally with Battle Bond doesn't have RKS System, it won't change types as usual)
Let's go!
Type: Bug/Grass

Stats: 75/103/80/120/100/132
Trigger: Eating a Berry.
Move Buffed: Razor Leaf (70 BP, guaranteed critical hit)
Description: Burgh's Leavanny, his most trusted Pokémon, refuses to just be Webs fodder. Upon consuming a berry, Leavanny achieves the energy required to become a potent versatile threat.
Competitive: Leavanny's typing is still awful. Being weak to Stealth Rocks and having two 4x weaknesses sucks. Despite this, Burgh-Leavanny still has potential. It has the Speed it needs to pull off sweeps, as well as two decent offensive stats that both have setup options in Calm Mind and Swords Dance. Razor Leaf allows for a slightly stronger Physical STAB that also ignores Intimidate or the opponent's Defense boosts. Which Berry Leavanny eats can also have an effect; A type resist berry could work quite well if you expect a specific attack to target Leavanny, Kee Berry would activate versus physical attackers, Sitrus Berry would be the easiest to activate generally and Liechi/Petaya with Sub could be quite scary if you lack priority. Certainly a niche pick, but not unviable.

Stats: 155/120/95/95/95/120
Getting a K.O.
Move Buffed: Multi-Attack (100 BP, Typeless)
Description: Silvally finally achieves its goal of being the ultimate beast killer! Well, sort of. In this form Silvally has literally no weaknesses, allowing it to aid Gladion much better.
Competitive: Gladion-Silvally has bulk and offense comparable to Giratina-Origin, while also having access to an item, having no weaknesses and having a very respectable speed tier. However, it is worth remembering that this Silvally has no STAB, has to start off as Normal type and is basically limited to being a Physical attacker to be effective. The main thing this Silvally has going for it is its amazing flexibility; it has unwalled coverage in a single move, allowing it to run any three setup, momentum, coverage or recovery options alongside it. Whether it is an offensive pivot, defensive pivot, RestTalker, dual dance with Flame Charge or anything else, it is sure to prove a problem. That is, if it is allowed to transform.

the rest are WIP
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Pokemon Name: Silvally
Battle Bond Name: Gladion-Silvally
Stats: 95 / 150 (+55) / 95 / 140 (+45) / 95 / 105 (+10)
Battle Bond Activation: Hold a Memory. (Check below for more info)
Buffed Move: Multi Attack: Clones a certain move depending on Silvally form. (Check below for more info)
Description: After being left in shackles for such a long period of time, Silvally ended up being much weaker than expected upon losing its helmet. Seeing his loyal comrade in such a state, Gladion decided to provide some upgrades to his Silvally to make it the godslayer it was destined to be. Depending on which Memory it holds, Silvally will change type accordingly and gain an exclusive move to complement it that also imitates the gods Silvally was designed to defeat. The "theme" for the dual typings are the primary type + a type it is weak to, or does poorly against.

No Memory: Normal/Ghost, Multi Attack becomes Extreme Speed
Bug Memory: Bug/Flying, Multi Attack becomes Tail Glow
Dark Memory: Dark/Bug, Multi Attack becomes Night Daze
Dragon Memory: Dragon/Ice, Multi Attack becomes Spacial Rend
Electric Memory: Electric/Dragon, Multi Attack becomes Volt Tackle
Fairy Memory: Fairy/Steel, Multi Attack becomes Nature's Madness
Fighting Memory: Fighting/Psychic, Multi Attack becomes Sacred Sword
Fire Memory: Fire/Dragon, Multi Attack becomes V-Create
Flying Memory: Flying/Electric, Multi Attack becomes Aeroblast
Ghost Memory: Ghost/Normal, Multi Attack becomes Moongeist Beam
Grass Memory: Grass/Fire, Multi Attack becomes Seed Flare
Ground Memory: Ground/Water, Multi Attack becomes Thousand Waves
Ice Memory: Ice/Fire, Multi Attack becomes Freeze Shock
Poison Memory: Poison/Rock, Multi Attack becomes Gunk Shot
Psychic Memory: Psychic/Ghost, Multi Attack becomes Photon Geyser
Rock Memory: Rock/Steel, Multi Attack becomes Diamond Storm
Steel Memory: Steel/Water, Multi Attack becomes Sunsteel Strike
Water Memory: Water/Electric, Multi Attack becomes Steam Eruption

Now, I know this seems kinda broken, but there are some flaws with Silvally, still. Its speed is only ok, and it has no way to boost it outside of Flame Charge. Since every form except Normal can't hold other items, Silvally is not as strong as those ridiculous attacking stats may imply. It also has a shallow movepool, meaning once the form is revealed, that form becomes predictable. Its best form might be its normal form, actually, since you get the strongest Extreme Speed in the game coupled with the ability to use items.

Pokemon Name: Leavanny
Battle Bond Name: Burgh-Leavanny
Stats: 75 / 136 (+33) / 130 (+50) / 70 / 80 / 119 (+27)
Battle Bond Activation: Take some form of passive damage (hazards, weather, etc.).
Buffed Move: Leaf Blade: 95 BP, Heals for 3/4 of damage dealt.
Description: Leavanny has now become a fast offensive supporter. Thanks to a much, MUCH more durable cloak, it can take hits and set up SD, use Heal Bell or Synthesis, and then heal even more with a buffed Leaf Blade. That's a lotta healing.

Pokemon Name: Persian
Battle Bond Name: Giovanni-Persian
Stats: 110 (+45) / 105 (+35) / 60 / 101 (+36) / 65 / 109 (-6)
Battle Bond Activation: Consume a berry.
Buffed Move: Fury Swipes: 25 BP, 90% accurate, hits 5-7 times
Description: Due to being spoiled and pampered by its rich crimelord owner, Persian has grown in size, much like its Alolan cousin, and as such become much more bulky. This excessive eating has taken a slight toll on its agility, but it can still move at a good pace. It gets very angry once it has run out of food, and therefore gets a lot stronger on both attacking ends.

Pokemon Name: Chimecho
Battle Bond Name: Guiding-Chimecho
Stats: 75 / 50 / 110 (+30) / 95 / 120 (+30) / 115 (+50)
Battle Bond Activation: Use one of the following moves: Uproar, Heal Bell, Synchronoise, Growl, Perish Song
Buffed Move: Perish Song: Traps Ghost and Dark types.
Type: Fairy
Description: Chimecho uses its bell to ward off evil spirits, on top of supporting its teams. It can trap said evil spirits with its magic, and then slowly but surely destroy them. It can also protect partners with its high speed and wide selection of support moves.
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Also just a heads up; some of the winning submissions so far have had very complex activation mechanisms or attack buffs. They will be kept as they won, however if you submit an idea that seems complex please try and attach code for activating the transformation to your submission. If you can't, ask me if I could do it.
Ezaphs: Understood. Any of these too complicated?

Pokemon Name: Silvally
Battle Bond Name: Gladion-Silvally
Stats: 95 / 145 (+ 50)/ 95 / 95 / 105 (+ 10) / 145 (+ 50)
Battle Bond Activation: Take damage without fainting.
Buffed Move: Multi Attack: Dark type. Does supereffective damage to the type of the move that the opponent last used. Cannot be disabled.

Type: Normal/Dark
Description: Silvally has taken after its rescuer’s edgelord persona and now desires revenge, powering up to harm any who hurt it.

Multi-Attack becomes more spammable despite the lack of RKS system and that speed and attack will really help it put that to use. Mach Punch will give problems though.

Pokemon Name: Leavanny
Battle Bond Name: Cly-Leavanny
Stats: 75 / 103 / 120 (+ 40) / 90 (+ 20) / 130 (+ 50) / 92
Battle Bond Activation: A pokemon on the field performs a sound or dance move.
Buffed Move: X-Scissor. Switches Leavanny out. Ally that switches in is healed as if Leavanny used Wish and raises its Defense, Special Defense and Special Attack one stage each.

Type: Bug/Grass
Description: Chloe “Cly” Cooper was both one of the most powerful trainers chosen by the Voices, and an entertainment star. After being exploited, she made her Leavanny the agent of herself and her pokemon and he was very good at it, helping them shine.

Leavanny gains some defences to become a defensive, supportive pivot that puts allies in a much healthier position. He still has a bad defensive typing though.

Pokemon Name: Persian
Battle Bond Name: Giovanni-Persian
Stats: 65 / 90 (+ 20)/ 100 (+ 40)/ 65 / 115 (+ 50) / 115
Battle Bond Activation: A pokemon on the field consumes/loses its item.
Buffed Move: Fury Swipes: Ground Type. Always hits three times. Steals opponent’s item if Persian is not holding an item. Otherwise, knocks opponent’s item off.

Type: Normal/Ground
Description: Giovanni pampered his Persian until it gained its master’s favoured type and became able to defend him with powerful attacks and help him steal from others.

Persian’s offensive typing improves and its defences improve while upping its attack a bit to take advantage of its new offensive capabilities. It gains some more weaknesses though and its stats still aren’t huge.

Pokemon Name: Chimecho
Battle Bond Name: James-Chimecho
Stats: 125 (+ 50)/ 50 / 120 (+ 40)/ 95 / 110 (+ 20)/ 65
Battle Bond Activation: A pokemon on the field has a status condition.
Buffed Move: Heal Pulse: Does not heal opponent. Cures self of status. Then switches out and ally switching in is cured of status and gains HP as if hit by Heal Pulse.
Type: Psychic/Ghost
Description: James gained a Chimecho he adored and refused to put it in danger, only using it to heal other poemon. It got sick though, so he left it in the care of his grandparents, where it has learned to fight and protect itself from disease and danger and heal others even better than before.

Another defensive, supportive pivot with a dangerous quad-weakness. If you can avoid its weaknesses though, its huge defences and ease with which it can remove status will rally help.

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