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Pokemon: Gourgeist

Battle Bond Name
: Jack-Gourgeist

Base Stats
: 129 (+ 64)/121 (+ 31)/122/58/75/99 (+ 15)

Typing: Ghost/Fire

Move Buffed: Shadow Sneak

Move Stats: + 2 priority. Supereffective against Dragon. Burns and Seeds opponent.

Take damage without fainting.

Battle Bond Origin: Jack o’ the Lantern was an evil trainer who took his Gourgeist and dug into an active volcano in an attempt to find the Distortion World, defeat Giratina and rule over it as its new leader. He fund the way, but Giratina threw him out and Arceus cursed him and his pokemon to wonder the Earth until it is destroyed. Now, when his Gourgeist is reminded of that pain, its grass typing is replaced by the fire of the volcano, its stats increase to outclass every other Gourgeist of every size, it becomes even sneakier to sneak back to the Distortion World and it tries to optimise its ability to fight Giratina again.

Pokemon: Trevenant

Battle Bond Name
: Essentia-Trevenant

Base Stats: 85/120 (+ 10)/109 (+ 33)/65/82/113 (+ 67)

Typing: Grass/Ghost

Move Buffed: Horn Leech

Move Stats: Reveals opponent’s held item. Supereffective against Fighting.

A new pokemon enters the field.

Battle Bond Origin: Emma, codename Essentia, used her Trevenant to fight Korrina’s Mega-Lucacio so that she could learn more about mega-evolution. Now, when it sees a new pokemon to investigate, it improves it investigation ability, while strengthening to better fight fighting types, and mega-lucario in articular.

Pokemon: Mimikyu

Battle Bond Name
: Acerola-Mimikyu

Base Stats: 60 (+5)/181 (+91)/80/50/105/110 (+14)

: Ghost/Electric

Move Buffed: Thunderbolt

Move Stats: Identical to Volt Tackle.

Activation: Mimikyu ends the turn with a pokemon on the field having a status condition

Battle Bond Origin: Acerola uses a mimikyu in her trial. When a pokemon suffers a status condition, it is reminded of the power over other pokemon it wielded in that supermarket. It strengthens itself to outclass its role model, gaining the HP and speed of Pikachu’s evolution, copying its typing and signature move, and gaining the attack to better use it.

Pokemon: Chandelure

Battle Bond Name
: Shauntal-Chandelure

Base Stats: 100 (+ 40)/55/90/165 (+ 20)/140 (+ 50)/80

Typing: Ghost/Fire

Move Buffed: Hex

Move Stats: Burns the opponent and places a curse on them, without cutting Shauntal-Chandelure’s HP.

A pokemon uses an item made of paper (Spell Tag, Weakness Policy)or a pair of glasses (Choice Specs, Wise Glasses, Black Glasses).

Battle Bond Origin: Shauntal uses a Chandelure in her Elite Four team. It also helps provide light for he favourite activities of reading and writing. When others seem to be equipped to do similar activities, it helps her Chandelure gain its inner strength, strengthening its mind with the power of books and its health to shine long enough for Shauntal to work. Its fire strengthens to provide light and it draws on its ghosty powers like in the horror stories Shauntal most appreciates.
Pokemon: Chandelure
Battle Bond Name: Candy-Chandelure
Base Stats: 110 (+50)/55/90/165 (+20)/90/120 (+40)
Typing: Ghost/Fire
Move Buffed: Hex
Move Stats: Ghost Type / 95 BP / 100% Accuracy / Priority +1, +2 if the opponent has a status condition
Activation: The opponent makes a priority move (Including if a Pokemon has Prankster).
Battle Bond Origin: Candy has always been quite a trickster, always prepared with a prank or a gaffe. Some people have tried to get a leg up on her, but her Chandelure proves that she'll always get the last laugh.

Pokemon: Mimikyu
Battle Bond Name: Cerise-Mimikyu
Base Stats: 55/140 (+50)/80/50/125 (+20)/136 (+40)
Typing: Ghost/Dark
Move Buffed: Feint Attack
Move Changes: Dark Type / 90 BP / 100% Accuracy/ Lowers the opponents Attack by one stage.
Activation: Mimikyu's attack is lowered.
Battle Bond Origin: There once was a little girl named Cerise. On the outside, she appeared to be just like any normal little girl. Cerise, however, harbored ill will in her heart, and her hatred spread to her Pokemon as well. When Mimikyu's attack gets lowered in battle, it lets all the hidden hatred they harbor out, resulting in the Dark-typing.
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Pokemon: Mimikyu
Battle Bond Name: Zelph-Mimikyu
Base Stats: 55/130(+40)/90(+10)/50/105/156(+60)

Move Buffed: Astonish
Move Changes: Ghost / 60 BP / 100% Accuracy/ 100% chance to crit
Activation: user drops below 75% health
Battle Bond Origin: It developed a bond with its trainer and wears a lighter costume of its trainer rather then a heavy costume of Pikachu this allows it to move much quicker around as well as does not restrain its moment as the costume was made for it by its trainer.
Competitive: Mimikyu might be able to sacrifice shadow sneak now for Sub+SD as now its very fast.

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Base Stats: 60 HP / 55 Atk / 90 Def / 195 SpA (+50) / 135 SpD (+45) / 95 Spe (+15)
Battle Bond Activation: Get hit by a Fire-type Move
Buffed Move: Flame Burst
Move Changes: 105 BP; damages its foe (not the ally next to it) by 1/8th of its total HP
Rationale: Chandelure is Shauntal's ace.
Competitive: Even more powerful of an wallbreaker than its base forme, since Chandelure doesn't really have any outstanding ability, it can pressure its opponent not to use Fire-type moves which is very nice, and if it does and you switch Chandy in, they get heavily punished.


Base Stats: 55 HP / 160 Atk (+70) / 80 Def / 50 SpA / 115 SpD (+10) / 126 Spe (+30)
Battle Bond Activation: Get hit by any attacking move
Buffed Move: Shadow Claw
Move Changes: 105 BP
Rationale: A Mimikyu is the totem of Acerola's trial.
Competitive: The lack of Disguise is very unfortunate, so I realy gave it a ton of Attack and Speed to make up for it.
Type: Ghost/Grass
Stats: 65/110/122/128/95/84 (+0/+20/+0/+70/+20/+0)
Trigger: Being burned.
Move Buffed: Flamethrower
Move Changes: 100% chance to burn.
Description: By burning this Gourgeist, you're only adding fuel to the flames. This Gourgeist becomes as hot as a Magcargo yet never burns or melts.
Competitive: Gives Gourgeist more utility as a defensive Pokémon with decent offensive presence. If burned, it no longer requires Will-O-Wisp to burn opponents. Flame Orb allows it to easily activate the form, but also removes the useful item that is Leftovers. Ghostium Z with Trick-Or-Treat could also work effectively thanks to the offensive buff.

Type: Ghost/Grass
Stats: 85/120/126/65/132/56 (+0/+10/+50/+0/+50/+0)
Trigger: Using Ingrain.
Move Buffed: Leech Seed
Move Changes: 100% accuracy.
Description: This Trevenant buries itself deep into the ground, strengthening itself with the nutrients of the soil below.
Competitive: One of the best dedicated last mon options in the game. With the increase in bulk and passive recovery from Ingrain alongside moves such as Leech Seed, Horn Leech , Drain Punch and Substitute, as well as the option of Leftovers recovery, this mon will certainly be annoying to kill with even neutral attacks. Luckily, due to being entirely trapped (unless it holds a Shed Shell) it can't do much to avoid being ruined by Toxic or Will-O-Wisp. Similarly to Gourgeist, I can see its exclusive omni-boosting Z move working quite well.

Type: Ghost/Fairy
Stats: 55/140/80/50/155/106 (+0/+50/+0/+0/+50/+10)
Trigger: Using Substitute.
Move Buffed: Substitute
Move Changes: No HP cost, +1 priority.
Description: A much more powerful Mimikyu; while it doesn't start battle with its disguise intact, it can fix it whenever it wishes.
Competitive: Mimikyu has never been a better revenge mon. Bring it in versus an opponent it can set a Substitute up on, and enjoy as you either stall them out, set up on a switch or just KO them thanks to your boosted offenses.

Type: Ghost/Dark
Stats: 60/55/125/185/125/80 (+0/+0/+35/+40/+35/+0)
Trigger: Using Overheat.
Move Buffed: Sunny Day
Move Changes: Adds the Fire type to the user.
Description: Oddly, the ethereal flames of this Chandelure seem to be more of a burden to it than anything. Once it burns itself out, it can release its true energy.
Competitive: Meet the offensive Dark/Ghost type you've been waiting for. With great bulk for an offensive mon and a ridiculously high Special Attack, alongside access to Calm Mind or a third boosted STAB from Sunny Day, its comparable to a better Mega Heracross. And that's without even considering that it has access to an item. The main drawback is that after transforming, it likely has to switch to reset the negative stat drops. It is also guaranteed to be running Overheat, making it more predictable than other threats. It also has middling speed without the use of a Choice Scarf, allowing many common OU Pokémon to outspeed it and break it down.


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Ghost / Fire
Base Stats: 120 / 55 / 90 / 165 / 120 / 80
(+60 HP +20 SpA +30 SpD)
Battle Bond Activation: Successfully burn an opponent
Buffed Move: Hex
Move Changes: 90 BP. 100% Accuracy. Drains 50% of damage dealt. 100% if target is statused.
Rationale: I like Trip's Lampent in BW, and I'd assume it would evolve.
Competitive: Trip-Chandelure takes its fantastic offensive and surprisingly good defensive typing to good use with formidable 120/90/120 bulk and a great 165 special attack. Hex turns into a stronger Shadow Ball with an additional effect of draining the foe. This set becomes even more potent in combination w/ Will o Wisp and Toxic Spikes.

Ghost / Fairy
Base Stats: 55 / 160 / 80 / 55 / 125 / 116
(+70 Atk +20 SpD +20 Spe)
Battle Bond Activation: Land a hit first that turn
Buffed Move: Astonish
Move Changes: 100 BP. 40% chance to flinch
Rationale: Jessie owns one in the anime
Competitive: While its base form has Disguise, Jessie-Mimikyu gets by by being badass. 160 Atk is going to sting, especially with its strong Astonish attack. 116 base speed is great, as it outpaces the 110 speed tier.
Gourgeist: Ezaphs, Origin0, Sereg

: Origin0, Ezaphs, Sereg

: Origin0, Exploudit, fareth13

: Origin0, fareth13, Exploudit
Lemme poll these results real quick so we can get this going again. The winners are...
Me with my Blazing-Gourgeist,
Also me with my Rooted-Trevenant,
Me again (what the heck I didn't even plan for this I just voted for what I liked) with my Acerola-Mimikyu and
... You guessed it.
Even if I won those fair and square, it feels a little iffy lul
Origin0, seeing as you only made two choices per mon I'll let you put in a third if you want, it can make a difference for some of the results (Especially Chandelure, Sereg Luke and Exploudit all need one vote to tie with me and result in a tiebreaker).

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