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Umm, actually you can!
voting time! As usual, 3 votes per mon in order of preference, no voting yourself first. People that submitted ideas:
That quote you referenced was back when we were using the old submission system and I didn't really care, as I did in fact specify. Basically you misread both posts and then responded with a sassy "umm" to Luke. Nice going, please be a bit more careful next time :^)
Anyhows, time to tally the votes! Feel free to change your votes and let me know if you want to within the next few hours Exploudit, I'll edit the results accordingly. But for now, I'll base the results off the votes where you didn't put yourself first. Oh also I'll flip Yung Dramps's first places where he picked himself with his second places for now, unless he fixes them (or he wrote them in backwards order, idk). Also G-Luke, because of the double comma I'll assume you meant to put yourself second on the Marowak (please correct me if I'm wrong). All of these voting issues aside, the winners are...
Yung Dramps with his Duplica-Ditto,
G-Luke with his Keith-Farfetch'd,
G-Luke with his Otoshi-Marowak and
G-Luke again with his Kiawe-Alolan-Marowak! (pity Luke didn't win any of them on his first slate huh)
Anyhows, slate will be in next post
Okay, and the slate is...

Regional Rejects
Four Regional birds that have no forms outside of PU. Submission system the same as ever, feel free to submit for as many as you like!
(Oh also my pfp is a shoutout to the awesome new UB Adhesive)
Pokemon: Fearow
Battle Bond Name: Skyler-Fearow
Base Stats: 65 / 135 (+45) / 105 (+40) / 61 / 61 / 125 (+25)
Typing: Flying/Fire
Move Buffed: Rage
Move Stats: 50 BP, Fire type, +3 attack if user gets KO with it (Basically Fire type Fell Stinger)
Activation: Switch Fearow in after an ally is KOed or wounded.
Battle Bond Origin: Someone from the anime idk do I look like I care about those gook cartoons lol

Pokemon: Noctowl
Battle Bond Name: Ash-Noctowl
Base Stats: 100 / 50 / 95 (+45) / 110 (+24) / 137 (+41) / 70
Typing: Flying/Ghost
Move Buffed: Night Shade
Move Stats: 80 BP, Restores 3/4x of damage done
Activation: Have Noctowl heal from lower health back to full via any form of recovery, whether it be from an item like a berry or lefties or a move like Roost.
Battle Bond Origin: Ash had a shiny Noctowl in the anime. Ash-Noctowl is inspired by that.

may or may not submit for other two


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It's cool Ezaphs, tbh I would have voted for G-Luke anyways :) and sorry for no paying attention again, I'll be more careful next time... Also really cool slate!! I'll try to submit as soon as possible!
Pokemon: Fearow
Battle Bond Name: Skyler-Fearow
Base Stats: 75 (+10)/120 (+30)/ 65/61/61/170 (+70)

Typing: Normal/Flying
Move Buffed: Drill Peck

Move Stats: Supereffective against Steel and Fire. Sets Tailwind.
Activation: A pokemon on the field raises their stats.

Battle Bond Origin: Skyler trains with his Fearow to become a champion hot air balloon racer. His Fearow used Drill Peck to destroy a missile launcher that was being used to cheat in a race. Now, whenever his Fearow senses someone increasing their power, it gains enormous speed and power to become a true racer.

Pokemon: Noctowl
Battle Bond Name: Aooo-Noctowl

Base Stats: 110 (+10)/50/90 (+40)/86/156 (+60)/70

Typing: Psychic/Flying
Move Buffed: Air Slash

Move Stats: Prevent sound moves like Throat-chop. Gains the effects of Foresight and 100% accuracy.
Activation: A new pokemon enters the field.

Battle Bond Origin: Aurora “Aooo” was a lycanthrope priestess who was guided by the Voices to restore the Fossil Gods. She was given a deaf noctowl to look after and she helped Aooo on her journey and they bonded. Aooo’s victory restored her noctowl’s hearing, but she can still defend against sound-based attacks and has gained mystical power.

Pokemon: Unfezent
Battle Bond Name: Cly-Unfezent

Base Stats: 80/115/100 (+20)/65/95 (40)/143 (+50)

Typing: Normal/Flying
Move Buffed: Air Cutter

Move Stats: Physical. Hazes away opponent’s stat boosts prior to damage. Ignores opponent’s ability. Boosts by 50% if opponent resists Flying attacks.
Activation: A new pokemon enters the field.

Battle Bond Origin: Chloe “Cly” Cooper was one of the most strategically brilliant of all the chosen of the Voices. Yet she was known for rejecting stereotypes and her Unfezent kept her grounded and taught her the importance of being an ordinary person. That someone didn’t need to be what the world saw as “special” to do great things. Now, she can gain the power to overcome abilities, boosted stats and type advantages to show what she is truly made of.

Pokemon: Toucanon
Battle Bond Name: Devin-Toucanon

Base Stats: 80/170 (+50)/95 (+20)/75/75/100 (+40)

Typing: Normal/Flying
Move Buffed: Beak Blast

Move Stats: 20 BP. Hits 5 times. Then burns the target. Does double damage if the opponent connected with a contact move this turn.
Activation: Take damage without fainting.

Battle Bond Origin: Devin Yates was a host of the Voices who avidly collected pokemon. However, he formed a close bond with some of them, including his angry toucanon. Now, she can really unleash the fury by repaying her pain with a lot more in return.
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Gosh dang it I was thinking of this before you I just did not know about pet mods XD or the metagame workshop :/ oh well

will edit with a idea later

Activation: on crit
Move stats: drill peck: bp 1.3x on crit
+40 attack +40 spattack +30 speed

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Ground / Flying
Base Stats: 115 / 130 / 65 / 61 / 61 / 120
(+50 HP +40 Atk +20 Spe)
Battle Bond Activation: Land Drill Peck susccessfully
Buffed Move: Drill Peck
Move Changes: 110 BP. 1/3 recoil. Doesn't check accuracy.
Rationale: Skyler is the most notable owner.
Competitive: While facing very high competition from Landorus-T as a offensive Ground / Flying type, Skyler-Fearow distinguishes itself with its much higher speed and access to a much more reliable Flying STAB. While Drill Run is rather weak, nothing like a Groundium Z to smack them back to their Pokeballs.
Seeing as we've literally got three submissions before this one and two of them are half complete at most, I'm extending the deadline for this slate until we get at least one more. Also I'm in a rush, so my submissions won't have any formatting.

Type: Normal/Flying
Base Stats: 65/150/75/61/61/140
Trigger: Getting a K.O.
Buffed Move: Fury Attack
Move Changes: always hits 4 times, +1 Priority
Rationale: The main Pokémon of a poacher, it goes beserk when it tastes blood.
Competitive: not too shabby

Type: Flying
Base Stats: 100/50/90/126/126/70
Trigger: Clearing hazards with Defog
Buffed Move: Defog
Move Changes: Also acts as Haze
Rationale: A Pokémon content with supporting its teammates.
Competitive: A defensive pure Flying type with good utility, definitely viable.

Type: Normal/Flying
Base Stats: 80/130/80/130/55/123
Trigger: Gain stat boosts
Buffed Move: Pluck
Move Changes: 90BP
Rationale: Skyla's Pokémon powers up so it may create a bond with her in battle.
Competitive: A viable mixed offensive Flying type, mainly held back by its somewhat lackluster movepool.

Type: Normal/Fire
Base Stats: 80/120/90/155/90/60
Trigger: Being exposed to Sun
Buffed Move: Flame Charge
Move Changes: 60BP, gives +2 speed if Sun is active
Rationale: Toucannon already has an extremely hot beak. Exposing it to the sun seems to push that heat over the edge, quite literally engulfing the Toucannon in flames. Don't worry though, its feathers are flame-resistant.
Competitive: A great nuke on sun teams. Overheats and Boombursts from 155 special attack will deal a whole lot of damage, and that's not even considering the possibility of Specs or a Z-Move.

Pokemon: Fearow
Battle Bond Name: Furor-Fearow
Base Stats: 65 / 150 (+60) / 80 (+15) / 61 / 61 / 135 (+35)
Typing: Flying / Dark
Move Buffed: Pursuit
Move Changes: 60 BP / Decreases the target’s Def by one stage / 20% chance to cause flinching when the target doesn’t switch out
Activation: Furor-Fearow’s HP is reduced to half or lower of its max.
Battle Bond Origin: This particular Fearow has a lot of built-up anger due to being called a “Regional Reject,” so it aggressively and relentlessly pursues opponents who think they can beat it. Once it labels a target, it ensures escape is impossible.

Pokemon: Noctowl
Battle Bond Name: Somnus-Noctowl
Base Stats: 100 / 50 / 80 (+30) / 126 (+40) / 136 (+40) / 70
Typing: Flying / Fairy
Move Buffed: Hypnosis
Move Changes: Accuracy increased to 80% / Can no longer be bounced back by Magic Coat or Magic Bounce
Activation: Cause an opponent to fall asleep with Hypnosis.
Battle Bond Origin: This Noctowl learned to focus its hypnotic waves more accurately after a decade of self-training through using Hypnosis on a mirror. It no longer puts itself to sleep but can easily put almost anyone else into a deep slumber.

Pokemon: Unfezant
Battle Bond Name: Achlys-Unfezant
Base Stats: 80 / 115 / 100 (+20) / 115 (+50) / 95 (+40) / 93
Typing: Flying / Normal
Move Buffed: Echoed Voice
Move Changes: 60 BP / Decreases the target’s Atk and SpA stats by one stage each
Activation: Successfully hit the target with two consecutive Echoed Voice attacks (doesn’t have to be the same target for both hits)
Battle Bond Origin: After being abandoned by its previous Trainer, this Unfezant fell into depression. It never learned why it was abandoned, but the happiest moments it remembers are when it and its Trainer would sing together. When it was just a Pidove, its Trainer would sing some lyrics to a song and it would attempt to sing them back, and they had a lot of fun together. Now, the Unfezant only sings with a gloomy tone, echoing itself like it once echoed its Trainer. When other Trainers and Pokemon hear its melancholy voice, they can’t help but feel remorseful for it, and even aggressive wild Pokemon restrain themselves from attacking the lonely Unfezant.

Pokemon: Toucannon
Battle Bond Name: Ankhiale-Toucannon
Base Stats: 80 / 140 (+20) / 75 / 145 (+70) / 75 / 80 (+20)
Typing: Fire / Flying
Move Buffed: Beak Blast
Move Changes: Now deals Special damage / Has a 50% chance to cause Burn on hit (no longer just from contact with the opponent)
Activation: Successfully Burn an opponent with Beak Blast
Battle Bond Origin: This Toucannon loves warmth so much that it became part Fire-type. Its beak is constantly heated, and other Pokemon often want to snuggle with it on cooler days. The Toucannon is happily willing to share its warmth with anyone, but will use its newfound powers to attack those who want to bring harm to others.
I'm a bit busy right now, but I just remembered that this voting is still open. I'd preferably like at least four people to vote, so if someone else could vote I'd appreciate :] I'll vote tomorrow

Pokemon: Gourgeist
Battle Bond Name: Jessie-Gourgeist
Base Stats: 105 (+40) / 140 (+50) / 122 / 58 / 75 / 104 (+20)
Typing: Ghost / Grass
Move Buffed: Trick-or-Treat
Move Changes: Also decreases the target’s Atk and Def by 1 stage each
Activation: Knock out an opponent.
Battle Bond Origin: Jessie had a special Pumpkaboo that was deemed super-sized, which evolved into a super-sized Gourgeist. She developed a powerful bond with it, which persisted even though she temporarily traded it (in anger) which caused it to evolve.

Pokemon: Trevenant
Battle Bond Name: Dryad-Trevenant
Base Stats: 85 / 150 (+40) / 111 (+35) / 65 / 117 (+35) / 56
Typing: Ghost / Grass
Move Buffed: Forest’s Curse
Move Changes: Also decreases the target’s Def and Spe by 1 stage each
Activation: Knock out an opponent.
Battle Bond Origin: This Trevenant has a special bond with the forest in which it lives, where it uses its power to defend the forest from anyone who would try to destroy it.

Pokemon: Mimikyu
Battle Bond Name: Jessie-Mimikyu
Base Stats: 85 (+30) / 120 (+30) / 80 / 50 / 105 / 146 (+50)
Typing: Ghost / Fairy
Move Buffed: Mimic
Move Changes: Jessie-Mimikyu now gains the type of the mimicked move as a third type (if it was not a Ghost- or Fairy- type attack). The third type remains until it switches out.
Activation: Successfully Mimic an opponent’s move.
Battle Bond Origin: Jessie has a Mimikyu which she is bonded with, if only because it despises Ash’s Pikachu and all of the attention Pikachus get. Its hatred strengthens it in battle.

Pokemon: Chandelure
Battle Bond Name: Ingo-Chandelure
Base Stats: 100 (+40) / 55 / 90 / 175 (+30) / 130 (+40) / 80
Typing: Ghost / Fire
Move Buffed: Will-O-Wisp
Move Changes: Also deals damage equal to 25% of the target’s max HP (no effect on Fire-type targets)
Activation: Successfully induce Burn on an opponent.
Battle Bond Origin: Ingo has a particularly strong Chandelure that can destroy trains with its Will-O-Wisp. What’s that? Isn’t Will-O-Wisp supposed to be a non-damaging move? Not for this Chandelure it isn’t!
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