Battle Royale Act V - LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! [Won by McMeghan]

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so Hugo (gr8) and i just watched the movie, and we were talkin bout characters as mons

[2:33:48 AM] Hugo: there is no equivalent of a crazy bitch
[2:33:50 AM] Bear Gryllz: glass cannon
[2:33:51 AM] Hugo: in pokemon
[2:33:56 AM] Bear Gryllz: u get hella kills
[2:34:00 AM] Bear Gryllz: and dont die
[2:34:01 AM] Bear Gryllz: easily
[2:34:06 AM] Bear Gryllz: unless v heavy ass hitter
[2:34:07 AM] Hugo: im tornadus-t
[2:34:10 AM] Hugo: big regenerator
[2:34:11 AM] Bear Gryllz: ur a fucking tornt
[2:34:13 AM] Bear Gryllz: yup
[2:34:20 AM] Hugo: aqualouis just
[2:34:22 AM] Hugo: icicle speared me
[2:34:25 AM] Bear Gryllz: ^
[2:34:27 AM] Bear Gryllz: str8 mamo
[2:34:30 AM] Bear Gryllz: no switchins
[2:34:31 AM] Bear Gryllz: imo
[2:34:34 AM] Hugo: lol
[2:34:37 AM] Bear Gryllz: kills for days
[2:34:41 AM] Bear Gryllz: im terrak
[2:34:45 AM] Bear Gryllz: hard body nigga
[2:34:51 AM] Hugo: big justified
[2:34:52 AM] Bear Gryllz: buff as fuck
[2:34:54 AM] Bear Gryllz: too
[2:34:59 AM] Bear Gryllz: taylor is str8
[2:35:05 AM] Bear Gryllz: lil ass keldeo
[2:35:08 AM] Bear Gryllz: vinc viriz
[2:35:10 AM] Hugo: fuck that
[2:35:14 AM] Bear Gryllz: lil ass riolu?
[2:35:15 AM] Hugo: taylor and vinc are like
[2:35:17 AM] Hugo: plusle and minun
[2:48:11 AM] Hugo: for real tho
[2:48:15 AM] Hugo: taylor and vinc are plusle and minun
[2:48:22 AM] Hugo: they just use helping hand on you
[2:48:25 AM] Bear Gryllz: LMAO
[2:48:27 AM] Hugo: let terrakion do all the work
hueheuheuheu TERRAK BOUT TO WIN IT
so i've been on the channel for cumatively 6 going on 7 hours and no one has been on to challenge (and the one who did was afk/dodging). i'm not well so i'm forced to rest and i might not be up for the deadline but i don't deserve to be subbed out considering i've spent so much time on the channel and it's been really inactive as of today, and part of yesterday.
don't worry I have no choice but to be on later because my 48hrs is up tonight. just stalling for eo, mcnuggets, and other players who haven't played their first game yet to kill one another off some more
Subbing out Lavos Spawn for Ace Matador. Lavos told me earlier this week he'd be unable to play any matches, hence doing his SPL Game day 1. But I simply forgot so im subbing him out now.

Theres quite a few users yet to even show up in the channel, the deadline for round 1 is tonight. I may need more subs at this rate. I am doing subs at random, and so the first 3 players I will sub in are

Ace Matador - Takes over lavos place

and If I need more subs I will notify users.
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