Battle Royale Act V - LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! [Won by McMeghan]

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as much as it pains me to admit it, eo is the real winner here. in my opinion 8-1 is much better than 4-0

i think the 'integrity' of this tournament has been lost somewhat and eo/ginku were the only guys that made it to the deeper ends who really played this tournament like it should be played. it is kind of lame that mcmeghan could've potentially made the final after playing only two games

regardless though, you knocked out some top players this tour mcmeghan and backing up last year's win is very impressive!


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I wholeheartedly agree with you, and to be fair I'd have rather see Eo win this tournament as well, but I had no choices but playing him at some point and I sticked to the rules 'till the end.
Also, that doesnt mean I'd have given the win or something because I want the winner to win as legitly as possible, but I think you guys got what I had in mind.
Eo shouldn't of won, he chose to play game after game. He could have been a pansy and agreed to the rules like everyone else, it's subjective really. Grats again McMeghan.

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Congrats McMeghan! No suprise to see you win another tournament lol. =)

As for Eo, I am actually more impressed at you going 8-1. You are a good player, but I really didn't see that coming and I found that impressive.
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