Tournament Battle Spot Premier League IV - Player Signups

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Username: Legacy
Timezone: GMT +1
Tiers played: ORAS bss, ORAS bsd.
Availability: yes (Summer break)

Main specialty ORAS bsd, topped ladder back in 2016 (old u@). Hmu with a quick test battle, anyone who was around that ladder a few years ago might remember my team


the nth
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Username: Veteran ORAS Substitute Fischgrat
Time Zone: GMT+2
Formats Played: ORAS Singles, i'll support/test in other singles tiers whenever i have time
Availability: Bunch of important exams in early August, so availability will be pretty crap before semis/finals. weekends/evenings otherwise

shoutouts Solerme & bobochan making me sign up again c:
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