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gdi somebody fight me
2v2 Babysitter Doubles (1 LC, 1 FE) ~OR~ 2 Middlemons.
3 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/ 5 Chills
2 Substitutions
Sequences = On
Arena: Opponent or Ref's choice.
Challenging EM to a battle!

3v3 Singles
Items ON (or Training if you prefer, IDC)
All abilities
2 subs
ASB Arena
2 Day DQ/3 Day for ref
Batalhar x2

1v1 singles (NFE or FE)
1 day DQ
0/2 recovery/chill
One sub if NFE, two if FE.
Items = training
asb arena
All abilities
Hello! I have a 2K challenge because I was too lazy to make a real 2k!

(stolen absolutely and completely from Fire Blast (lol retard))

1 Pokemon each participant
2 day DQ
Arena is the one below
All abilities
Training items only
2 Subs
All abilities
2 recovs 5 chills

PS: the center is bigger

6 platforms above goo. The goo will transform into anything the pokemon need, so there is no worry about restricted moves. Each pokemon is on a different platform, and the platform they are on will switch each time. When on a platform the pokemon can only hit pokemon on the platform next to it. For example, a pokemon on platform #1 would only be able to hit pokemon on platforms 2 and 6. What these means is a pokemon on a even numbered platform cannot hit a pokemon on another even number platform. You cannot target out of reach Pokemon with ANY move.

I want to highly encourage stuff like alliances and teaming up on people. It creates many interesting situations, and adds mind games to an already interesting melee. Using the platform position to determine targets and allies can be wise, but be careful about being back stabbed. However, in the end only one pokemon can win. Due to the nature of this battle, all actions will be PMed to the ref.

Also, since this is a large battle, I would want the participants and the ref to be active, so that the battle can go faster, and people can communicate to decided alliances.

1: Lady Salamence
2: Glacier
3: EspyOwner
4: Gerard
5: waterwarrior
6: UllarWarlord the chicken who dropped out

Please note, I have full power to reject any refs I don't want Reffing this match. ATM, two people I have in mind I will outright say no to, but unless they post, I will not name and shame them.

*if all spots but that are full and glacier has not said yes or no, whoever was the poster right after the person who snagged the last spot gets it

We need a replacement for ullar

Please if you accept pm your Pokemon to Lord_Jesseus

He is the ref
Open Challenge

3v3 Doubles (Beginner Battle)
2 Day DQ
1 Substitution
Arena: ASB Arena
I'll take it!

Switch = KO
All Abilities
Items = On

And I'll subref for EndQuote. Because I can. =]
gdi somebody fight me
2v2 Babysitter Doubles (1 LC, 1 FE) ~OR~ 2 Middlemons.
3 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/ 5 Chills
2 Substitutions
Sequences = On
Arena: Opponent or Ref's choice.
Hey, I'll accept this!

Items On
All Abilities
Refs, please?
4v4 FE Doubles
1 Day DQ
2 Subs
Training Items On

You decide the rest.

Switch = OK
All Abilities
2r / 5c

Field Type- Ice/Grass/Water
Complexity- Simple
Format- All
Restrictions- No Sandstorm, No Rocks

Cascadia: Glacier discovered this beautiful north-western paradise while on one of his many expeditions to locate new areas for asbers to battle. the area is huge, encompassing a 2000ft by 2000ft area. the seeker of the battle will be positioned in the north, while the acceptor will start in the south. to the west is a sharp incline, where a combination of a glacier and cliffside reside. the glacier sits in an indent near the center of the cliffside and due to slight melting pure water cascades down gracefully below, creating a chilly but serene lake. the waterfall is quite high, about 250 feet, so the water flies down in such a way the surrounding area is heavily but majestically misted. the mountain/glacier is climbable, and the top is surprisingly flat, with a few peaks. if battling up on the glacier be careful; it is fragile and might break, sending you down the waterfall! to the east lies an equally massive coniferous forest. pinetrees are the main composition, and though very big (40 feet to 70 feet tall), their width is small so climbing is only for the most nimble and agile pokemon. the forest is pretty dense, with a few spaces big enough for sparring. from the lake to the forest is about 200 feet. between the two arenas and every other open area is composed of short but thick canadian grass, rich with the glacier water minerals. also there are patches of dirt scattered here and there. there is a 15 mph wind blowing south, and it is very cool wind. the temperature here is a nice 55 degrees fahrenheit, and the wind chill makes it feel colder. the sun is in the middle of the sky, and the sky is clear besides for a few small clouds. The magic that surrounds this place also has something for everyone who manage to discover it's secrets. (Water Source, Grass Source, Screens and Rooms last an aditional Round)
From a couple of pages back... somebody pleaaase?
Alright, sending out my next challenge.

2v2 Middle Mons Doubles
1 Day DQ
2 Substitutions
5 Chills/2 Recoveries
Arena: Anything that's not Unown Soup or ASB Arena (Challenger's Choice)

EDIT: Also taking BM-Zeo v. Dogfish. PM Mons.
Looks like this challenge is still open, so I'll take it.
Arena; Eviolite Stadium!
Field Type: All
Complexity: Simple
Restrictions: All NFE's get the effect of a boosted Eviolite (*2 Def and SpA) without holding one.

This stadium is like the tournament arena. However, there is a break in the bleachers, where there is a large, enclosed white room with a door for employee access. Inside, scientists have built a machine that emits special invisible light rays, that weaker Pokemon (NFE's) absorb in their bone marrow (or something in their body if they have no bones). This increases thier body's stability, in effect giving a boosted Eviolite effect (boosting Def. and SpD by *2). This allows NFE Pokemon to be competitive with FE Pokemon.

Item=given by arena

Uh, ref please? I'll ref your match if you'll ref this. :)
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