Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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Challenging Wilde32

1v1 singles
1 day DQ
0/2 recovery/chill
One sub
Items = training
asb arena
All abilities
Grudgingly accepting.
Need/want the UC, and this should be fast. PM mons.

EDIT: Open challenge:
3v3 LC Singles (I WILL be using a Weedle, so bring a weak mon.)
2 Subs
Infinite Recoveries/Chills
Arena=ASB Arena/Unown Soup (acceptor/ref chooses)
Open Challenge

Beginner Battle
Training Battle
2v2 Doubles
No Recovery/No Chills
Training Items only
ASB Arena

(The foe can decide on abilities and subs if he wishes so)

Anyone wants?


From Now On, We'll...
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Flash! Challenge.
1v1 Singles NFE
1 hour DQ
Items: Training
Switch = LOLwut. This is singles.
Arena = ASB

Edit: Me and Leet have agreed upon All Abilities.
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