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OHOHOHO, let's see which of you are truly brave!

3 v 3 FE Singles

DQ: 1 Day
Abilities: All
Items: ON
Switch: OK
2 Substitutions / Mon
Sequences: Off

Arena: Spike Pit

A commodious chamber probably intended for large-scale torture, the Spike Pit has now been transformed into a battling arena for sadistic trainers and masochistic Pokemon. Trainers stand on a walkway that hugs the edge of the circular chamber, while their Pokemon battle it out on a circular, medium-sized metal platform below. The platform does not reach the edges of the chamber; there exists a space large enough between the edge of the platform and the closest point of the wall of the chamber such that Pokemon of all sizes could easily fall off the platform. Below and to the sides of the platform is a layer of dense spikes. The room is constructed such that Flying-type Pokemon cannot fly to the level of the trainers or above, and Ghost-type Pokemon are unable to pass through the spikes or the platform. Inexplicably, all moves are able to be used without harm to the chamber, even those that would require sources.

The platform itself has a few interesting facets. There are metal rungs evenly spaced, near the edge of the platform, that smaller Pokemon with dexterous digits or appendages could possibly hold onto to avoid getting struck into the pit or other purposes. In addition, the the platform also has large circular pillars—also made of metal—closer to the center of the platform that larger Pokemon could hold onto; the circumference of the pillar is so large, however, that smaller Pokemon may find it difficult to hold on. Every so often, a warning will sound at the end of the round stating an exact action; at the end of that action the next round, the platform will spin rapidly, spinning all Pokemon that are not successfully anchored to the platform in some way into the pit below.

For each action a given Pokemon is in contact with the spikes, it takes 10 DMG, not affected by weakness, resistance, or stat ranks. Should a Pokemon fall into the pit, its subsequent actions will be replaced with "Climb out of Pit" until successful, costing 3 EN every time. This action is subject to neither the consecutive move penalty nor the effects of any other attack. The nature and damage of the spikes may be changed by means of attacks.

Summary: Don't fall into spikes. Things not codified are referee discretion.

I will be using strongmons, expect no mercy >:D
Open Challenge

4v4 FE Doubles (Or in IAR's case, Evolve NFE's to FE's)
2 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per Pokemon
2 Substitutions per Pokemon
Arena: ASB Tournament Arena
Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Simple
Format: All

Restrictions: No Restrictions

Description: Surrounded by thousands of screaming Pokemon fans, the ASB Arena can be best described as a standard Pokemon battling arena. In the centre of the arena lies a dirt-based floor outlined to show two separate sides (with a white Pokeball centre). Surrounding the dirt is a moat filled with water. The moat is about 4.5m wide and creates a perimeter around the dirt arena. The arena itself is 24m wide, 33m long. All moves, weathers, and abilities are legal for the match, since it's an outdoor arena with a large water source and packed dirt. Pokemon must stay in the arena (or the dimensions of the arena in the case of Flying Pokemon, who cannot leave the arena and cannot fly higher than 18m). This prevents Pokemon from injuring the crowd watching the tournament. There are no outside interruptions by fans, Pokemon, or other elements not associated with the current battle.

If this battle rolled quickly, it would be nice. Anyone?
Posting up 3 Open Challenges, all of which will follow the scheme of
ASB Arena
2 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per Pokemon
Sequences=Does anyone use these?

Challenge #1:
1 vs 1 singles (FE, under 30 moves)
2 substitutions per Pokemon

Challenge #2:
3 vs 3 Strongmon Doubles
3 substitutions per Pokemon

Challenge #3:
6 vs 6 Strongmon singles
3 substitutions per Pokemon
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