BBritain's Art Thread (Taking requests)

My art is kind of huge, so I'll put them in the Hide tag

Currently taking requests for Alternate evos and pokemon fusions-- no faceswaps for the pokemon fusions though.


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Welcome to the studio! You gain instant respect from me for managing to make Buneary look both intimidating and fashionable in pants, but the Gastly/Tentacool fusion also works really well.
Hi, welcome to the studio! And are Kirlia and Gallade Normal/Psychic?
First off I must say I really like your style of using hatching for highlights and shading; I find that really unique and I think you should continue doing this! Also, your fusions are well executed too!
For advice, maybe try cross hatching for shading? I think with cross hatching, it will give your shading a little more depth. You don't have to take this advice if you don't want to through.
Keep up the great work and since you are taking requests, a Houndoom/Mightyena fusion?
Oh man, these are wonderful. I really like your dashes of shading, it's a pretty unique style. I'll hold off on a suggestion for now, but I'll be watching this thread.
shit dude I remember seeing that Steelix fusion somewhere and loving the art style

Could you maybe make a Bannette and Machamp [maybe using Banette's colors], that would be radical as fuck, thanks man :)
Nice art,I love how you do your fusions.Well i have a Request to lol.

Can you plz do a Breloom and Zekrom fusion lol.

Anyway nice art.
I don't do fusions with legendaries in them, sorry. (Exemptions: Phione, Genesect) because there's only one of each, so it doesn't make sense for me to use them as fusion fodder
Wow I really like the Glalie/Rhyperior! It looks really good and I especially like the guns and overall I love your style with the lines for shading and the bold line art! Thanks for drawing the gigalith/drapion fusion aswell!

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