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:bw/smeargle: :bw/feraligatr: :bw/alakazam: :bw/magnezone: :bw/mamoswine: :bw/flygon: (The tier is much funnier when playing with BW sprites, rip DPP ones)

Pretty fun team I had success with and saw Eve was asking for HO teams. Smeargle does what it generally does, running Magic Coat to surprise other leads such as Azelf and Froslass. Feraligatr and Alakazam are my boosting options, with the first having a superb damage output in Life Orb Sheer Force, OHKOing Yache Chomp after a Dragon Dance. Zam is extremely good to deal with potential sweepers such as Latios and Blaziken thanks to Focus Sash, while Nasty Plot along with its wide coverage allows it to potentially sweep after priority users are removed. Substitute Magnezone shuts down Scizor, one of the biggest issues for the team, as it lacks both Sand Tomb and Superpower, as well as threatening out other menaces such as Mamoswine and other not very fast Pokemon. Mamoswine is a great option in almost any team thanks to its STAB combination and its decent Speed tier which allows it to outspeed most of the metagame after Sticky Web, and Ice Shard does about 75% to Latios. Mixed Flygon closes the team as the momentum option I needed, which is the reason I run Flygon over Garchomp or Mence (you can change it if you want). Moreover, Flygon isn't that popular being mixed in this meta so it might take your opponent off guard. (Click the sprites for the team)

e: Credits to adem for choosing Flygon's nickname!
My version of Dragmag in BDSP


I wanted to make a team that would be using fast strong hitting pokemons with speed higher than Manaphys, solid matchup versus opposing Dragmag, Rain, Hyper Offense of all kinds mainly Webs and Azelf lead aswell as full Stall so i came up with this Scarf Gyarados idea.

Fast moxie ice fang can be incredible versus dragons, its meant to be a lead versus Azelf as it usually taunts gyara to prevent it from Dragon Dance / Substitute boosting and u have the fast flinching waterfall to 2ko it and force its teammates either Manaphy, Cloyster or Azumarill to come in that you can take advantage of if played aggresively to go magnezone with a double switch and get even more value early on the game.
Water - Ground - Ice is all you need currently so i went with Rest that has good synergy with the rest of the squad. It also allows you to make full use of Gyarados good defensive typing and resistances against Garchomp and water types. Finally its incredible at keeping things like Alakazam and Weavile in their place and can definitely sweep in many scenarios later in the game.

Then i went with in my opinion the most solid, multi-tasking defensive core you can get - Empoleon Clefable.
Dragons, Rain, Stall, Stealthrocks + Defog (if u skip aromatherapy) you name it, these guys together can do it all in only 2 pokemons. They have great synergy together helpin against the popular pokemons Latios, Garchomp, Manaphy and Kingdra.
Empoleon as a defogger has the advantage to Defog against all these pokemons that lead gyara invites in hyper offensive matchups like Water types, Togekiss and Dragons which is exactly what you want, deal with the lead and remove rocks, webs or whatever for the rest of the game as early as it gets.
Biggest problem for the core is opposing Magnezone which is one of the reason i went with my own magnezone and 2 Dragons to take make full use of it offensively and defensively while also synergize well with the defensive core.

Magnezone losing HP Fire and Body Press / Iron Defense is a huge hit for big mag but it can still function well and get rid of very important pokemons. Scizor, Empoleon, Clefable, Cloyster, Azumarill, Latios, Hail mons Abomasnow & Froslass all hate dealin with Magnezone. It has good synergy and traps opposing magnezone if it decides to click Flash Cannon on the Garchomp switch which is one of the reasons i went with leftovers Rocks chomp (best way to reduce the value Flash Cannon Mag prediction on ground switch gives) so no matter what magnezone does u still get value without predicting ground immunes or just wasting time against opposing unaware clef, you just rocks and if he decided to hit again u get rocks and deal with magnezone that is huge for your defense. Magnezone also allows you to use Latios without Thunder / Thunderbolt which otherwise is kindof must to hit Manaphy and Empoleon hard, instead u are able to use Surf that is a pretty good tool against Gliscors, Tyranitar, Heatran and Magnezones. Finally Mag has one last advantage that its a Twave immune fairy / psychic resist which allows it to switch and scout effectively vs Jirachi, Togekiss and Clefable. Using it with Empoleon u are able to check what the set is if they have fire type atk, thunderwave or thunder in jirachi's case which is super important with Garchomp being walled by Togekiss and Latios walled by rachi.

Then we have the Dragons, i already kindof explained why its these 2: both faster than manaphy, utility and good synergy with Magnezone aswell as the defensive core, longevity with leftovers rocks utility and roost etc.
Soul Dew Latios is one my favourite hitters atm, its stabs are usually extremely free and with rocks you can easily weaken even resists like steeltypes and immunes.

Finally the idea of Rest Spam gives your bulky offense even more longevity, u can absorb literally any status with any pokemon and have clefable remove all their value instantly. Twave Rotom vs Lati Empoleon Clef, Twave togekiss vs empo, stall, static zapdos against your Gyarados and so much more completely waste turns against you.
You can absorb and use all your pokemons for taking a couple of hits and then heal them with clef.
And one last but most important aspect of it is PP stall wars.
I had so many scenarios on the ladder or even in yesterdays tour that we just sit and ppstalled each other against Dragonites, Clefables, Manaphy, full stall, Venomoth offense etc so having rest healing you again and again while preventin you from wasting PP was super useful for a bulky offense team like this.

The Team for me achieved a strong offensive core with good synergy but not using it like hyper offense or standard bulky offense, instead it has longevity in many aspects of the game with Healing, Status absorb and PP to outran most cores with only 2 heavy defensive mons Empoleon and Clef. I enjoy using it alot which is why i share it for anyone that wants to try it, hope you guys enjoy the new metagame as much as i do and excited to see more creative builds and ideas now that rain is gone.

Stay safe and play pokemon!



Banned deucer.
Tried my hand to the screens HO and wanted to do a manaless version, since i personally think either one of him, Tios and Blaziken are going to bite the dust in the next ban wave, so here's what I got

build process was basically: "man that screens ho in the samples is cool but i wanna improve the idea or banproof it in case ken and mana get the axe", so i basically started with a fightspam core because why not (loom + cario), then I just discussed a lot with the goat ironwater on how to complete it, and i went through np gar, then removed loom for weav, gar for azumarill and changed screen setters three times, as well as the last move on chomper, before settling on this with ken (sigh)

the goal is simple: set screens, pummel your enemy with
or whoever works with their (hopefully boomed) lead, finish off with the others;
is here with Beat Up to delete every opposing lead in sight (
, and every dragon lead): Blaziken is the Jolly Protect version since if he SDs he can destroy the two 110 scarfers that are gaining a lot of traction right now,
, but there's another version of the team if you don't care and rather have a better matchup against
, two of the bulky waters you might face, courtesy of Adamant Night Slash Ken;

on this note, fortunately enough, overloading the oppo's stall should be a decent job as long as they don't have triple water + clef or some bullshit like that; also of note, if you see a suspiciously strong Specs Zone
? that's why Brick Break is there on Roost Scizor, other than having
, as a failsafe; SR is Chomp's last move, but if you really feel
is walling you too much, you can run Fire Blast or Stone Edge (although this Scizor also has the side effect of actually dealing damage to Skarmory and not losing unless Whirlwind)

dunno if its worth of samples (prob not) but i really like the build and if you play accordingly (aka hit everything right against other offenses to win the war) this bangs; also this team should be banproof since you can just put
over Chicken if he dies, and although they dont offer the same advantages Ken offers, one puts to sleep a mon and destroys every bulky water in sight (i recommend resurrecting the focus punch set, or just go sd mach bullet seed), while with Cario you instantly win against the teams relying on only Clef as their Unaware

s/o to ironwater for having listened to me and helped me through the process, adem for the screens ho i blatantly thought of while trying to do another one, the Italian and TA room bc they're really two nice rooms, and the translation team because they gave me a first solid footing to step on while getting back in the community after four years of retiring from competitive
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ok so my team used by the charity bowl champion apparently lol(shout out to stareal). But the team idea is using rotom w and scizor as a volt turn core. And crawdaunt mamo doesn't have a good switch in for now, late game either with priority, scarf rotom or lati.

Rotom-Wash @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Hydro Pump
- Trick
- Will-O-Wisp
good revenge killer, trick ruins stall, wilo and volt switch to chip mons.

Manaphy @ Leftovers
Ability: Hydration
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Tail Glow
- Scald
- Ice Beam
- Energy Ball
manaphy is broken,+3 sp atk and it kills mons.

Scizor @ Leftovers
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- U-turn
- Bullet Punch
- Roost
- Defog
I think scizor is the best steel type now, with bp for priority, lives specs latios surf reasonably, STAB u turn and can defog, nothing else to say.
Latios (M) @ Soul Dew
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Draco Meteor
- Psychic
- Calm Mind
- Roost
fighting resist, water resist, cm can sweep, provides speed for the team.

Crawdaunt @ Choice Band
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Knock Off
- Aqua Jet
- Crunch
- Crabhammer
no switch ins, not even azu like taking its atks
Mamoswine @ Life Orb
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Icicle Crash
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake
volt switch immunity, stealth rocker, destroys dragons.

Hope you like the team.


bom dia
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Sample Submission

Scarf Gengar 3A Latios Bulky Offense

:gengar: :latios: :scizor: :empoleon: :clefable: :gliscor:

:gengar: Choice Scarf Gengar is probably the best revenge killer in this HO meta. Shadow Ball / Sludge Bomb/ / Thunderbolt / Focus Blast/ provides great utility by hitting Garchomp, Manaphy, Latios, Cloyster, and DD Tyranitar. Being faster than +2 Adamant Blaziken and +2 Jolly Cloyster is really useful too.

:latios: 3A Roost makes Latios an excellent wallbreaker in the long run, staying healthy and spamming Draco Meteor. Earthquake is primarily to destroy Heatran and finish off Tyranitar, so Gengar can clean late-game. Thunderbolt is an option to pressure Slowking and Empoleon but I honestly prefer Ice Beam to force out Dragonite, Garchomp, and Gliscor.

:scizor: Defensive Scizor provides a Gliscor, Tyranitar, and Weavile check while also a sturdy win condition with Bullet Punch and SD.

:Empoleon: Stealth Rock, Defog, Clefable + Cloyster + Latios check provides amazing role compression. It is also my Kingdra answer but Drizzle got banned lol.

:clefable: Unaware Clefable is basically mandatory in this HO meta with all these broken Pokemon. Aromatherapy lets you play more aggressively by not fearing Scald's burn on Scizor and Empoleon.

:gliscor: Finally, Gliscor provides a needed Ground and Electric immunity while also a Scizor and Lucario check. SD lets Gliscor abuse passive Pokémon like Blissey, Jirachi, and Tangrowth. Ice Fang pressures non Yache Chomp and Dnite.

I got around top 80 with this team so I believe it is solid enough for a sample
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sun team
team :

My favourite archetype is sun team and when i hear blaziken is free here, im trying to make a good and robust sun team here.
ok lets go to team explaination.

torkoal is best sun setter and you cant change my opinion. It get rock,rapid spin, good bulk.

blaziken is one of sweeper in this team. its very good , you dont even need sword dance to ohko gliscor in sun.

venusaur is another sweeper here. its get 2* speed under sun and outspeeding most scarfer including scarf garchomp. You can use growth to get 2*atk and spatk in sun. sludge bomb, giga drain, earthquake is good coverage, walled by skarmory tho. you could use victrebell as other option here.

Weavile is my way to deal with big bad dragon such as latios, garchomp, dragonite and also as speed control.

provide earthquake switch in, healing wish and defog mainly. Healing wish is clutch because you can basically have two blaziken lol.

heatran is my spdef wall. it can switch into draco meteor and magma storm in sun is nice.

other option:
you could use :
scarf infernape over blaziken because most of the time i cant even sword dance and blaziken probably gonna get banned anyways lol.
victrebell over venusaur. venusaur is walled by skarmory , victrebell is walled by heatran. Pick your poison.

NA Weezing

Banned deucer.
Hi, I've experienced how the BDSP OU Metagame handled the Stall Archetype and it seems like it is way more viable than it was in SWSH OU.
I'm proud it reached a sufficient consistency to bring me up to the top of the ladder as shown in this screen :
I'd like to contribute to this thread's main point, giving my following build to let everyone experience the stall archetype : Xatu Stall (Early Build Attempt) ( :blissey: :xatu: :tangrowth: :quagsire: :skarmory: :ditto:

I'll quickly explain how the team works, the way to behave against specific foes, as well as mentionning the main threats this team has.

I use Blissey as my Stealth Rock setter, and wall to special set up sweepers such as Manaphy, Gengar, Latios - Latias, Togekiss and so one using Calm Mind + Thunderbolt.
It also found unexpected utility against Mantine and Skarmory, which is cool, I guess.

I found the Maximum Spe Def investments were needed in this metagame, where Blissey often has to wall several of those threats in one game due to Hyper Offensive team composition being redundant, as well as being the only possibility for it to handle a +6 Spa Manaphy Surf spam (was intended for Rain at first, but it got banned).

I use Xatu as a Wish + Teleport support, and as my main Breloom counter using a spread allowing it to outspeed it. Its utility as an answer to Spikes and some Stealth Rock stackers is appreciable, which is why I decided to give it a try in this Stall composition.

The 148 Speed EVs allow it to outspeed Breloom, the remaining EVs are used in Defense and HP Stats. There could be an interest to run Roost instead of Teleport for another source of healing, but I prefer the high PPs and utility Teleport brings to Xatu.

I use Tangrowth as my Knock Off user, Regenerator sponge, and lastly as my anti-gliscor weapon. His main role is to force switch ins into Scizors, Gliscors, Clefables and Skarmories, making progress through Knock Off and Block to kill them.

Maximum investments in Defense and HP, as well as not wearing any item allows Tangrowth to act as a decent check to Crawdaunt, whatever variant it is. He switches into any Physical-Based Pokemon that allows its entry, in order to check sets and annoy opponents with Knock Off.

Quagsire is used for its Unaware ability to prevent being swept by Physical Set-Up Sweepers, as well as being able to Toxic foes, which a very few pokemons are able to use due to the deletion of Toxic in various pokemon's movepool.
It also is our main Heatran answer, which may be not enough depending on which Heatran's variant you encounter.

Maximum investments in Defense and HP are mandatory to let him withstand the burst from Fire-Typing pokemons such as Blaziken and Infernape.
In order to deny LO Close Combat from Blaziken on switch in, I gave Protect to Quagsire to gain more HP with Leftovers and avoid the CC roll that may kill it.
Unexpectedly, Protect also denied Metronome shenanigans from Mamoswine and Weavile, which I encountered 3 times in the 1500+ ladder.

Skarmory represents our Dragon-Type resistance, our third Physical-Based pokemons switch in, as well as our Defogger, Spikes stacker and phazer.
It obviously holds Shed Shell, so that Magnezone can't trap it.

Beware of Gliscor and Tangrowth's Knock Off, which paired with Magnezone, would incapacitate Skarmory's utility for the rest of the game.

Ditto is our revenge killer, which will often be gamebreaker if the opponent broke through a wall of the team with a set up sweeper of any kind.

I didn't think about which kind of EV spreads the team could be more optimized with, but it still works fine for now.

- Do not let Skarmory be Knocked Off if Magnezone is in the opposing team.
- Try to lower opposing Stealth Rock's PPs (32) down to your Skarmory's number of Defog (24) using Xatu at wise time depending on the SR setter.
- Use Xatu's Teleport when you're unsure the opposing SR setter (namely Gliscor) will stay in to set hazards or switch out by any way.
- Use Tangrowth's Block + Leech Seed combo to trap a specific foe. Attempting to use it for several ones isn't recommended due to the number of PPs needed in most case to do so.
- Abuse of Quagsire's Protect to minimize chances to get killed by a bad roll, or to put it out of the range of a critical hit.
- Use Ditto against other Stalls to minimize your PP loss, as well as trying to get Knocked Off by Gliscor or Tangrowth in those archetypes.

Psyshock Alakazam :alakazam: : there is no real way to prevent it to beat your team, but you may have a way using Ditto to RK it back.
Mixed Grass Knot Infernape :infernape: : Beats pretty much the entire team if it has Flamethrower, CC and Grass knot. Xatu may live some hits, but you'll probably lose on the long term. Still, it can be RKed by Ditto once again.
CM Magic Guard Clefable :clefable: : Can possibly 6-0 using a LO Flamethrower + Moonblast set, unless you manage to not get critted on your Blissey and PP stall it.
SR Taunt Trapper Heatran :heatran: : Puts heavy pressure on the long term with little to no way to threaten it back with Quagsire. You may have a chance to Knock it Off with Tangrowth or to dodge some Magma Storms as well as RKing with Ditto, but it remains very difficult.
Spikes Setter Roserade :roserade: : Roserade has enough burst to get rid of Xatu using Sludge Bomb, and easily stacks Spikes against the team unless you predict it well several times.
Sludge Bomb Knock Off Tangrowth :tangrowth: : forces you to bring in Skarmory which will result in a loss if the opponent has a Magnezone paired with it, and getting it asleep by Sleep Powder will make Skarmory vulnerable to various Dragon-Stabbed bursts from Banded Dragonite such as Outrage on the long term.

Again, this team isn't quite much one that I expected to make it to the Top 1 as it has many building flaws, but given the fact the metagame isn't stabilized yet, it should work fine for some days at least.
I'll try to focus on a more serious stall build to provide next time.

Thanks for reading and have fun!
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tricking's tutee unforunately
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mono blue offense
the idea for this team was doom desire + specs gengar to scare tyranitar from coming in, then it kinda happened to turn into a mono blue team. specs gengar and doom desire makes it pretty easy to get rid of clefable so i added bandchomp which is another scary breaker under doom desire. scarf latios because i didnt have a mon faster than opposing latis, helps clean up after you make a lot of damage with ur two main breakers. rotom wash because a water resist was needed, able to volt switch around to help get in ur breakers. willowisp to cripple stuff like weavile and garchomp, i find rotom pairs super well with rachi as well. finally added manaphy to solidify mu vs certain fat builds, keeping mana healthy vs some offenses is also nice as its fat as fuck and can usually save your ass from something like weavile, latios or garchomp to name a few.

band infernape + spikestack
band ape + spikes was a idea that seemed cool to me in a meta where boots doesnt exist and the only defensive mons really stopping ape are like slowbro. decided on roserade as i think skarm is kinda bad rn and rose offers sleep as well as being a grass/poison type which is a typing idt is that bad currently as it offers utility vs breloom, water types and a couple other things. added starmie to finish the fwg, offers removal for ape without removing your own spikes and gives some more speed control. this also super benefits from spikes as very little is walling mie rn anyways and whatever does is threatened out by ape. mie also gives a secondary water resist bc waters are broken. rachi bc rocks and a latios check, ez lol. doom desire might be able to be slotted out but i just like the move. gliscor for elec immune and ground immune, made it sd because what else am i going to do with it, does work vs fat teams and its fucking gliscor so i dont need to explain much more. added unaware clef with cm in last because i find builds like this tend to get overwhelmed by offensive set up threats quite fast currently so clef really patches that up. also this would be insanely threatened by weavile anyway

scarf staraptor + zone offense
i wanted to use staraptor + zone since the only things really taking brave birds are scared of zone. made zone that one twave set later on in the build since i found it would be beneficial to scout with protect on shit like lati before going into the check of scizor since its a defensive nature rather than spdef. added specs latios since its another mon that benefits from zone trapping. added gliscor for rocks and a ground type. psuedo checks chomp and a bunch of other shit in the tier, overally great utility. scizor as a lati + weavile check. also gives defog for raptor. finally added sash breloom to provide another water resist. sash can be a nice out in some situations given you kept rocks off. sd and mach can be really threatening rn as well. breloom can also put chomp into range of being revenged which is insanely nice for this team in general.

obivously im still learning the metagame myself and everybody is going to have a different take on it at the moment so if theres anything you feel can improve these if theyre accepted or if somebody just sees this and wants to use them by all means go ahead. for example on the spike stack i dont think you overally need doom desire rachi but i dont really know what else id put there personally, or maybe different evs on the gliscors. its really up to you. however personally ive found these to perform fairly good in roomtours and in the 1350 -> 1500s range on ladder, the meta is kinda unstable right now so its hard to get a real good read on tests without tilting up and down a bit lmao. but the general structure of these are by all means fine.


Banned deucer.
Hazard Stack HO
(peaked #2)


Pretty basic structure ngl, everything is self explanatory. I wanted to really capitalize on the banning of drizzle as it was really the main thing holding back ho like this. I made this ho day 1 but it really just couldn’t find any success since kingdra 6-0ed. The drop in mantine usage also really helps out nidoking which is the main focal point of this team. The idea was just to overwhelm fat with hazards+tpsikes since there is no good defensive poison in this meta to fit on fat. Once tspikes are up the likes of unaware clef and quag will struggle to check anything. At first glance lati destroys this team but it really only to gets to come in on nido, everything else threatens it with a ohko or has priority provided enough chip. Starmie is also very underrated right now, it’s a menace vs offensive teams where the combination of bolt/beam+hydro will often clean up very easily (just don’t miss).

Tldr: set up hazards and click buttons.


:latios: In honesty just play real aggressive this thing really shouldn’t get free turns vs this team at all, but if it does you will probably lose.
:shedinja: that one guy running double Defog shedinja stall? I hate u lmao, just forfeit if you see that 0-100 mu.
:starmie: this thing doesn’t have high usage but it’s a menace vs ho like this.
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Hi! So I have been really enjoying this meta and I have decided to post a team in here. Unlike all the HOs in the meta, I'll be posting a BO.

This team is centered around Nidoking, a devastating wallbreaker. It's very effective against bulkier pokemon. It's movepool allows it to deal super effective damage to most pokemon in the metagame. Blissey is the primary special wall and water resist other team. Its natural bulk allows it to beat the majority of special attackers in the metagame. Thunder wave helps slow down pokemon which helps its other teammates like Nidoking to wreck more havoc. Shadow Ball allows it to beat gengar which otherwise sits on it. Gliscor helps to deal with the many physical attackers in the tier like Garchomp, Dragonite, Heracross, Physical Infernape and more. The moveset can also be change to have U-turn for momentum. Latios is a good speed control option which helps in revenge-killing other Dragons. It can switch into Breloom(with sleep talk), Rotom and being a pseudo switching to Infernape, Blaziken and Water Spam. Heatran sets up rocks and helps with the Scizor matchup. Finally Rotom-Wash is another way to help deal with Rain and other Physical attackers such as Mamoswine while also distributing will-o-wisps. After the test with ironwater, the ev's were changed so Rotom now outspeeds Sciz :^

S/outs to ironwater for helping me with this team and tests. Replays will be added soon. Feel free to share you thoughts and have fun with playing the new meta :psyglad:
I'm a fan of this team (some of my fav mons), but totally new to competitive battling/team construction. What's generally a good strategy with this team? (Stupid question, but I'm completely fresh to this, so a bunch of the tips you gave kind of go over my head LOL ...)
Posting this team
:yanmega: :empoleon: :skarmory: :latios: :gliscor: :clefable:

This team goes great against most of the current meta-trends. Yanmega, the star of the team without a doubt, is the key piece of the team by providing great offensive synergy along with latios. Both break most BO's that are currently used, yanmega is great because it breaks cores like scizor + gliscor / clefable + gliscor / jirachi + clef, among many others. And latios with soul dew, cleans what yanmega can not.
Empoleon despite rain's ban, still seems to me an excellent pokemon to pressure rival teams and with gnot force the recover of pokemons like starmie, manaphy, etc or just kills them.
Skarmory is the other key piece of the team, thanks to its spikes and the offensive pressure of yanmega and latios, always puts in trouble most builds with blissey being the main check of both.
Gliscor as an offensive physical presence of the team with ice fang to pressure rival gliscor, garchomps or salamence. It also favors the spikes to pressure the opposing team, and well, the rest is already known of what always provides a gliscor to any team.
And finally clefable as the glue of the team, a perfect companion as it is an excellent wishpasser which is always appreciated by latios, yanmega or even skarmory in certain situations vs offense. Flamethrower to lure scizor. Moonlight which I think is better than the standard protect and moonblast as stab of clefable and great help vs dragmag.

I have been using this team in ladder, room tours and other unofficial tournaments. This team is hella great and it gives 100% of reliability. It is very solid and can be played against any kind of archetype currently in use and will give a good result, well and the most important part, it is a lot of fun to use.

This is a pretty basic offense team that I've had a lot of success with. I think SD Lucario is really slept on; it sweeps many teams with a single turn of setup. +2 Extreme Speed is a roll on Latios after rocks, and guaranteed after 2 rocks switches. Notably, Lucario is able to set up on -2 Latios, which is a common sight in the metagame right now. Outside of that, most slower things will drop to CC or Meteor Mash and most faster things die to boosted Extreme Speed.
The core of Latios, Scizor, and Infernape has been my go-to since the Drizzle ban. Latios forces the opponent to respond with their steel type or Blissey, allowing Infernape to come in for free. Scizor similarly forces free turns by u-turning out of its common switches, such as Heatran and Skarmory. Anyone familiar with DPP knows what this Infernape set does; almost nothing in the metagame can switch in safely. Notably, life orb Overheat drops physically defensive Gliscor, the most common switch. Very few defensive teams can stand up to this core; meanwhile, it's bulky enough to not get overrun by opposing offense.
Rotom-W is just here because I wanted a scarfer; this team needs the additional speed to not get overrun by other offensive mons, especially Blaziken, Manaphy, and drum Azumarill. I also have versions of this team with scarf Salamence and Gengar, but I saw the most success with Rotom due to the aforementioned threats. Finally, I slapped Aero on to set rocks and deny opposing leads. Hazard advantage is important for dropping things into Lucario range, and keeping opposing hazards off the field helps Infernape last longer.​
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I thought trick room had no place in the tier as it lost one of the strongest breakers (Alolan Marowak), but recently I've had great success with this team on top ladder.
  • Start with Xatu all the time unless Weavile is on opposing team (Beat Up is the only threat to sash Xatu; then use something like Crawdaunt in that case). Use Psychic immediately to pokemon supereffective to it, like Gengar and Breloom. Otherwise set up a trick room. Then Switch out to one of the two main sweepers on the team, Ursaring and Crawdaunt. In a meta where Ferrothorn and strong physical tanks are not present in the tier, Ursaring and Crawdaunt are absolute menaces. This mon is not of much great value and is there to prevent the opponent from stacking hazards.​
  • Ursaring runs Guts with Flame Orb. Facade with 140 base power, boosted by guts. With max attack investment it almost hits the 600 attack mark. It is also decently bulky with HP investment as it survives a boosted Mach Punch from Infernape and an unboosted Mach Punch from Breloom. Close Combat is there mainly for Scizor and other steel types, and Crunch is there for coverage, mainly to hit Gengar. This requires some decent prediction if there are Ghost-types but honestly most opponents do not expect a Crunch immediately.​
  • Crawdaunt runs a classic Choice Band set with 4 attacks. I chose for Waterfall for the last slot since I didn't want to rely on RNG in certain situations, and found no opportunities to use Superpower anyway.​
  • Cresselia and Uxie function as Trick room supporters. Uxie runs Mental Herb to guarantee a trick room setup, and runs basic trick room support moves. Cresselia has max Sp.Attack with Ice Beam and Psychic to surprise certain pokemon, notably Breloom, Gliscor, Dragonite and Blaziken. It runs Lum Berry to deal with Breloom as it is arguably one of the biggest threats to the team.​
  • Magnezone is an allround solid mon and deals with Skarmory which is one of the best answers to both Ursaring and Crawdaunt. It can pivot into other sweepers during trick room as well. Magnet Pull can be swapped with Analytic for more damage.​
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Double Band volt-turn


With the Drizzle ban we were able to use alot of other options and types of teams that we previously werent able to do as well. Hyper Offense, TrickRoom, Hard Balance, Stall, Dragmag, Sticky Webs, manual Rain, Sun, Hail and more are completely viable at the moment with the most popular options being Hyper Offense usually with Azelf or Smeargle lead and Hard Balance either with Shedinja or other defensive cores that include Shed Shell Skarmory, Utility Starmies and few other options.
Finally Bulky offense with hard hitters like Mamoswine, Latios, setup Manaphy, Lucario and more are extremely good with or without Magnezone so this team i built is mainly tryin to deal with all these options.

Ill start from the hard hitting beasts, Blaziken with CB and uturn is incredible. Double Kick is a cool option for last move on Blaziken to lead and destroy Smeargle offense. Blaziken has great synergy with Latios which is a pokemon that invites steel types like Heatran, Jirachi, Scizor, Empoleon and all of these are Blaziken double switches that give u early value. Latios is such a threatning pokemon that it makes those turns really risky for your opponent to predict and not switch into his steel type cuz otherwise most things drop in 1 attack. It also keeps Manaphy, Azumarill and Crawdaunt in place with its strong Thunder or even stab attacks and provides speed for the team outside of priority.

Crawdaunt is the main guy for the job when we are dealing with Clefables, Gliscors, Fire types and even steel types except maybe Thunder Jirachi and Specs Magnezone. It provides strong Priority for the team dealing with Infernape, Blaziken that is gettin out of hand, Mamoswine, Alakazam and more. Switcheroo can lure and pressure defensive teams if its strong stabs arent enough like versus itemless Tangrowth stall and allows Crawdaunt to switch up moves incase u dont want to give setup in a couple of situations and u value the ability to use your priority.

Gliscor Rotom and Scizor are the defensive / utility mons of the team. Gliscor is EVd to outspeed Nidoking aswell as Jolly Lucario, enough attack to ohko with 1 EQ both Luc and Nidoking. Its the Stealth rocker of the team and it has the nasty uturn synergy with the rest of the pokemons that would pressure Starmie and Defog Lati from removing its hazard which are extremely important versus things like Dragonite or hail teams.

Rotom keeps Mamoswine and Nidoking in place, enough speed to outspeed em both aswell as Jolly versions of Breloom, Blaziken, Smeargle and more. Double status as we are tryin to deal with Dragonite aswell as it gets dependin on the situation. Without it Dragonite with extreme speed and EQ as its coverage can destroy everything and Twave if u have Latios alive is useful otherwise Will o wisp to deal with it using Crawdaunt after.

Scizor is the main guy for the special attackers. Latios, Gengar (not sub wisp hex), Alakazam and Starmie all get pressured by it and its arguably the best steel type atm especially for a voltturn like this where u are tryin to get your hard hitters in as many times as u can to get early value.
Enough Attack investment for common substitute users aswell as good rolls versus Gengar.

Biggest threats to this team, DD Lum Outrage Dragonite, Sub Gengar and LO Psychic Starmie. Outside of that i enjoy using this team alot, it has phenomenal matchup versus Balance and if u play it aggresively enough it can pressure so much your opponent with CB Blaziken and Dracovish ehm.. Adaptability Crawdaunt so wanted to share it with ya. Hope you like it!


Banned deucer.

Weavile DragMag and Wacan Berry Dragon Dance Gyarados:

Roserade + Garchomp Hazard Stack:

Latios + Abamasnow Hail with SD Lucario:

Light Clay Uxie Hyper Offense with Skill Swap Manaphy:

Dual Band (Entei + Weavile) with Protect Rotom and Defog Scizor:

Reflect Tom with Chople Tyranitar and Sub Nidoking:

Hope you will have alot of fun with these teams :blobwizard:


Banned deucer.
bye Blaziken, welcome new Screens HO

We have our screens setter, Espeon, that I put instead of Azelf since he can't be Taunted, and when I vary the lead I can obtain interesting results, like free Rocks, or Tom-W status scouting, while offering a one time switch into Loom regardless of what happens; Yawn and Future Sight are the annoying part of the Pokémon, especially when you line up a FS with a statup and something dies regardless of what happens

Then we have the usual slew of breakers; Icicle Plate Cloyster (we're in Sinnoh, we use PLATES here) deals enormous amount of damage against pretty much everyone, even Clef gets 2hkoed by it, and your prio is stronger; you can even line up Scizor kills sometimes; SD Cario, nothing new, Adamant because Jolly Cario hits like a paper towel; Salac Mana, incredibly competent in ending battles all by himself, especially when ScarfGar or ScarfChomp are either sacked against it or they just died; Lum Chomp because Specs Raikou is extremely annoying if he burns, plus he can actually beat any Rotom entering in on his +2 and trying to fish the burn, with Dual Chop for any DNite or Zam remaining; last, but not least, something you might call weird but he's extremely competent against DragMags: Shed Shell 3 Atks Scizor. He's extremely competent in scouting enemy Magnezones, since you just throw a Brick Break whenever they try to enter on you, forcing them to use the yellow move to not die against you regardless; getting a free Chomp entry is always appreciated. Quick Attack is the secondary priority to at the very least 2HKO any Water they have, plus KOes Ape at +2 and more.

: this is genuinely a real pain in the ass if he's Specs, you just have to play better and hope Chomp doesnt get burned by Scalds or gets hit too much
Multiple scarfers, especially if they're faster than Chomp: oh boy, those builds. Hope your Reflect lasts enough, click the X if they don't. Nothing much to say, play better
Volturn in general is really tricky to face, fyi, but this is a meta where you can't really punish it that much, although things like Scizor and Rotom get smacked by Chomp at full, fortunately

btw just a tip but i think it's VERY important to say if this is going to be a sample: DON'T ALWAYS LEAD WITH ESPEON IF THEY HAVE A PUNISHER. Things like Weavile and Honch can doom you t1, and beware of exploding things like Azelf. also feel free to try sashcloy since this is competent enough at keeping hazards away. Other than that, enjoy!

Some replays and proof of where I got so far (tbh could do better, considering some haxed losses I would say I would have gotten to 1500):

well i can do better, i think.png

s/o to adem since I hassled him a good bit this morning, to my friends, and to the BDSP cord as usual <3
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:sm/azelf: :sm/breloom: :sm/lucario: :sm/gengar: :sm/latias: :sm/manaphy:
Azelf Hyper Offensive
:azelf: Azelf - Your suicide lead with Stealth rocks, Flamethrower, Taunt, and Explosion. Pretty self-explanatory, Set rocks and often times go boom. Keeping rocks in the field is extremely important especially in :Dragonite: and :breloom: matchups as well as preventing the opposing team from setting any on your side as breloom is sashed.
:Breloom: Breloom - Sash breloom is excellent in this meta alongside scarfed :latias: as your fast support with defog and healing wish allowing you to effectively remove hazards and get breloom safely on the field without breaking its sash, ultimately allowing it to sweep late game. Additionally healing wish can also be used on gengar since it will most likely be worn down vs stall matchups due to life orb.
:lucario:Lucario - Your main wallbreaker, swords dance set with cc, bp, and espeed. Meteor mash is unnecessary since you can easily deal with clefable with Gengar and :manaphy: if its magic guard. Bullet punch allows you to effectively utilize lucario's offensive capabilities without hindering its sweeping ability by forcing you to switch out against gengar.
:Gengar: Gengar - I chose to go with taunt + 3 attacks instead of nasty plot, although its always an option. Taunt allows you to cripple stall and still effectively dish out damage and chip down the opposing team.
:latias: Latias - Scarfed Latias is excellent in this meta and is a perfect fit for this team. It's pretty self-explanatory, defog allows you to clear hazards off the field and safely bring breloom in without breaking its sash. often times you will be using healing wish for breloom and gengar, although it's completely dependent on the situation.
:manaphy: Manaphy - Standard tail glow + 3 attacks: Surf, ice beam, energy ball.


Replays: vs Hyper Offensive

SkarmBliss Stall
:sm/tangrowth: :sm/blissey: :sm/skarmory: :sm/clefable: :sm/quagsire: :sm/gliscor:

A classic stall that has arguably been around for ages.

:Tangrowth: Tangrowth - serves as your physical tank to the wall most of the physical threats in meta excluding infernape. Knock-off is great utility to have in the team especially against balance or bulky offensive teams with :scizor: switching in and pivoting out afterward into :nidoking: or :magnezone: or :heatran: for example which also is primarily the reason to have Earthquake. Sludge bomb helps you deal with opposing :tangrowth: and :clefable:. Going with a specially defensive set is pointless as :manaphy: inevitably kills it after a tail glow. However, Yache berry with leaf storm is an option.
:Blissey: Blissey - Pretty standard set as opposed to using calm mind. Although it has its benefits when dealing manaphy and gengars in general. I chose to go with the T-Wave set to cripple switch ins especially scizor defogging hazards and :manaphy:; however it's pointless if they are running rain dance. The rest of the sets are pretty self explanatory, rocks on :blissey: over :skarmory: in order to free up a slot for whirlwind.
:Skarmory: Skarmory - Again, a Standard set with whirlwind, roost, brave bird, and spikes. Spikes has always been excellent and is an absolute necessity to have in Stall teams in BDSP OU. Especially without HDB, the meta has returned to its original state prior to gen 8's release except with the removal of a few moves. It extremely helps in stall vs stall matchups unless the opposing stall team has 2 deffogers then you're obviously at a disadvantage. Furthermore, another option is to remove brave bird for defog for another deffoger or free to up a slot for :gliscor: to have swords dance eventually resulting to creating a win con for the most part. You will however have to change the set to 244 hp 88 spdef 176 speed to outspeed nidoking, heatrans, adamant lucarios and such; However it makes you prone to nasty plot gengar when it comes in chipped. Shed shell skarmory, again pretty self explanatory, it helps you deal with magnezone and gives you a free opportunity to proc Toxic orb on :gliscor:.
:Clefable: Clefable - Standard unaware set with wish protect calm mind and moonblast. It's extremely vital especially with the usage of :garchomps:, :breloom:, and manaphy. :Clefable: single handedly deals with :manaphy: unless it has Skill swap which is found from time to time. Other than that it's pretty self-explanatory.
:Quagsire: Quagsire - Quagsire is an excellent piece to have in this stall or rather in any stall teams in BDSP OU. With :lucario: and swords dance adamant :scizor: without counter on :skarmory: in this meta, it is extremely vital to have in order to wall those following threats.
:Gliscor: Gliscor - I chose to go with 244 hp 208 spdef and 56 speed which arguably is a spread used for bisharps back then. This set helps you deal with nasty plot :gengars:. A couple options that you can take as previously mentioned above: You can choose to go with 244 hp 88 spdef 176 speed spread if you put defog on :skarmory: instead of brave bird, in order to free up a slot for swords dance and ultimately going for facade eq roost sd. Ultimately, it makes you less prone to magma storm :heatrans: unless its balloon, which regardless is not a threat as you have :quagsire: as a backup unless its power herb set with solar beam.

Manaphy: Normally manaphy is not a threat, however if it has skill swap then it's pretty much over for the team unless you're able to parahax it with blissey as it goes for the first tail glow and directly switch to clefable and wish or set up for a calm mind afterwards. However will be pointless after the usage of skill swap.
Taunt hyper offensive skarmory suicide lead: As it fully sets its hazards it will be extremely hard to get rid of them afterwards especially since your gliscor is careful specially defensive set.

Highest peak recorded while getting reqs for latios.

Normally would have a gotten a much higher gxe if I only used the Stall team but I ended up using both in the process to test the hyper offensive team.

Enjoy :)
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Been hanging around 15-20 on the ladder for the past 2 week with this team; passing along in case it helps anybody get reqs -- super easy to use & has a workaround for most meta threats (except maybe some niche stuff like sun / TR) since it has so much priority. Also very tailorable if you find yourself facing too much stall / HO and need to tweak:

:dp/Donphan: :dp/empoleon: :dp/Breloom: :dp/Gengar: :dp/infernape: :dp/dragonite:

Mainly wanted to post because I've found donphan & empoleon make a sick hazard control backbone; between the two of them you can cover a lot of threats and often will win hazard wars esp vs offensive teams. Donphan in particular is a killer lead and can 1v1 lots of leads & finish with no rocks on your side by some combo of knock + spin + shard. Empoleon also gets rocks up easily by swapping into Lati etc & roar has huge utility since so many mons literally can't damage empoleon since his typing is so wild.

Beyond those two, the rest are choiced attackers with good defensive synergy. Gengar was specs most of the time, but sometimes scarf would have just won so IDK. I've also tried wisp + taunt which definitely helps the stall match up. Specs is pretty wild though -- really impossible to switch into. Nite is the most expendable member. Mostly there because CB extremespeed is really sweet and sometimes just wins games vs offense. Might be a better member in that slot (will maybe try garchomp) but does help deal with Infernape.

Biggest threats are probably: Rotom-W with wisp (hard to switch into, you just have to bash it with whatever is out); Mixed Infernape (Roasts donphan, Nite can't keep switching in); Breloom (mostly handled by priority but nothing wants to get spored); and scarf Gengar (immune to all the priority and will insta win if empoleon gets below like 70%)

Highest ladder screenshot I took:
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Wouldn't be a fair representation of OU without stall. Since I'm noticing only a few stall teams shared in this thread (and 0 featured on the front page thus far) I've decided to give out my squad.

Took me all the way from the bottom of the ladder to top 16, at 1699 elo.
Ladder 12-21.png
Shedinja stall (featuring curselax):
Shedinja gif.gif
Starmie gif.gif
Clefable gif.gif
Snorlax gif.gif
Heatran gif.gif
Gliscor gif.gif

Premise is simple: defend the castle (Shedinja) till everything capable of killing it is dead. And in matchups where that isn't likely gonna happen due to matchup cricumstances your other win conditions are either slowly wear the oposition down, or gradually work towards sweep with CM Clef or Curse Snorlax.

Shedinja is pretty decent in the current meta environment. Some of the biggest threats to stall: Manaphy, Azumaril, Latios, and most Mamoswine (Stone Edge is pretty rare on LO sets rn and only sees definite use on banded sets) are very popular breakers and straight up can't touch the bug. This gives stall incredibly good maneuvering room against very dangerous threats and can straight up win games after a certain point if you systematically identify and remove the things that could kill it. Will-o in the last slot also give Shed some extra utiltiy in crippling certain threats in exchange for its sash - like dishing burn to a DD Feraligatr so that Clef and can switch in freely completely dominate it - and play around the common Garchomp's Rough Skin and deliver it a crippling burn instead for trying. Some folks opt for Protect on Shedinja to scout out the intentions of choiced mons threatening to scare it out or reveal their hand with a status move aimed to kill it. I personally forgo that since the attack aimed at Shed is pretty well telegraphed most of the time and can be played around reliably, and Claw's extra power is noticable against certain targets and comes up quite often that I'm glad I have it over protect more times than the over way around. Running Shadow Sneak to help pick off targets within range, and ensuring that Shedinja isn't touthless against faster threats like Zam or Gengar after consuming its sash - but the choice is there and is a viable option.

Snorlax is a good alternative normal type for stall and balance over Blissey for its generally less passivity while also still having immense special bulk, HP and reliable recovery. It handles most special attackers in the tier, from Latios to Nidoking to Gengar, very well and threatens a sweep when available. Facade is far better than Body Slam due to the amount of Scalds, Will-os and Twaves populating the tier, and when powered up by status can actually threaten to beat unaware Clef in a 1-on-1. Lax is a very good plan B if the matchup calls for it. It also gives the occasional Trick Room squad a massive headache.

Because Shedinja handles Latios and Manaphy so well, Clefable can afford to not be a full sp.def set dedicated to countering them and can be tasked to handle the other side of the coin in the physical threats of the meta. Unaware phys def handles setup Garchomp and Dragonite pretty well. It also is very good Scizor bait since it's investment into phys def. lets it live any non-banded Bullet Punch incredibly well. Speed outspeeds mininum/8 speed bulky Scizor - which is by far the most popular rn to handle Latios, so when they U-Turn on you expecting you to switch more times than not Clef will smack them with a Flamethrower that'll either take them out or put them so low they'll basically be out of commission. CM can be potentially swapped out with Twave, but I prefer having an alternative sweeping/breaking option in the common grind games stall often gets into over Twaves utility most of the time when using this team.

2 very reliable hazard removers in Starmie and Gliscor. When running a Shedinja you need a minimum of 2 very reliable removers. And among those 1 has to be a defogger and 1 a spinner. Reason being because you don't want to be soley shut down by a single factor of either an annoying ghost constent blocking your spin, or a fast taunter preventing you from defogging. While the former is less prominent in the tier, the latter is very common practice. Skarms are running a ton of speed to shut down Gliscors and keep their hazards up, while other lead strats like Froslass, Azelf and the ocassional Sableye seen on other stall strats also employ it. You need to ensure hazards are off the field as much as possible to keep getting Shedinja in, so having the best available is top priority.

Starmie is running as much bulk as it can afford to keep it around as long as possible while also still having an offensive presence. Sp.atk investment is enough that it OhKOs Gengar with Psychic on switch in - and you want to catch it on the switch since a lot of hazard stack squads prefer scarf Gar atm for it's ability to switch into spin and either remove starmie or force it out threatening a KO. Max speed being run because pulling a spin is crucial, and oftentimes will need to risk a speed tier against opposing Starmie. And with exactly max speed it still outspeeds adament Breloom at -1 speed (via Webs).

Gliscor needs little explanation: it's probably the best defogger in the tier. The ol' tried and true Sp.def set handles Heatran pretty well, with enough speed to outrun the ocassional ttar and pound it with EQ. Setups rock when needed and more often removes them for the bug very reliably.

Heatran - specifically Trap tran is the final piece to the team. Trapping and eliminating hazard setters like Lead Skarm, Froslass, Azelf, Smeargle, etc with Magma Storm is incredibly important in the HO matchup. It also is incredibly good for baiting in and eliminating problematic bulky waters like Slowbro, Gastrodon, Swampert, and non speedy Rotom-Wash - because Power Herb Solar Beam is inredibly valuable suprise factor - especially after taking some chip so when the opponent checks the calc and sees bulk on tran they don't expect it. I've had some recomendations of opting for Taunt + Protect to stall out targets and last longer, and while some experimentation with it has been fairly effective (especially when dealing with something like Staraptor)- I still lean towards the power herb set for it's reliable water removing abilities, but you can opt for protect taunt tran in by preference.

This team has problems dealing with very specific mons dedicated to demolishing stall, such as Crawdaunt. There are ways around it, but it requires very careful play and thinking ahead to ensure it doesn't keep coming back in and claiming kills one after another. Also be wary of hazard stack teams that revolve around heavy phasing, such as whirlwind rocks Skarm that will be more than happy to continually fish for Shedinja if you give them repeated opportunities. Special mention in particular has to go to bulky Rocks + Roar Garchomp, which is incredibly problematic for this team and is starting to gain traction as of late.

Stall definitely ain't a fun part of the meta, but it exists and is always prevelant for its ability to grind out games and slowly wear the opponent out in the game, and quite possible behind the screen in real life lol. I think there should be more teams featured of the style so that players, especially newer ones, can get aquainted with them and can learn how they opperate so that they know what works for them - and against them when building their own teams.
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This team is, I believe, a team solid enough to be a sample team. It went through countless improvements, and is now a very polished product working pretty well at least on the ladder : i was able to reach ~top 50 with it without much troubles (although i dropped pretty hard because i tried out sun right after- which, turns out, sucks lol), and got reqs pretty easily with it. Tuthur and Kyotoshi both also got reqs with this team, and each of them only lost once using that team during their suspect run. This stall actually has very few unwinnable matchups, and has ways out even against Pokemon known to be problematic for stall such as Crawdaunt, Gengar, Manaphy or Alakazam (yes, even Alakazam! That 6 might look very weak to it, but i'll explain later why it can actually struggle to break this team).

Like the fellow stall user that posted right before me, i noticed that very few stalls were posted here, which is a shame since stall is pretty good in this metagame (although, i believe, slightly overrated), so i decided to give a shot too.

:tangrowth: :blissey: :gliscor: :quagsire: :skarmory: :starmie:

This stall has rather a proactive approach, and is able to actively force progress in lot of MUs (and even has a pretty good MU against opposing stalls, which is something i believe is essential for an effective stall team in this meta) through hazard stacking and a wide range of annoying-to-switch-into moves. I won't go through the teambuilding process because that team went through a lot, so instead i'll explain the role of each Pokemon of this team one by one.

:tangrowth:: Tangrowth is a very solid defensive Pokemon on stall, able to take on otherwise very problematic threats such as Crawdaunt, Breloom, and even Rotom-Wash despite its terrible special bulk (Usually, if Tangrowth only needs to check Rotom-Wash and is played well, the washing machine will need very favorable, if not unrealistic, scenarios to eventually break through, even if it is the infamous trick plot set.), and is capable to be very annoying to switch into thanks to the combination of Sludge Bomb + Knock Off + Leech Seed. Leech Seed and Giga Drain also provide some additionnal recovery, making it not too reliant on Regenerator. The EV spread is a standard max-max, with 8 EVs in speed to creep opposing Tangrowth and hitting them first with a Sludge Bomb

:blissey:: CM Blissey is easily one of the best mons on stall atm, since it's one of the best answers to top threats such as Latios, Manaphy, Gengar and the rare but existent Psychic Alakazam (There is actually a reason to run psychic over psyshock, which is something i will explain a bit later in this post.). Being a status absorber and a potential win condition are also nice traits to have on a Pokemon on stall, even though it can struggle to actually sweep because of its lack of Physdef investment. Full spdef investment is very useful and actually needed to take on Gengar and non Psyshock Alakazam as reliably as possible (They otherwise have some odds to break through you with boosted Focus Blasts), and helps against Manaphy since you're going to need to click Soft-Boiled less against it, which means they have way less opportunities to fish for a crit against you.
Options: Moving 76 EVs from HP to SpA allows you to OHKO Chomp and Glisc after rocks at +1 with Ice Beam, and have good chances to 2HKO non leftovers Manaphy at +1 with Thunderbolt. However, those scenarios are quite specific, but i guess it's still quite worth the investment, since Blissey won't lose much special bulk doing this, even if it really appreciates having as much special bulk as possible against the mentionned threats, and also taking less chip from repeated Volt-Switches. You can also try to move some HPs' EVs to Defense to improve its physical bulk, and thus hopefully make it a better win condition, but again cutting into its special bulk is sometimes not really ideal.
You can even go full physdef and full hp to be a much more threatening win condition while not taking 50% against opposing U-Turns, but again, cutting into your ability to check Gengar and Psychic Alakazam sucks in my opinion (Focus blast from Alakazam overpowers you easily if you are physdef.).

:gliscor:: Gliscor is here to absorb status, check some annoying stuff like Heatran, set rocks, being a volt blocker, and is able to force decent progress thanks to the combination of Knock Off and Earthquake. It also improves the stall MU thanks to Poison Heal, greatly slowing down the progress made by the opposing team. It also is one of the reason why Alakazam doesn't win on the spot: +2 Psyshock doesn't kill it, and is almost guaranteed to OHKO back with Knock Off:
+2 252 SpA Life Orb Alakazam Psyshock vs. 244 HP / 0 Def Gliscor: 289-341 (82.1 - 96.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Poison Heal
(Rocks don't matter since they are basically cancelled by PHeal, even if they psyshock on the switch.)
That is probably one of the reasons why Psychic Alakazam is seen, in my opinion: it is able to immediately dispatch Gliscor with a guaranteed OHKO even against variants with 244 SpD. Fortunately, we still don't lose to Psychic Zam, thanks to our specially defensive CM Blissey! So unless the opponent is somehow able to force chip on Gliscor (The most likely scenario is rocks being up before PHeal is activated, assuming Alakazam is LO, but then it still needs some luck (aka hitting focus blasts) to get through Quagsire that can "revenge kill" it.), Alakazam is going to take at most one soul, barring haxx. The spread outspeeds Timid Heatran and Adamant Lucario.

:quagsire: Quagsire is quite a disruptive force, since Toxic (Which is quite a rare move, so if you manage to fit it on a stall it's always a nice plus)+ Earthquake + Scald is painful to switch into for a lot of structures, and also difficult to break for lot of HOs. It's mostly here to check certain physical setup sweepers like Cloyster, Dragonite, Garchomp, and SD Scizor (Notice that Skarm can't beat SD Scizor if it is the last mon in the opposing team, since it can't be phazed) and can also be a safety net against some random bullshit you could see on the ladder. Like Gliscor, it can also attempt to block Volt-Switch, which can be useful if Glisc needs to stay healthy or can't switch into the Volt user (Like if it is Rotom - even though hpump from offensive 2hkoes, and wisp from defensive can be annoying). Ofc, being a fire resist helps against Infernape.

:skarmory: Spikes are INSANE, and are a very powerful tool to force progress in this metagame. Spikes also greatly limit certain teams, especially if their win condition against you is something that lacks longevity (like Infernape). They are also a great way to immediately punish Gliscor attempting to take avantage of the passivity of certain of your mons, and usually is how you eventually win against Gliscor structures. Being a dragon resist is of course extremely important in this metagame : for example, the combination of Tangrowth + Skarmory is usually enough to take on banded Dragons, Tangrowth being able to scout their move thanks to Regenerator and Skamory eating Outrages. Shed Shell is important because Zone is good, and there aren't much things around that Skarm wants to check that can Knock it. Taunt ease the Stall MU, annoys some slower stuff like Scizor, and 8 EVs in speed allows it to outspeed and Taunt opposing skarms.
Options: Drill Peck over Taunt helps Skarm to be less passive, and improve its MU against defensive Starmie, chipping it a bit on the switch and eventually forcing it to click Recover a bit more. If you enjoy losing against Magnezone you can run Leftovers, thus making it harder to chip, but i strongly recommand keeping Shed Shell. In my opinion Brave Bird sucks, because you are chipping yourself with it, and there are MUs where you just can't click it because you might be in 2HKO range from something later. It however should mentionned that it displays much more power than Drill Peck, which can be useful to pressure certains threats such as defensive zor and Bulk Up Breloom better.

:starmie: This mon beautifully completes that team, providing in that last slot everything the team wanted: it soft checks lot of stuff like Garchomp, Infernape, Mamoswine, and choice locked Weavile, is a secondary Heatran check, and is the hazard removal. Being a spinner secures the stall MU really well, because you are able to stack hazards with Skarm and Gliscor, pp stall opposing Defogs while keeping your side of the field clear and not being pp stalled itself thanks to rapid spin having 64 PPs, and also fucks otherwise potentially very annoying suicide leads like Skarm, and somewhat Azelf. Of course, having one more status absorber is always nice, even though it's a bit situational. Spread outspeeds base 110s and infernape, and leftovers EVs are dumped into HP and physical defense.


I wanted to thanks all the people that gave me their opinion about this team, helping me spotting its flaws and improving it. Special thanks to Kyotoshi who playtested the team and suggested some clever respreadings, which are still part of this team, and Tuthur for the quite extensive feedback on certain aspects of that team, even though we don't agree at all on them :]
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Here is a wickedly fun HO team that I used to get reqs. I peaked 1611 and number ~50 on the ladder. With how offensive the meta is, priority moves are simply the bee's knees. Priority, in my opinion, is the best way to deal with Latios, the premier offensive dragon and current suspect spotlight.

:breloom: :infernape: :azumarill: :lucario: :dragonite: :scizor:

:Breloom: is an option for a suicide lead, in order to get a quick sleep and basically make the opponent immediately down 5-6. In the face of the immense offensive pressure this team can exert, getting a Pokemon to wake will be almost impossible. To make matters worse for the opponent, my Breloom has Swords Dance to take advantage of the momentum afforded by sleep to put even more pressure on the opponent.

:Infernape: is my rocker and other go to lead. It is often wise to lead Infernape if the opponent has a grass type that can absorb Spore. CC is near mandatory on every Infernape; Overheat hits physical walls that think they can wall Infernape, and U-Turn grabs momentum.

:Azumarill: is a devastating set up sweeper with Belly Drum and Aqua Jet. Things that can tank a +6 Aqua Jet are often slow enough to get pummeled by Waterfall or Play Rough. With how good dragons are currently, having a Dragon immunity is always helpful. Azumarill's very presence strongly discourages Latios from using its most powerful move. Note that Azumarill does not necessarily need to set up in order to do serious damage; feel free to use it as a early/midgame wallbreaker with its strong STAB combo.

:Lucario: is another terrifying priority sweeper. As with Azumarill, things that can tank the priority move (+2 Espeed) are usually slow enough to drop to Close Combat. Meteor Mash wrecks both Gliscor and Clefable (which this team can struggle against).

:Dragonite: is yet another set up sweeper, with valuable priority in Espeed and the useful ability Multiscale that can come in handy in an emergency. Outrage > Dclaw since Dclaw is very weak and there are no good fairies other than Azumarill and Clefable. Earthquake hits Heatran, although this could be swapped out for Fire Punch which hits Skarm (I think Skarm is a much bigger defensive threat to this team).

:Scizor: is the glue for this team, providing a thin veneer of defense (really just the ability to revenge with Bullet Punch more than anything else lol) against the monstrous special attackers of the tier (Latios, Gengar, Alakazam). However, this Scizor isn't SpDef invested (and someone can probably come up with a better EV spread but I was lazy) and only offers a very temporary cushion against these threats. When playing against these threats, you cannot afford to be passive; you must find a way to hit back harder and try to survive-- that is the nature of hyper offense.

This team has fared pretty well against the meta I encountered during the suspect test, but a few things can seriously threaten it. Gengar is a huge headache for this team, since it is immune to Espeeds from Dnite and Luke and can do huge damage to all members of this team. The best bet is to try to pick it off with Scizor's Bullet Punch while punishing predicted switches with U-turn (much easier said than done).
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