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Let's go ahead and BAN that crap real quick. It's not unbeatable, but the threat of what is essentially a one-shot insta-murder on anything not specifically built to eat it is just too much when teambuilding.

I suck at drawing circles but it gets the job done.
I am voting ban because being able to use z moves without a base move is ridiculous, all pokemon-unique CFZs should do 1 base damage if they don't have a z move just like normal CFZs. It is even weirder since pokemon-unique CFZs do have base moves that they derive their power from, but they still do their full damage without them.
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A Little Rant first:

I've been playing BH for nearly 3 years now and am so glad that all these new SM abilities + Pokemon were added to BH for new, diverse playstyles. Many common playstyles/abilities you can use in the meta have hard counters, like Rock/Paper/Scissors, and this hard-countering (at least in my experience) is what makes BH healthy: you build your team around how you want to play and make counters for what you're usually up against that gives you trouble. Listed on the left below below are a few common playstyles I have used and gone up against throughout the many battles I have played, and on the right is their hard counters.

Priority Moves vs. Queenly Majesty/Dazzling/psychic Terrain
Sleep Talk,Comatose,Whirlwind (with hazards up) vs. Magic Bounce
Contrary (or any stat boosts, rather) vs. Topsy Turvy/Spectral Thief

I deem Crystal-free Z-moves unhealthy due to their lack of counters in general that can successfully wall them (there are some, but to always have to run the same counters on every team drastically limits team-building). All it takes is a STAB Genesis Supernova from a fast, hard-hitting Psychic type (like Deoxys-A or Mega-Mewtwo-Y) to knock out your pokemon AND get Psychic terrain up so you can't use priority to revenge kill (and for 4-7 more turns after that), and after you finally knock the opponent's z-move pokemon out and the psychic terrain is gone your team is in shambles and you pretty much cannot come back from a huge deficit like that.

For all those reasons listed above, I will have to go with BAN

CFZ's need to be banned for their pure abusability. Although many powerful moves exist out there, none are as powerful as CFZs, and nothing is as frustrating as running into yet another all Deoxys-A CFZ team. These moves cripple the metagame defensively, as well as provide extreme coverage and power to anyone who wants it. Having to rely on focus sash or other useless means just to counter this broken strategy is a waste of time and a waste of a metagame. Ban it.
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I am going to vote in favor of banning the use of crystal free moves specifically Genisis supernova. It gives fast strong pokemon (cough cough deoxys A) an unfair advantage and can be impossible to counter for un prepared teams. You also know its bad when players are getting wins with teams of 4 or more Deoxys Attacks and actually winning. I had to change two of my pokemon to specificly counter the genisis supernova strat to not get sweeped.

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aw yiss

I am voting to BAN Crystal-free Z-Moves. They are just too overpowered and there is very low risk (In fact, I got here with a suicide lead Deo-A with only CFZs)

The only small weakness is that it has 1 PP, which is mitigated by Harvest + Leppa Berry, and possible immunities, which is solved by simple coverage.

Deoxys-A spam is particularly overpowered and has very few weakness (a specific counter is Skill Link Choice Scarf Pheromosa), which are not very viable against other mons. In conclusion, CFZs are too overcentralizing and therefore should not be in the game.


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The period to get reqs has ended. I have composed the list of eligible voters below. If you are here, you should've been tagged If you do not see yourself and believe it's an error from me let me know. Note that if you did not provide proof of ownership of your alt, you won't be counted, which I made pretty clear in this thread a few times.

Voting Specifics:
  • Procedure:
    1. Go here, and click on "Post new thread" on the right hand side
    2. Title your thread "BH7 Suspect 1 CFZ" or anything similar
    3. In the body of your post, put your vote. You may vote BAN or DO NOT BAN
    4. Hit "Create thread"
    5. Your thread will be created. Do not be alarmed if you only see your own, as that is the intended behavior
  • The voting begins now and will end on January 15.
  • A decision will be made when there is a majority of 60%. We have 98 voters, so that should be 59 votes either way.
Thanks for participating.
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Congrats Monotype community! :)
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If you posted in OM submissions and can no longer see your voting thread don't be alarmed. I merged some votes into a main voting thread that only the project mods can see.

If you're worried your vote didn't go through, you can pm me to confirm your vote was indeed counted.
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