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Illusion has been brought up in the Suspects and Bans thread as the next meta problem that we should take a look at. Due to a lack of participation though in its discussion while at the same time a bunch of users seemingly in agreement with what was posted (both for and against), I am using this poll to gauge interest in holding a suspect test.

Recap on Illusion in BH:
  • From the dex:
    When this Pokemon switches in, it appears as the last unfainted Pokemon in its party until it takes direct damage from another Pokemon's attack. This Pokemon's actual level and HP are displayed instead of those of the mimicked Pokemon.
  • Illusion also causes Imposter to fail which has a very high impact on its success in BH
  • BH also allows the use of Illusion on mons which can turn into a different form such as through Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion, allowing them to maintain the effects of Illusion until they are switched out but make use of a different ability. Illusion is also not broken even if the mon is hit (after changing its form)
Here are some key tidbits from the above thread that reflect my feelings:

"While you can narrow down the abilities a Pokemon has at team preview, you definitely can't look at a Pokemon, say "Oh look, this is definitely Illusion" and play around it as such. Therefore, when the game starts, you're either forced to play under the assumption that every Pokemon that hasn't altered their HP can potentially be an Illusion Pokemon, or you're completely ignoring the possibility." - GL Volkner's Post

"The biggest drawback of illusion however, is the mind games that occur:
-before your big reveal as you may sometimes need to get the ohko before you get found out. Regenerator mons like Giratina, Pogre, and Zygarde can potentially scout illusion mons as well, avoiding ohkos from Specs sets and caring very little for moves that they can heal most the damage of.
-the countless predictions that follow since most of the time you are using the same move repeatedly, which usually has only 8 pp. ... Oh yeah and it's really annoying when you're not disguised as the right mon lol
" - SomeIrish's Post

"Of course there is some counterplay to Illusion: get hazards up and look how much damage things take; scout the majority of their sets; get chip on things, to name a few, but all of these take time and will rarely help you for the first few turns. So here is the core of my argument: it's infeasible to play as if any mon you see could be any other member of their team until you are certain otherwise." - Willdbeast's Post

In order to prevent brigading and/or vote rigging that was present in previous votes, I will present a new verification system that will have to be followed for this poll, which will be not dissimilar to a regular suspect process:
  1. a. Find any alt of yours that has a [Gen 7] Balanced Hackmons rank with either a win rate of 75% after at least 60 games, or 85 GXE after 100 games. The number of games played has to be visible.
    b. Link to your vote in the previous suspect test (Link)
  2. Post your vote for SUSPECT or DO NOT SUSPECT.
  3. Post if you are using option 1a or 1b above. If you are using option (1a) above, post your exact win rate to 2 decimals.
PROVIDE AN IMAGE OF THE ALT WITH PROOF OF OWNERSHIP. Refer to these examples of how to do this: example1example2example3

This poll will be open until Friday, July 20, 2018 (UTC -5). This will leave scope for beginning a suspect hopefully by the following weekend, if needed.
Final Verified Tally
Suspect: 21 | Do not Suspect: 5 | Suspect: 84%
The purpose of this poll is strictly for me to gauge the opinion of the Balanced Hackmons community; as such, it may not necessarily lead to me following the action that wins the poll one way or another (possible factors could be evidence of brigading/vote manipulation etc), but it will help me make a more informed decision.
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