[Big] Fire Emblem Mafia II - Game Over!

Deadline is in about 8-9 hours. I'm very satisfied with the PMs I've received so far (about 40). For the remaining people: even if you're not doing anything I'd like an idle PM to show me you're active!


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I'd like to offer a Prf Sword for trade. This Sword is only usable by a single person though. Anyone in need of such a sword is free to come to me, more details will be revealed once you contact me.
For those confused by their Night results (or lack of it), we only sent you something if we needed to tell you something. When you have to do this for a good 50 players, you don't exactly have the time and energy for everything. So what we did is take a "no news is good news" approach. If you tried something and you heard nothing about it, it worked. This includes attacking and supporting. So if you tried either or both of these and you read nothing about it, they worked! Trades are confirmed though, however we might've forgotten to include your new weapon's stats so if you need those contact either of those.

PS A huge thanks to everyone for actively participating in this, and another huge thanks to zorbees for doing a monster job on co-hosting so far. For the few who haven't contacted anyone yet, the least you can do is send in an idle PM. Don't make me think up some kind of rule for people who don't participate..
I have a good Lance and I am looking for a good Tome in return.

Contact me here or on IRC (under nick CN) if there is a chance of helping each other out!

Also, if you happen to be a NOBLE character, then I might have something to help you out. (check wikia to see what might be a noble character)
If any of you were thinking about exchanging any information with Crux, don't do it. Newtype was killed on Night 1 because he gave his alias as well as some other information to Crux, who turned around and handed it to someone who needed him dead. If you give your info to Crux, it'll probably happen to you too. Don't trade with him, don't talk with him, don't even respond to his PMs.

Session Start: Mon Apr 25 20:26:33 2011
Session Ident: Crux
[20:26] Session Ident: Crux (synIRC, Paperblade) (Crux@What.is.a.vhost)
[20:26] <Crux> bonjour jafar
01[20:26] <Paperblade> yo
[20:26] <Crux> would you like to change your vote to donald duck for me
[20:26] <Crux> ?
01[20:27] <Paperblade> mm
01[20:27] <Paperblade> nah
[20:27] <Crux> why
[20:27] <Crux> do you have some reason to vote aladin?
01[20:27] <Paperblade> don't have a reason to vote either way really
[20:27] <Crux> well, you have a reason to vote donald duck
[20:27] <Crux> our alliance /deal
[20:28] <Crux> unless you want to call that off?
01[20:28] <Paperblade> is this the one where you sell me out to ipl
01[20:28] <Paperblade> like you did with Rody
[20:28] <Crux> i didnt sell out rody to ipl
[20:28] <Crux> i orchestrated his death through ipl
01[20:28] <Paperblade> uhuh
[20:28] <Crux> there is a difference
01[20:28] <Paperblade> well
[20:28] <Crux> since i could attack unfortunately
01[20:29] <Paperblade> You're not gonna get Jafar to change his vote by talking to me
01[20:29] <Paperblade> since I'm not really Jafar ;/
[20:29] <Crux> oh
[20:29] <Crux> ok
[20:29] <Crux> then in that case vote donal duck anyway
01[20:29] <Paperblade> I'll consider it
[20:30] <Crux> how did you find out about rody's death
01[20:30] <Paperblade> I'm friends with Rody
01[20:30] <Paperblade> he told me when he was still alive he thought he got played
01[20:30] <Paperblade> and then ipl turns up saying Garcia's other enemy is gonna die?
[20:31] <Crux> hmm
[20:31] <Crux> everyone learns one way or another
01[20:31] <Paperblade> yep
[20:31] <Crux> so i suppose you wont mind if i target jafar tonight?
01[20:31] <Paperblade> don't really care
[20:31] <Crux> coolio
[20:32] <Crux> but yeah it would be nice if you voted donald duck
[20:33] <Crux> also i would prefer if you kept the info about my involvement with rody secret
[20:34] <Crux> i would very much appreciate it
Session Close: Mon Apr 25 20:40:57 2011
And Caesar's spirit ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Also, Crux is Ariel, so go crazy with that.


Banned deucer.
Thanks for the chat paperblade I gleaned a lot of info about certain people. You really aught to get better people to work for you ln. "Oh no I forgot ipl's alias." lol

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