Survivor (Big) Survivor: Starhome

Before the end of the last challenge, Tanner elected to walk from the game. As the Big Stick tribe ended up winning immunity in the challenge occurring at that time, they will instead be automatically given immunity in this challenge.
In addition, memomiguel, Whydon, and Kaif were voted out at the last set of tribal councils.

Speed Puzzling
Challenge 8​

In this challenge, you and your tribe will be solving 4 40-piece jigsaw puzzles together on . Solving in multiplayer mode with other tribemates is allowed and encouraged. You should not have randos in your lobby, and players should not join rooms opened by other teams (you can lock rooms after getting the required players by hitting the lock button on the toolbar). Please use your discord or smogon usernames. When setting up games, please make sure to select 40-piece.

For each individual puzzle, the tribe with the best time on that puzzle gains 10 points. The tribe with the second best time gains 5, the tribe with the third best gains 3.

Big Stick automatically has immunity, and does not need to submit any scores for this challenge. Should they submit (and have the highest scores overall) then they will be able to submit a server emote. Datum will automatically attend tribal council - instead of cooperatively solving four puzzles, they will all individually solve the 4th puzzle (still 40 pieces) - with the best time winning immunity.
From the remaining four tribes, the two tribes with the highest points will win immunity. The remaining 2 will be sent to tribal council. Ties will be broken using the lowest time of any puzzle submitted by that tribe.

The puzzles you should complete are below:
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.43.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.44.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.44.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.44.23 PM.png
At the last set of tribal councils, beeboy elected to leave the game, and Krow/Super21 were voted out.
Challenge 9

Each tribe is the captain of a battleship and a cruiser, each occupying one space on the 14x14 grid linked above. Battleships start with 500hp, cruisers start with 200hp. Your tribe is eliminated when the hp of both your battleships and cruisers reach zero. The first three tribes who have both of their ships eliminated will be sent to tribal council. In the event of ties, all tied tribes will attend tribal council.

You may choose to name your ships.

Please submit your actions in the following format:

ZZC does not sail, fires long cannons west
ZZS sails from H12 to F10, fires west

RB sails from C13 to C12, fires long cannons east
RC sails from B11 to A10, fires east

SSA sails from L9 to M9, fires long cannons west
SEX sails from M10 to J13, fires west

!p5 sails from E3 to G3, fires long cannons south
!p4 sails from F3 to I6, fires south

POT sails from L3 to L1, does not fire
TOT sails from J4 to H6, fires south
Battleship Movement and attacking options:
You may choose to submit one of three movement options each round.

Sail in a single direction at 3 spaces/tick, and fire short cannons that hits through the movement path and in a 3x3 square centered at the space the ship started at this tick (you do not have to sail the full 3 spaces). This attack deals 500 damage.
Sail 1 space/tick, and fire the long cannons that lasts 10 spaces from a cardinal direction that originates from the space the ship occupies at the end of this tick. You do not have to sail at all if you don’t wish. This attack deals 200 damage.
Sail in a single direction at up to 7 spaces/tick (you may not move diagonally). You cannot attack.

To be clear, battleships may only travel in a cardinal direction.

Cruiser Movement and attacking options:
Cruisers can travel up to 3 spaces diagonally and fires from a cardinal direction that originates from the space the cruiser occupied at the end of the tick. You do not have to sail at all if you don't wish. This attack lasts 5 spaces and deals 200 damage.

Damage calculations:
Damage is calculated using the PATH OF MOVEMENT. If your ship finishes the tick at a location that was under attack, then it takes the full damage from the attack (500 or 200). However, if your ship moves through a shot, then it will still take damage, depending on when in its movement it was hit. Each attack can hit multiple boats, but damages each boat only once.

I give a few examples.

Ship is at (0,0), enemy ship is at (5,1) and fires the long cannons towards (0,1) for 200 damage. Ship moves 3 spaces to (0,3), therefore moving through (0,1). Since the ship moved 3 spaces and was hit on its first space of movement, then the ship takes ⅓*200=66 damage

Ship is at (0,0), enemy ship is at (5,2) and fires the long cannons towards (0,2) for 200 damage. Ship moves 3 spaces to (0,3), therefore moving through (0,2). Since the ship moved 3 spaces and was hit on its second space of movement, then the ship takes ⅔*200=133 damage

Ship is at (0,0), enemy ship is at (0,4) and fires the short cannons towards (3,4). Ship moves 7 spaces to (0,7). The short cannons hits the spaces (0,3), (0,4), and (0,5). Each of these spaces deals damage. The (0,3) space deals 3/7*500damage, the (0,4) space deals 4/7*500 damage, and the (0,5) space deals 5/7*500damage. The ship takes the highest damage 5/7*500=357.

Each time one of your ships damages an enemy ship, that ship regains 50% of damage dealt (rounded down) as HP.

At the start of the game, as well as after each time you participate in a kill (damaged an enemy boat on any turn when the enemy boat goes below 0hp), you may choose one of the following upgrades the next tick:
+1 to all movement options permanently across both ships
+150 damage to all attacks permanently across both ships

Every 4 ticks, the map shrinks by 2 squares from each edge (this is labeled on the map). Starting on the 5th tick, every boat that finishes a turn outside of the map takes 100 flat damage.

Deadlines will be every 8 hours: at 11pm PST, 7am PST, and at 3pm PST.

You must submit the squares you would like to place your two ships. The cruiser must be placed within the 5x5 square centered around your battleship, but can travel outside of this range once the game starts. You must also choose your desired upgrade.

If two boats are placed in the same square, they take 200 damage each and have their location randomized around that square.
Vertigo, Easyonthehills, and TheMapleLeafeons eliminated at last tribal council

The Button
Challenge 10​

Your tribe's timer counts down from 30 minutes. If your tribe's timer reaches zero, your tribe is eliminated.

You may reset your tribe's timer to 30 minutes by pressing the button. You may press the button if you have less than 29 min and 50 seconds on your timer. Pressing the button decreases all other tribe's timers by 1 minute.

You may check all timers by typing !showtimer. You may press the button for your tribe by typing !pressbutton <Your tribe's name> in your tribe chat. Therefore, the valid commands for use are
!pressbutton Big Stick
!pressbutton Datum
!pressbutton Shortwave
!pressbutton Localizer
!pressbutton Ironbound
!pressbutton Price

There will be three winners in this game. Eliminated tribes will attend tribal council. If there are more than 3 tribes not eliminated after by 5pm PST tomorrow, then the 3 tribes with the fewest button presses will win. Ties are broken with the tribe with the higher timer winning. Other tribes will attend tribal council.

Bot errors are considered an act of god and the errors will be accepted, except in cases where individual tribes are unfairly impacted. I apologize in advance on behalf of javascript, and javascript apologizes on behalf of my inefficient scripts.

We'll allow until 5pm PST to stress test the bot. At that time, the bot will go offline, I'll resolve tribal, and we can start shortly after.
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Starhome is in uproar. A band of journalists, who were courageous and now were dead or worse, published an expose of Starhome’s finances for the past half century. They’ve uncovered that Chief Executive Hayes has been siphoning money out of the little rations that Earth has been providing to the fragile ecosystem of the outer colonies. The publication spread like wildfire. Within the first day, judges grabbed their rubber stamps and approved an executive law against seditious agents. Officials were openly bribed or exiled or hunted. The people were angry, but the police were powerful. The wealthy and powerful took what they could and ran for Earth. Earth declared that they would support any rebel forces. The world was on the cusp of war.

That was your calling. You saw before you the struggle that’s defined the existence of the colonies, the currents of famine and shortages and death and corruption, and with it you saw your opportunity to turn the tide. 40 brave revolutionaries declared their intent to overthrow the ruling government of Starhome. You fled to nearby Ironbound, least affected by recent events, and set up Central Command.



Army and Robotics:
floptina petras
Andy Snype

Modified Simultaneous Jotto
Challenge 11​

There is a list of 10 5-letter-long English words, each of which do not have any repeating letters.

You may guess a word by using !jottoguess <WORD IN CAPITAL LETTERS>. Your word MUST be a 5 letter English word that does not have any repeating letters. We will use Merriam Webster as a source of truth on what is a word or not. The bot WILL take guesses of non-words, incorrectly capitalized words, etc so please be careful.

After you guess, the bot will tell you how many letters your word has in common with each of my words. For example, if my first 3 words were "LIGHT WATER VAPOR", and you guessed "!jottoguess TOWER", then you would get a score of 1 for word 1 (only shares T in common), a score of 4 for word 2 (shares TWER), and a score of 2 for word 3 (shares OR).

You may end the challenge by pinging hosts with a list of guesses for each of the 10 words.

The 2 tribes with the most correctly guessed words wins. In the event that there is a tie, then the tribe that used the fewest guesses will win.

For this challenge, your tribe will not have the ability to manage messages in your tribe chat in discord, so let me know if you need anything pinned. If you fuck up a guess (use a non-word, fuck up capitalization) then we'll figure out how to penalize you, please don't do it.
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Blurb and Toni voted out at the last tribal council.

The Circle
Challenge 12​

Submit, in your confessional, an ordered list of all of the players in your tribe. Rank the player you like the most in rank 1, the second most in rank 2, and so on. You do not rank yourself. If you don't submit a list, you will be eliminated from your tribe after a short extension.

You have 24 hours to submit this list. After all of the lists are submitted, for each tribe, we will find the two most popular players through a simple averaging of their placements (if a player is ranked 1st, 4th, 5th, and 5th by his 4 other tribemates, then his average ranking is 3.75). These players will be called "Influencers". Individual rankings or scores will not be announced, but the overall ranking of all players will be within your tribe. Ties will be announced and resolved through RNG.

After the two influencers are announced for each tribe, no communication between non-influencers and influencers may take place.

Influencers will then have until 5pm PST Friday to converse with only each other. We will set up a discord room which we ask that these players use so that our spectators may watch.

These two influencers must decide on a player to eliminate from their tribe. They must both agree on the elimination. If they cannot come to an agreement by 5pm PST Friday, then they will both be eliminated from the game.

The player that the influencers decide to eliminate will be eliminated from the game.

In addition, you must use a hashtag at the end of every message you send in this game for the next 48 hours.

#BeDramatic #ShowYourMostExtraSelf
At the last ROOSTER, trace, realiti, DLE, and Dyno were eliminated.

Surely we'll only have one strange elimination cycle, right?

Welcome back to ROOSTER!

Big Brother
Challenge 13​

Each tribe will be running its own week of (slightly modified) Big Brother.
This cycle will run for about 72 hours.
Here's how we're going to split things:
11/12 11AM PST - 11/13 11AM PST: Joint HOH + POV Competitions
11/13 11AM PST - 11/14 11AM PST: Initial Nominations
11/14 11AM PST - 11/14 11PM PST: Veto Winner announced + POV Usage
11/14 11PM PST - 11/15 5PM PST: Voting
Any of these phases can be ended before the deadline should the relevant people (HOH, POV holder, voters) be willing to lock their actions early.

Here's how it works:
At first, everyone on each tribe will compete in the HOH and POV Competitions, which will be simple flash games. The top scoring player in the HOH competition will be declared the HOH. They will then nominate two other people from their tribe for eviction. After this, the HOH, the two nominees, and 3 other randomly selected players from the tribe will be selected as the Veto Competition participants - the winner out of these six will win the POV. The POV holder can remove one of the two nominees, if they would like to. Should this be done, the HOH will nominate another tribemate (who is neither the nominee who had the POV used on them nor the POV holder themselves) for eviction. Then, the rest of the tribe - aside from the HOH or the two nominees - will vote to evict one of the two players who have been nominated for eviction. Should there be a tie, the HOH will cast the deciding vote to evict.

Your HOH Competition will be Astro Alpaca (hextris was removed as it seemed to be having problems):
Your POV Competition will be the Helicopter Game:
Please remember - the first deadline applies to BOTH of these challenges.
Submit your scores in your confessionals - pin your top score, please. Highest score will win HOH & POV, respectively.
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At the last ROOSTER, Litt, Rad, Przzy, and Fones were eliminated.

Four Player Chess
Challenge 14​

Select a representative from your tribe, and have them make a account. The four selected representatives will play in one game of 4-player chess. The time control will be 10 minutes with 15 second delay. Ghosting by your tribemates is allowed. Engines are allowed. You are allowed to talk (strategize, create alliances with, yada yada) with players on other tribes during the chess game in #general (please don't use the game chat, for specs).

I'll open up #general for you to schedule, but if no schedule can be agreed upon then the game will take place at 5pm PST tomorrow and whoever shows up will show up. Please do not talk about Survivor stuff in #general please, and please wait until the chess game starts to discuss intertribal alliances. Trash talking is permitted but must be done in ALL CAPS.

Winning tribe wins, other 3 get sent to tribal council.
At the last tribal council, Crystal, Mathturtle, and Koolaid were voted out.

A new form of torture barred by the Geneva Convention - Fones, Survivor: The Official
Challenge 15
Tribes will be ranked based on # of correct guesses, and the top two scoring tribes will win immunity. The others will be sent to TC. You may also submit a recording of one of your tribemates singing. If there's a tie in # of songs guessed then we'll judge the video.

Mad beats can be found in the drive below:
At the last tribal council, Flyhn and Andy were voted out. Welcome, once again, to ROOSTER.

It's Provocative
Challenge 16

Submit a score by pinning a screenshot in your confessional. You must submit a score.

The tribe with the lowest standard deviation in their submitted scores will win immunity. Ties will be broken with the tribe having the highest average winning immunity.

All other tribes will attend a 7DS style tribal council. Players will be ranked by their score, with 1st place being the person who submitted the highest score. Individual and tribal scores will not be announced, though obviously the winning tribe and individual placements will be.

1st place: Token of Life (individual immunity), and your vote counts as 2
2nd place: Token of Life, your vote counts as 1
Last place: Elimination Candidate, must choose the other Elimination Candidate. Does not have a vote.

Once the EC (lowest score) has chosen the other EC (may not choose 1st or 2nd place), then everyone in the tribe will vote on which of the two players to eliminate from the game. 1st place's vote will count double, and last place will not have a vote.

In the event of a tie, we will move up from the player who got last place that isn't an EC, remove their vote, and then have a revote.

Players who do not submit will have a score of 0, and your tribe will be ineligible for tribal immunity.
Hannah, Brit, and Glueteeth were voted out of the game. Welcome to swap.

Hal: the game (WIP)
Challenge 17
The game has two rules:
1. On your turn, you must choose a color chip from the general supply, place it on any empty board space, and place one of your remaining number tiles face up on it. This may not create a region (connected chips with the same color) containing two or more number tiles with the same value.
2. At the end of the game, every region will contain at most one number tile correctly describing its size. Every player sum the values showing on the tiles belonging to them which are correct. The player with the higher number wins.

Your two tribes will compete in a best of 5. In each game, a different person must control the game, though ghosting is allowed and welcome. #general is open for scheduling purposes only: if no schedule can be agreed upon, then all unplayed games will take place at tomorrow 5pm PST.

You may practice with friends, specs, eliminated players as you wish. However, you can only receive help from your tribemates when the game starts.

The game can be found at

This is an abstract strategy game that I personally own, and am planning to bring to kickstarter sometime next year under my publishing company. I am currently developing its theme and art. Let me know if you are interested in participating in the buildup and launch, or in being put on a mailing list when we go live.

edit: fixed numbering. No idol clue / hidden text in this post.
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Aaronboyer voted out at the last tribal council.

Throw something into something else
Challenge 18
Both tribes will attend tribal council. This challenge is for individual immunity.

Best throw on each tribe wins. You have until 5pm PST tomorrow to show your throw in your confessional.

For your first idol clue, go to where one of the cohosts cast a single deciding vote for the other.
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At the last tribal council, Vizh was voted out.

Pokemon Lockout BINGO
Challenge 20​

For your next challenge, you will be racing to create BINGO (aka 5 squares in a straight line, vertically horizontally or diagonally) from a board, where each cell is a challenge you must complete to claim.

What's special about this board is that both tribes will be competing to fill the board at the same time. Should a square on the board be completed by one tribe, we will notify both tribes of this and the other tribe will be "locked out" of that square - and thus unable to complete it.

We will notify tribes when a tribe has CLAIMED to have finished a cell, as well as when we have VERIFIED it.

A couple additional rules:
  • All of these challenges must be done on the ladder. You must have at LEAST 1200 ELO for the battle to count. The ELO requirement is not needed for Free-For-All random battles.
    • You must use a fresh account for this challenge. To ensure that the account you are using is new, insert the phrase "starhome" somewhere in the username.
  • A "sweep" is defined as KOing at least 3 opposing Pokemon with one of your Pokemon.
  • Submit proof of challenge completion in your submissions channel. Submissions will be reviewed if and only if they contain:
    • The replay(s) that proves that the square is completed.
      • If necessary, the turn(s) relevant to the square being completed
    • Indication of what the challenge being completed is.
  • You may NOT face anyone from your own tribe to complete the challenge (even if you run into them on the ladder). Facing people from the other tribe is fair game.
    • You also cannot request help from others to ladder and be opponents who will help complete your challenges.
  • If you or your opponent forfeits, the replay is void.
  • Should there be no available BINGOs to make on the board, the first tribe to complete 13 squares will win.

At 5:15pm PST, we will post the BINGO board in #announcements. You have until then to strategize.
Blakers voted out in the last tribal council

Common Household Items Scavenger Hunt
Challenge 21
Take a picture and send it in your tribe submission channel. We are not interested in printouts of things you found googling: we want the real deal!

Only full points will be awarded. You can ping me if you’d like something judged. You have until tomorrow 5pm PST. Your submissions channel will be opened to general after the challenge period is over.

edit: i can't count
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At the last tribal council, ptoad was voted out.

Board Game Medley
Challenge 22​

Hal - the game (2v2 mode. The score of your partnership is equal to the score of the lowest scoring player in your partnership. Ties are broken by the score of the highest scoring players)
Azul , fast time control
Dice Forge , recommended (expansion) exploit set, no tiebreaker, no rebellion , real time normal speed
Nautilus , Domain cards visible , real time normal speed
Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
Battle of LITS , board randomly generated, real time normal speed

Wins in all games are worth 1 point, with the exception of Hal - the game, which is worth 2. Ties are worth half. First tribe to 4 points wins tribal immunity, and the other tribe gets sent to tribal council. You may schedule in #general. The same player may NOT be the primary player in multiple games. Ghosting is permitted and encouraged.

As soon as possible, determine your lineup and start scheduling with other players in #general. You are encouraged to be flexible with what game you're playing for scheduling purposes. We will not be shy with calling activity wins.
At the last tribal council, Dyo was voted out. Welcome to merge.

Line Art
Challenge 23
In this challenge, you will draw a Pokemon of your choice. The drawing must be done using this site:

You have 24 hours to submit a screenshot through direct message to me.

We have selected judges who will look at your drawings, although in the interest of time, if we already have a good number of judge scoresheets in already, we may resolve early. You are not permitted to make overt efforts to inform specs of what you drew.

Judges will only score their top 3 favorite drawings. Their bronze medal pick is awarded 2 points, their silver medal pick is awarded 3 points, and their gold medal pick is awarded 4 points.

Winner gets individual immunity.

In case of a tie, the challenge will go to the picture with the higher number of medals, followed by the picture with the higher number of gold medals. Any further tie will be decided by me.

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