birkal's art thread which he totally made himself

lmao i am laughing so hard

fate stop it you're too much

oh also i never posted in this thread before this art is so adorable


*bird sounds*
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Birkal, I love you and your arts they are adorable, but I have to call you out on your last post. You didn't draw those dinosaurs you hack. Stop claiming others art you are a terrible person.

(pretty cool as a dinosaur comic, though)


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Sweet mother of Chewbacca, this art is adorable.
...Especially Cornmon. This should win all past and future CAP polls simultaneously.


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Gragh, I need to update. I just got my pen for my pen tablet back in the mail! Huzzah :D

Also, I was forced into the Artist Interview for The Smog Issue #25 (much like I was forced into this thread...). Go check that out if you like that sort of thing. Hint: there's Rotom, so it's naturally phenomenal.

really rusty; this was like the first thing I drew when I got back. I'm sorry for making the worst image I've ever seen

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I'm going to be working on my brushwork; here's a small sliver of me putzing around.

Alright, and here's my CAP 5 Artwork that I'm working on for our most recent project. We're making a Grass / Dark Pokemon with Harvest, so I couldn't not bring cornmon back for another run. That design means so much to me; it reminds me of when I first came to Smogon, which was a tough time in my life. Cornmon is very near and dear to my heart, so you'll be seeing a lot of him in the upcoming weeks.

He's a bit more fancy this time around, eh?

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