Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)


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Alright, I've made it through my personal 200-streak benchmark. I used teams #1, #4, #5, switching with every run.
I suppose I have my own benchmark to pass now: I'm back to 104 wins, and have used all six of your teams for two rounds each. Very happy to see that the roulette style of Subway-riding has netted me my second Subway Lansat!

Teams #1 and #6 were a struggle at times (I'm sure the TerraCott team is going to eventually cost me the streak); the other four teams have more than held up their end of the bargain, especially #3 and #5.

Somewhat related note: Regice can go to hell or an incinerator or the desert, whichever gets it out of my life the fatest.


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is a Community Contributor didn't talk to that one person on the Subway platform after hitting 105, did you? Gifts you one of these:

EDIT: As I suspected would be the case, the TerraCott team let me down on my next set of battles, leaving me at 110 wins. The team as a whole has trouble against Steels, and eventually a team of those plus Claydol4 (whom I foolishly put in Custap activation range) ended me in explosive fashion.
Still, a lot of fun going with the roulette style of teams and will definitely be trying that again in the future.
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I don't find Steel to be that big of a problem. +4 Close Combat or Double Kick destroys all of them. Scizor is scary but it rarely uses Bullet Punch on the first turn.

I'm more scared of double potential Trick Room leads.
Most people in the facility community know me for my Tree and Maison Singles streaks. However, several months back I rediscovered my SoulSilver cart and decided to get all Gold prints. At the time, I had three silver prints. I decided start with Factory since I knew nothing about gen 4 RNG.
Months later, I finally got my gold print. Posting a completed streak of 54 wins in HGSS Battle Factory Singles (Level 50).

Before I talk about the streak itself, I'd rather talk about the route that this run took. When I started running Factory, I thought that trading was just a trade, and that talk of it giving you better mons was just rumors/speculation. I also decided to run level 50 because of the shorter HP bars. Then turskain showed up and linked me to a post that showed that, yes, trades really do give you better sets. While I still did level 50, I did debate with Turskain about what was the best route to take when trading. He suggested a 21/28 trades route (Skip trading in the third round so that you have a better chance of beating level 50 Thorton3, which can easily end you if you aren't going for team comp). I disagreed and thought that trading in round 3 to give you better odds at round 5/6 was definitely worth the risk of losing a run to Thorton3, since it only takes around an hour to get back to battle 21 anyway, and I had been having a lot of trouble in round 5. Turskain said that both routes were viable, but I stand by my decision that my route is better when going beyond round 4. Additionally, if, near the end of round 6, I was at 34 trades and something that could slightly compromise team composition appeared as a trade option, I would trade for it. This route does not go out of its way to get 35 trades before round 7, but if an opportunity presents itself I will gladly take it, so this factory route is a 35/42 trades route.

Round 5 summary: Draft Umbreon3/Donphan2/Exeggutor3/Porygon-Z3/Hypno2/Armaldo3. Picked Armaldo/Donphan/Porygon in hopes of snagging a better lead immediately. Traded Armaldo for Espeon1 after battle 5-2. Traded Donphan2 for Gyarados1 after battle 5-3. Traded Gyarados1 for Flygon1 after battle 5-6. Ended round with 32 trades.

Round 6 summary: Draft Meganium3/Yanmega4/Sceptile4/Alakazam4/Luxray4/Infernape3. Draft looks good at a glance but seems sketchy. Eventually picked Yanmega(it had speed boost)/Infernape/Alakazam, as just one good swap could make the team very solid. That swap appeared immediately, in the form of Arcanine3. Traded Infernape for Arcanine3 after battle 6-1. Traded Arcanine3 for Tentacruel3 after battle 6-4 to bring the run up to 35 trades.

Round 7 summary: Draft Torterra1/Vaporeon3/Salamence4(31 IV)/Marowak3/Forretress4(24 IV)/Exeggutor1. Very solid draft, as 31 IV Salamence4 and Vaporeon3 form a good core. Torterra picked as a third mon, to be replaced when required. Salamence4/Vaporeon3/Torterra1. Traded Torterra1 for Garchomp4 after battle 7-1. Traded Garchomp4 for Tauros4 after battle 7-2. Thorton brought Floatzel4/Manectric4/Regice134. Swapped from mence to Vaporeon on Floatzel, Yawned, ended up finishing it off with full health. Vaporeon Yawned as manectric4 2HKOed. Salamence OHKO'd manectric with Earthquake and did 60% to Regice with Outrage before being finished off by Ice Beam. Tauros clicked Return and won. Ended round with 38 trades.

Round 8 summary: Draft Suicune2/Probopass3/Kangaskhan2/Bastiodon3/Gyarados3/Vileplume1. Terrible draft with very few options. Picked Vileplume1/Gyarados3/Kangaskhan2, as Vileplume's Sleep Powder would let it be a very solid supporter. Traded Kangaskhan for Alakazam1 after battle 8-1 (the Alakazam picked Future Sight against Vileplume, probably because it saw it as a Psychic-type attack). No further trades, as the team was surprisingly solid, until facing a DARK specialist at 8-6. His first poke I can't remember, except for the fact that Gyarados switched in and KO'd it with Stone Edge. His second poke was an Absol4 that crit Gyarados and Vileplume with Night Slash. Alakazam had no chance of winning from there. Round ended with 54 wins and 40 trades.

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I'm having trouble deciding who to use for my third Pokemon in Super Singles. Currently have Jumpman's Dragonite @ lum berry/Sittrus/leftovers and a Chansey@evolite,bold 252hp/def, siesmic toss, wish, protect, and toxic. Any ideas for a third Pokemon?
is this leaderboard officially dead? i mean, peterko hasn't been online since 2013 and there has only been a total of 4 posts on this forum this year (including this one).

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