Brumi-Workshop (still in break, sprites commissions closed)

Hi folks, hope you're well
Well, after a few months' break, I'm back in the mood to do some work on Smogon. But I don't want to overdo it
Today I'm opening a commission slot for One custom Avatar PS, and a slot for one logo.
First come, first served. If you want to commission me, please don't send me a message on discord but below this post. I'll send a private message to the first to reply.
I know it's boring, but I use this method to keep my sanity lol
I hope you'll understand
Have a nice vacation
Or not
Hey Brumirage, I made an adaptation of your Leon sending out Charizard, what do you think? This is my first time making such small pixel art, it's very difficult. I used yours as reference, but I made it smaller to be able to fit Charizard in there at a reasonable scale within the 85 x 85px avatar size. I made his head a little more facing profile, and I couldn't fit the right eye in gracefully, so I did without.
I'm not sure if Charizard's head and right hand/claw are okay, I might move his back wing further from his horn, but for his right hand, I don't know how exactly I can draw three claws in such a small area and have it look decent.
I attached what I made, as well as your Leon, and other images I used as reference. I really like the French color scheme you added to Leon's chest and arm bands, I only noticed when I studied it closely. It's a very nice addition, and much more striking than the original color scheme.
Modified Brumirage's Leon with Charizard v2.2.png
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I would like to commission a custom avatar please, my team just won LCPL XII, and your work on the previous LCPL winner was just a clear masterpiece, so if you're open we have some rough drafts and ideas that we'd like to have made please <3

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