Budgetmons! (Now playable on Joim's Lab!)

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I'm a bit worried about how many teams will put a FEAR tactic in their teams as a form of filler because they're low on remaining BST. That might be a "more common" threat than what is normally seen in other metagames. But otherwise this idea is pretty amazing, and will give so much depth into teambuilding. Not only are you restricted on how you pick your Pokes, but also the threat spectrum is much bigger. I'd really like to see how this would turn out.

Chou Toshio

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I can't believe the op doesn't mention skarmory (or forry) or breloom, probably the lowest bst ou mons. Other options that stand out to me are xatu, smeargle, gastrodon, and staraptor. Ninetales is a decent option that can work with darmanitan and low bst chlorophyll abusers
Ralts (or Kirlia if you still have 80 points to spare) or Pikachu are also amazing fillers due to their very low BST. Pikachu can hit very hard and wreck shit, whereas Ralts/Kirlia can act as some sort of cleric with WoW support and Wish and Destiny Bond (though huge Taunt bait).
Perhaps eviolite should have its own cost? The fewer ways you can cheat the system, the better. I almost want to say the budget should have been based on something like the OU viability ranking thread, though this is probably simpler to implement/understand.
Duosion Magic Guard (370)
65 HP/ 50 Def/ 125 SAtk/ 60 SDef
-Shadow Ball
-Hidden Power Ground
-Trick Room
Slap on some eviolite, and you have a cheap, epic trick room sweeper.
A couple mons that could see some use that I don't believe are mentioned yet are Swellow, Volbeat, and Wartortle. Swellow relies on Guts for most of its power, and as such has a low BST for how hard it hits. Coming in at 430, it (probably) more than pulls its weight for the cost. Volbeat is like other Pranksters, just with a different niche (I'm sure you all know what I mean). Wartortle is not great, maybe even not good, however it can eat a hit from some things like Scarf Ogre not locked in on Thunder, CB Rakion (which 2HKOs) and get a spin off, allowing your FEAR mon to do its thing at the small cost of 405 BST.
I think the total is still waaayyy to low. It allows for an average BST of 383.33. In other words, onix is breaking the limit. Even in your OP you mention flygon as a good choice. Fitting him on a team makes every other team member average an abysmal 356. This is 1 point over omanyte. I know you could use less mons,but that seems kind of strange to me. I could be wrong.
I agree. 2300 is way too low. There are only eleven fully evolved Pokemon below 383.33 BST. These are the truly fantastic options of Shedinja, Smeargle, Ditto, Delibird, Luvdisc, Mawile, Sableye, Spinda, Unown, Delcatty, and Corsola. I think 2500 is fine, although it's still a little low, as it raises the average to 416.67, or 1.67 above Dunsparce. Furthermore, banning all Pokemon over a certain BST (500, maybe?) seems like it would discourage the amount of fillers and "unbalanced" teams, which seem to contradict the idea of having a budget in the first place.
NFE doesn't mean "useless". 2300 isn't low. I can make a team that's threatening enough with that BST, and that is without resorting to either Prankster or Ubers.

Just be creative.

Edit: Done @ 2298 BST, and while I have fillers, none are useless as one of them is still a nuke, the other is a hazard setter and the third is my cleric.
Still somewhat weak to set-up sweepers but that is pretty much unavoidable.
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Vulpix-299 (Sun, and then... ?)
Lampent-370 (Defensive)
Zwelious-420 (Tank)
Sawsbuck-475 (Swords Dance)
Sandslash-450 (Offensive Spinner)
Trapinch-290 (Trapper)
This team looks... like sort of like something, and I still went over 4.

There we go. This time I was under budget by 165. I have a feeling this team would do a bit more winning.
You always end up with a bad mon or two, but that's part of the fun.

My team:
Darmanitan -> 480 (Scarf)
Scizor -> 500 (LO attacker)
Misdreavus -> 435 (defensive)
Pikachu -> 300 (Special attacker)
Ferroseed -> 305 (hazard setter)
Kirlia -> 278 (filler /w Heal Bell)

Smeargle in Kirlia's slot looks also interesting since it is slightly faster - but also set up bait once Sleep Clause has activated (or lol @ Substitute).


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By the way, for everyone arguing about Ubers, they're banned already.

Also, I won't increase the limit before some testing. Also, you're not forced to use only average limit pokémon, you can use pokémon with higher BST and then filler/eviolitemons.


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Kyube has 700BST, Kion has 580, and neither of them are as broken as shit like ekiller or scarfkyogre.
Since I think cheap spikers will become popular filler, I took a look at viable spinners. Found it interesting that the most expensive spinner is actually Blastoise at 530.

Eviolite Wartortle might be good to use, has decent bulk and access to Foresight for 405 points. The Hitmons and Forretress at 455 and 465 respectively. Uh...eviolite Pineco? I used that once, long story.
I assume that's true.

There are probably cheaper spinners around, like Baltoy. Or probably just a Tspike absorber.

Now... anyplace where we can play?


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I guess Staryu can spin too and it isn't that expensive for decent speed and good coverage although power is lacking and it can abuse Eviolite too :)
Well, finished my team anyway.

Volcarona (550)
Breloom (460)
Staryu (340)
Natu (320)
Ferroseed (305)
Ditto (288)
Total: 2263

Basically the goal would be to get Volca in and set up a sweep, shouldn't be too hard with the amount of weak filler pokemon there will be. Breloom as a second win condition, Staryu as a spinner, Ferroseed as a cheap way to get rocks up and Natu/Ditto as filler.
This is an awesome idea. But let me say, the limit should go DOWN. I know, this will cause lots of complaining in people saying it should go up. But 2300 can fit 4 OUs and 2 UUs, (lowest of both sets) and the fun of this metagame is using Pokemon with low BST and a good role, even if you get some bad Pokemon. 2100 sound good?

Also, thanks for banning Ubers in this. xD

Now, here are some cool strategies.

Shedinja! This guy comes in at 236 BST.. my goodness thats low. Also, (bar rocks) he can switch in on anything not Super-Effective on it, Scout with Protect or Toxic, and switch out. He's a great filler for anti-sweepers.

Ditto! Yup, scarf him and revenge kill. Sounds good to me.

Nosepass! Yup, this guy comes in at 375 BST, with an Eviolite bringing him to 210 Def., and 135 Sp. Def. And can set up rocks, not bad.

Sunkern! .. No, I'm just kidding.

Abra! HOLY YES. 310 BST.. with a Speed of 95 and Sp. Attack of 105. Focus Sash the Abra.. nuff said.

Ambipom! Actually.. not bad. Might be pricey at 482 BST and for being pretty easily KO'd, but in all honesty, he could wreck havoc in this. Fake Out with Double Hit will do a bunch of damage with Technician.

Cresselia! This thing is costly as hell.. coming in at 600 BST. But if you use this thing, you'll wall everything in this metagame. Especially with that instant-recovery through Moonlight. 120 / 120 / 130 Defenses.. screw Arceus.

That's all I can come up with right now. But really, I'll be using Cresselia. The cost is high, but I still have 1700 BST to spend. That's only slightly more than about 200 a Pokemon, but using Nosepass or Shedinja will give me a party with 4-5 solid Pokemon, rocks, and a spinner, if I use Delibird too. xD

Awesome metagame!

Um, which server is this being played on? I'd be quite interested in this, but no idea where to find budgetmons anywhere...
So since everyone is posting teams...
Vulpix (I wanted a Sun Team and Ninetales is too expensive) - 299
Victreebell (Pretty much a cheaper Venusaur) - 480
Darmanitar (Strong attack for a relatively low price) - 480
Xatu (Hazard control) - 470
Dugrio (Trapper) - 405
Ditto (Mainly Filler, but serves the purpose of trying to beat Latias) - 288
Total - 2422
I could also try Natu over Xatu which gives me 150 points to spend on other places, but atm I'm happy with this.


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Um, which server is this being played on? I'd be quite interested in this, but no idea where to find budgetmons anywhere...
It's only a concept for the moment, you can't play it anywhere, but if anyone out there wants to code it, feel free to do so! (Although it might be complicated with the BST limit.)


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I don't think it's that complicated, you just need to do something like set a Max BST total and use that as the limit for teambuilding. And it can be played on Custom Game on any server. Also sun may not need a trapper since no one is gonna run ttar, and hippopotas doesn't care about trio anyway.
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