Bug Reports v3.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!!)

Not a bug as such, more of a missing feature but I think it needs addressing:

There's no validation of Hidden Power to minimum IVs. For example, everyone knows that HP Fighting is illegal in VGC due to the 3 31 IV requirement and this is checked for. There's a similar issue with HP Flying, Poison and Rock. For each of these 3 types there is only one odd/even legal IV combo in VGC due to the needing of 3 31 IVs, but in each combo there are only 3 possible odd values so each one of these has to be 31 which in these examples includes the attack IV. This means that you can't have an IV lower than 31 if you use one of these hidden powers, so no 0 att IV to minimise foul play/confusion. Showdown doesn't check for this. HP poison also has an odd in speed, which means you can't run 0 speed IV on trick room teams. The same is true for the other IVs that are fixed in these 3 HPs, but these are the only practical examples I can think of where you would want to run lower than 31 IV.
(ETA: another practical example I noticed - on a HP ground Mon on a trick room team you need to choose between 31 in att or 31 in speed - due to the way the IV spreads are.)
Odd/even combos found here - https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/696959-pokemon-x/67827372

Also (less of an issue), Showdown allows for 0 att IV on HP dark in any meta when the lowest IV should be 1.
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Flower Veil has some issues. According to bulbapedia and my own ingame testing in the game freak double battle, Flame Orb/Toxic Orb/Rest are not blocked by Flower Veil and still activate accordingly. On Showdown, it does stop these from inflicting their status conditions.

Bulbapedia also claims that you can't make a Flower Veiled mon initially drowsy via Yawn, and it can fall asleep if it is already drowsy. I could only confirm the second part about drowsy sleep under the veil. On PS this is the opposite currently: you can Yawn and make it drowsy, but it won't fall asleep.

Replays + custom game debug logs i just noticed: Toxic orb, Flame orb, Rest fail, Yawn behavior
Should be fixed as of now!
z-memento no atk move weezing cant use z move to bypass taunt

"Taunt will not prevent the target from using a status Z-Move."
this replay proves that another status move (haze) is able to bypass taunt, but for some reason weezing's memento is unable to therefore it is a bug
the bug that needs fixing is that z memento should be able to bypass taunt, which the above screenshot shows it cannot
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z-memento no atk move weezing cant use z move to bypass taunt

"Taunt will not prevent the target from using a status Z-Move."
this replay proves that another status move (haze) is able to bypass taunt, but for some reason weezing's memento is unable to therefore it is a bug
the bug that needs fixing is that z memento should be able to bypass taunt, which the above screenshot shows it cannot
This is not a bug. If your mon has no attacks then ingame you cannot press the z-power button as it will go straight to using struggle. If you had any valid attacking move then indeed you are and should be able to use z-memento while taunted.
Im not sure if its a bug, or not, asked in the Help Room too but, they didnt have an explanation either so i post it
I was using in unusual Set, It was Whimsi with nature Power, Nature Power got disabled from Cursed body.
Ik that you can use Z moves to bypass that, for example when you are taunted you can still use a z status move.
But i couldnt use Z Nature power
https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7monotype-819674029 (didnt save the actual replay, simulated it, and clicked z Nature Power after i was disabled)
If a Attack move gets disabled you can still use the z move.

I thought that might be bc Nature Power is a rather weird status move, but it doesnt work with Z-encore either.
If its on purpose im sorry for any inconveniences i caused :)


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The Imprison anti-cancel mod in Doubles play currently leaks information and is somewhat oppressive on the player. In-game, you must go through three steps to select moves in doubles:
  1. Select the Fight menu
  2. Select a move
  3. Select that move's target
The game checks if the move was sealed at step 2, which means unlike Shadow Tag, the right Pokemon slot is able to successfully check whether or not its attacks are locked out by Imprison without fully locking into an attack. However, this is assuming all 4 moves are not Imprisoned. If Imprison locks out an opposing Pokemon's entire moveset (or multiple Imprisons cause an entire moveset to be inaccessible, or the Imprison + Transform gimmick is used, etc.), attempting to select the fight menu will auto-enforce Struggle; this is similar behavior to what happens if Taunt is used on a Pokemon with 4 status moves. Because PS combines steps 1-2 into a single step, it displays that the user will be unable to cancel because they might have moves inaccessible to them. This is relevant for both the right slot of a double battle and the standard behavior in Singles where Imprison is involved.

In cases for Imprison and the right slot of Doubles, since revealing if the right slot could use Struggle or not would be an information leak, PS currently opts to let the user select the move. If all four moves were sealed, then Struggle is selected automatically. However, if a move was sealed but other moves are accessible, PS says that the move is sealed and grays out the option, allowing the player to choose again.

Currently, however, some moves can be grayed out for the right slot without doing any checking. See this team I used for testing; both players had identical pastes. In the screenshot below, Gothitelle's Psychic is grayed out, despite the opponent's Gothitelle never using Psychic and the player never attempting to choose Psychic. It would be possible to eliminate Psychic as a possible option to select, since Shedinja also knew Psychic and was present in the left slot, but Sleep Talk was also grayed out for Shedinja and NOT for right-slot Gothitelle. To be consistent with the current implementation for preserving Imprison information, NONE of the moves for the Pokemon in the right slot should ever be grayed out (similarly, until a move is attempted to be used in Singles, none of the moves in the moveset should be grayed out).
However, I don't really like the current implementation for handling Imprison, and I think it's too oppressive. The only time that enforcing the anti-cancel and never initially graying out moves for the right slot of a double battle would matter is if a Pokemon would be forced to use Struggle because of being Imprisoned out of all of their moves, which will not happen in 95% of cases involving Imprison (exceptions being the Transform + Imprison case, mirror matches of Pokemon, and multiple Imprison users). The current implementation sacrifices the ability for the right slot of a double battle to gain information about the Imprison Pokemon's moves if all 4 moves aren't sealed, without fully committing to a move selection for a turn. I think this is a bigger loss of information in the majority of cases, and it should be prioritized over revealing if you're forced into Struggle or not.
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Got a level 83 Zoroark in randbats, which probably isn't correct since it's in RUBL.


It was disguised as a PU mon who was rightfully level 83, but the tooltip gave a level and stats appropriate for an 83 Zoroark and when Illusion broke on turn 9 it displayed level 83 as well.
This is intentional, zoroark now shares a level with the pokemon it is disguised as to make it harder to detect in randbats, and to prevent client from showing 7 pokemon resulting in alot of false bug reports.
This is a bug, but unfortunately I don't have much evidence for it.

I was playing monotype, got to a part in the match where the game froze and then was kicked out of the match. I was inactive for a minute, maybe two but when I got back to Showdown I had the following message.

The room "battle-gen7monotype-824373630" does not exist

The battle you're looking for has expired. Battles expire after 15 minutes of inactivity unless they're saved.
In the future, remember to click "Save replay" to save a replay permanently.

I was unable to get back into the match, except as a spectator. This happened a second time as well, with both matches stating that I left even though I didn't actually chose to leave.

I know there's no evidence, but ultimately nothing untoward happened in the replay, and I'm not sure what a screenshot would accomplish.
I would like to add a visual bug to the feature the The Dovahneer brought up.
Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 11.03.32 AM.png
Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 11.03.41 AM.png
Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 11.03.56 AM.png

If you have four status moves and are taunted you can't use a status Z-move. This is the intended mechanic and I understand that, however I would like to bring up the visual glitch. If you have four status moves and are taunted, you can select status z move you intend to use if it is in your first move slot on showdown. It will appear as a Normal type move instead of the type the Z-move should be. Your screen will display your action as completed however Showdown does not register it. It appears to think that your are trying to use Z-Struggle which occupies the same move space as the move you are trying to Z; since Z-Struggle can't happen it doesn't register your input. This has no bearing on the mechanics of the game but is a annoying visual glitch that I ran into.


I don't know if this is a bug / glitch or not, If yes, my Team contained 7 Pokemon at the end. I'm pretty sure if you have a Zoroark in your team it still contains only 6. Also I only had KlingKlang left and the other 5 already fainted, so it showed 7 mons but 2 of them are alive, which might be another bug?
AAA restricts pokemon from using moves only learnable pre-gen V alongside their hidden ability, even though the point of the mode is impossible move/ability combinations. (e.g. clefable with softboiled and unaware isnt allowed but clefable with softboiled and psychic surge is)


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Ditto does not have a minimum level set. Unlike basically every other basic Pokemon, it can't be obtained at a level as low as one from breeding.

Minimum levels for Ditto are Level 10 with any ability for any origin formats like OU and Level 10 (Limber) or 25 (Imposter) for Alola-native formats like VGC. Level 10 dittos can be obtained from HGSS (Limber) or GSC (Imposter). Level 10 Alolan Native Limber Dittos were given out at a japanese event. Level 25 Dittos can be obtained from SM for both abilities.
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7doubleshackmonscup-828528477 two shiftrys appear in the side bar for a bit, no mons had illusion

Hoeen told me to add this

>version e92fcc984891c3b919711ffb876966addb0373d4
>start {"formatid":"gen7doubleshackmonscup","seed":[25850,1441,7328,12536]}
>player p1 {"name":"Rageeeee","avatar":"212","team":""}
>player p2 {"name":"bate335boo","avatar":"130","team":""}
>p1 move babydolleyes 2, move rockwrecker 1
>p2 move circlethrow 2, move landswrath
>p1 move ominouswind 1, move mudshot 2
>p2 move circlethrow 2, move landswrath
>p1 switch 3, pass
>p1 move mudshot 2, move sweetscent
>p2 move circlethrow 1, move menacingmoonrazemaelstrom 2
>p1 pass, switch 5
>p1 move bodyslam 2, move plasmafists 1
>p2 switch 3, switch 6
>p1 move bodyslam 2, move plasmafists 2
>p2 move dualchop 2, move lovelykiss 1
>p1 move bodyslam 2, move rockwrecker 2
>p2 move dualchop 2, switch 3
>p2 pass, switch 4
>p1 move bodyslam 1, move recharge 2
>p2 move dualchop 1, move furycutter 2
>p1 pass, switch 4
>p1 move bodyslam 1, move discharge
>p2 move dualchop 2, move furycutter 2
>p2 switch 6, pass
>p1 move bodyslam 1, move discharge
>p2 move pinmissile 2, move furycutter 2
>p1 pass, switch 6
>p1 move bodyslam 1, move mudshot 2
>p2 move pinmissile 2, move furycutter 1
>p2 switch 5, pass
>p1 move bodyslam 2, pass
>p2 move alloutpummeling 1, move continentalcrush 1
>p1 move bodyslam 2, pass
>p2 move sandtomb 1, move furycutter 1
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