Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

Apologies if this has been mentioned. Seems like the ability in general has some wonky coding, based on past posts.


Dauntless Shield has a strange interaction with Neutralizing Gas. On Turn 3, both player switch and Zamazenta comes in first, then Weezing. This means Defense is raised, but the ability is still suppressed in the same turn. When the Weezing faints on Turn 5, Dauntless Shield gives +1 Defense again...and again, for the +3 on one switch-in. I'm not sure if the re-activation +1 is intentional, but the +1 after that definitely isn't.
Hi! I noticed pikachu can't learn volt tackle and drakloak can't learn dragon darts in Galar Beginnings. I know G-Max pikachu can't learn it but regular definitely can


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