BW Cup IV - Round 2

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contacted my opponent wednesday on his wall, he has yet to respond. he hasnt been online the past week. requesting activity win, can't play tomorrow

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Me and my opp have some problems with time.
When i'm online he's at work and viceversa.
We would like to have an extension.
I will try to be on at his time even if it will be rly hard for me.

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Requesting extension, neither I or my opponent can play today and I can't do tomorrow either, trying to reschedule for Tuesday.
Never mind.
Lost 1-2 to Ricardo, gg
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we didnt play at our scheduled time, i was online but i didnt check if he was and neither of us contacted eachother. requesting extension until the 28th.
edit won ggs
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got internet issues when i was supposed to play against my opp (thursday or friday)
I can't contact him now. Can we have a 48h extension? I don't know if he is going to be online today
Requesting extension for Shrug and myself bc I was out of town most of the week and he told me he couldn't play on Sat / Sun when I got back
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