BW Cup V - Round 4

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Gonna post now and discuss with Luigi about it tomorrow just to make sure, but re: my game vs rozes,

We initially planned to play on Friday, but our schedules did not work as I was free prior to SmogonTour and he was free after SmogonTour. We both had times that we were free over the weekend, but between him not feeling great today and my schedule being unpredictable tomorrow, we would appreciate an extension as we both have free days on Tuesday and will 100% be able to get the game done.
Hi, Ricardo and I agreed to play today, but as it happens our availability didn't quite line up with each other. However, we're both free to play tomorrow, so I would like a small extension so that we can get this done on Monday. Thanks.
asking for an extension, hard to schedule with a 10h difference but were gonna play asap (probably tomorrow)
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