BW2 Team Tournament [Won by Team 13]

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MW and McMeg as the decider. This should be good.

If the two of you know for sure when you will battle, please let us know. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that would enjoy watching if the two of you don't mind spectators for it.
McMeghan and mostwanted have a week for this. This took longer than I thought.

Took longer than it should have. :|
Okay, guessing this won't matter much, but.....

Do we remember a few weeks back how I made Team 9 probably a miracle due to an opponents activity gettings into the finals (no lie)?

I am damn near positive we don't want to see the finals on either activity, or coin flips, either.

Let's press these two to get the battle in, but we don't want a tourney finals to end the same way the semis of the same tourney ended.

There has to be some other way. :L


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Don't worry Joel, i'm trying to get this done as soon as possible with mw, but he is a little bit busy lately, which makes it hard to find a time to battle.

As soon as we'll find a time, I'll post it here.


We're actually gonna play on Sunday, around 22-23h GMT +1.
It's ok, Mademoiselle Eo. As stated by McMeghan in an IRC PM to me:
[17:27] <McMeghan> mw said
[17:27] <McMeghan> "tomorow"

I know I set a week for this a few days ago, but has gone on way longer than it should have. If they don't play tomorrow, 1/7, McMeghan will get the activity win. End of.
Thanks to FireMage and Funkasaurus for picking up this tournament on short notice.

Thanks to Team 9 for picking me up; we had a good run.

Shoutouts to my original team, especially myzozoa/badabing, for doing work.

Fuk: Ojama.


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Congrats Team 13, and thanks to all the hosts of this tour :)
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