Cactus's mostly arts nowdays

So I'm a little cactus and I do stuff sometimes

Currently the stuff I do is rather pokemon related, more to pixely side cause gotta work on this little fakedex.

Fakemons: Fakedex of a frozen waste land settings.

Text version for names, abilities etc.


I could probably flood this first post if I'd add in my non pokemon related stuff but I rather keep it pokeymans related for now.

I don't take requests at the moment
Wow, really impressive! I love the shading on your sprites, very nice for something that's normally so small. I like the sketchy style on your drawings! It would be cool to see the other stuff you've done, you should upload it.

Keep it up man!
Thanks c:

I guess I could upload some others too from this point.
I guess!

Gardevoir with a different dress

Some non pokemon related recent pieces;

oh no furries
You are a very talented artist, good sir/ladysir. I love the highlights, poses and face expressions on your "artings", and your clean, detailed approach with your "spritings". I really want your typing symbols/icons to be implemented into the game.
@Kirby: Well the ability was bit hard to figure out for the guy, but atleast I can recycle the same ability a bit too cause siphoning life is pretty easy little thing to work with.

@Eagle: Thanks c: The symbols turned out bit better than I expected it seems.


Fire / Normal

Ability; Own tempo / Waltz In* / Flame Body

Folk tale says that Castaoetta's are spirits of fire
that awoken from the song of a legendary pokemon

Waltz In; As long as the pokemon with the ability is at full health, it will ignore all attacks and entry hazards on switch in.
Three new ones;

Durant - Queen

This pokemon is a legendary

Bug / Steel

Ability; Unnerve / Heavy Metal

Queen Durant's have been theory crafted for long while
But going deep inside Durant nests have made it impossible to prove till now


Rock / Ghost

Ability; Technician / Levitate / Siphon

When this fossil pokemon was revived it was deemed a failure at first
They were wrong.

Dipebble =(level 43)=> Poltone


Rock / Ghost

Ability; Technician / Levitate / Siphon

In prehistoric times, Poltones we're among the most cleverest hunters.

Poltone's still under a bit of rock polish but i'll get there eventually.

This pokemon is a legendary

Ice / Steel

Ability: Pyrrhic*
This pokemon's 4x weaknesses are turned into immunities.

Lisekh would appear in one sided battle's to aid the losing side
But the hefty price would make them wish they had just lost.
I really like how your posing had improved just with that Jirachi, which has a great, active, expressive pose. As you recognized Mew had a fair few anatomy issues and odd perspective, and while I see you were trying to do something different with Heatran (and it's hard to give it expression in its normal pose) but the oddity of its super long arms and tiny legs doesn't really work all to well. If you keep it at Jirachi's level it'll be great, and I think that having a correct pose helps for making it easier to put in correct shading, as for Mew the shading is all over the place, but much better on Jirachi.

One thing you could work on as well is just spending a little longer on lineart. I know they're just quickie drawings and it's not too noticeable but if you look it's pretty rough. So yeah just something to think about for the future. Great drawings, and I hope you stick around
Well Heatrans legs aren't even fully shown in the image, kind of cut out/fade out so there's kind of no real estimate on their length.

Good point on the line art, I'm gonna start looking into that! I just have to get myself to get to focus on it bit more.

Thanks for the feedback c:
whoa nearly forgot I had a topic here

Some sprite work, tried to follow the B/W trainer sprite style.
Soldier did not succeed so well and is actually slightly older
Lilligant worked out, but then again I lend the official colour pallette anyway that helped for that where as soldier's was all about trying to pick colours that work from the other ingame trainer sprites.

Drawing wise, the only relative ones as of late:

bit older:


Continuing the line of turning pokemon into trainers.
Making the skirt was pure pain and the our left side of the skirt still folds akwardly.
But I guess it works otherwise pretty nicely.

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