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I will gladly help if you want (but I'm not so good at programming...). Maybe creating moves. What about a Poison reverse SR Variant?

Swamp Sludge, Acid Trap(Just a suggestive name)
Poison-type move
Status move
20 PP
Never misses

Description: Causes the opponet to take damage every time it switch-in. The more the foe resists Poison, more damage it will recieve.

4x resistent: 50% of max HP (Ex.: Gengar, Rhyperior, Nidoking)
2x resistent or immune: 25% of max HP (Ex.: Metagross, Glisscor, Tyranitar, Dusknoir, Weezing)
Normal effectiveness: 12,5% of max HP (Ex.: Vaporeon, Weavile, Roserade, Blissey)
Weak: 3,25% of max HP (Ex.: Abomasnow, Celebi, Shaymin)

(In short, some negleted Poisons and swamp-living pokémon)

Rapid Spin, Haze (Haze will "freeze" the sludge, rendering it useless)

- Rise of the usage of some "forgettable pokémon" (Muk, Seviper, Carnivine).
- Rapid Spin even more necessary.
- Decrease of the usage of some favorites like Metagross, Lucario, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Gengar, etc.
- Grassers more welcomed, since (most) take only 3,25%.
- Haze more used (especially in Quagsire and Muk).

Just a suggestion. I hope you've enjoyed.
The main reasoning behind the SR nerf is that I expect there to be even more new hazards introduced, and don't want to have it that a pokemon can instantly die upon entering. On the other hand, we could relegate it to only one of the SR clones in play at any one time.

For the Acid Trap, I like the concept and the distribution, but having a hazard hit pokemon normally immune to it could be troubling. Still, good work.
Ok people, this is supposed to be a project. We are going to do this slowly and carefully, with polls and all. Not just making up random moves, do that somewhere else. Also, why does everyone think entry hazards are the only moves that make a difference in the metagame? Look at Outrage, Roost, Bullet Punch, etc. Look at the original thread:
i can add old moves to pokemon on pokemon online.
i can give you the files for server but i can not run it
im making a flareon flare blitz server

Edit: I need someone who has never installed pokemon online to help me.


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I can help with new moves. I know I can add moves on Shoddy. I'll have to spend some time getting acquainted with Pokemon Online since my C++ is rusty and I haven't looked at the source yet, but it shouldn't be too hard.

Seems like a cool project. I'm not too familiar with the metagame, especially outside NU, and I don't have heaps of free time for playtesting, but I'll contribute where I can.
As others have said before me, I would love to help and participate in the various stages of the CAM project. Unfortunately I don't have the know-how or the resources to host a server for it.
I don't need anyone with any knowledge at all, just someone who can follow my instuctions

Edit: realised you can have installed pokemkn online but you need to back up all your teams logs and boxes.
Seems like I can do everything but 1 and 5. A VPS is always an option for 1 though. I'm fluent with Java, and am running a server now. I work on Shoddy Battle, not Poke Lab or Pokemon Online.
Also, why does everyone think entry hazards are the only moves that make a difference in the metagame? Look at Outrage, Roost, Bullet Punch, etc.
I completely agree with this ^.

Plus, we should probably get a social group before much else to figure out what we'd do with all this.
I have almost figured out how to add old moves to new pokemon. I need to know what to add. The only thing I am adding is flareon with flare blitz. Also I need someone to run the server as I can't run it.

Don Honchkrorleone

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Look at Outrage, Roost, Bullet Punch, etc.
Hmm... Fire-type Sucker Punch... Give it to who NEEDS a lot. (Start with Fla and ends with Reon). A special counterpart of Dragon Dance should also be good...

@Tawp64: Right. CAM a good idea, and a lot people seem interested. I hope CAM will get future.
Ok maybe we should think about the pokemon in order. So what is venasaurs biggest problem and what can we give it to beat it.
I really think that the person to set the group up should be outrageousdragondancer, since this is his idea, and I believe that the description is also misleading to people that just look at the group without reading outrageousdragondancer's posts (in this thread and in the S&A forum).
Head to the group established by Plusle. I've got some stuff up. Be back later.

It's cool you made the group, I'd have never thought of that! read all the threads on CAM to get the big picture (everyone should, actually; read the discussion that followed in S&A).
and get rid of the damn cat please

Looks like people are interested in CAM! This project looks great!
Hey, is it too late to express interest in the project? Not an active forum poster but I browse around a lot. The idea sounds interesting but sadly not an experience programmer.
CAM client is now availible, check the social group. The server will be up on monday.

Edit: And vote in the poll!!!!

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