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Have you ever wanted to stand tall atop Mount Olympus? Specifically at the start of Spring? Feel that Spring breeze rustle through your hair?

I know I have! While Canalave Library cannot physically put you on the mountain of the gods, we can help you develop your creative skills!

Starting today and running until May 24th, Canalave Library is asking you to create your own pantheon of gods! The question at large here will be your skill at creating and developing five to fifteen deities that all relate to each other. Anyway you do so is fair game, from art to blocky paragraphs to verse.

To submit your pantheon, reply to this thread with a pastebin link or a google docs link whose permissions have been set to “Anyone can read”. The user who creates the best developed pantheon will be rewarded with 2000 quills for use in The Scribe Shop and a voice nomination in the Canalave Library. All participants can also pick up a shiny Murkrow named Morrigan for their (Ultra) Sun/Moon games.

Quills are the in room currency of both Canalave Library and the Writing room. They can be used to purchase a hostage audience or the ability to compel a room staff to write a story with you as a central character. We only ask that you follow these reasonable rules and regulations:

  1. Only one entry per contestant
  2. Do not plagiarize (as there have been some questions as to what this means, the generally accepted rules about what constitutes plagiarism are: If you take any material that is not your own, you should inform us of the source. Ie. if you grab a picture off Google Images, take the time to see where the image comes from. Google Images is not the source, but the website it was originally posted on was, and place below the image the website it originated from).
  3. Late entries are not acceptable. Your entry may not be in after the 24th of May.
  4. Your submission must have a minimum of five deities and a maximum of fifteen deities.
  5. Your entry may not be inappropriate. The entry must adhere to all Pokemon Showdown global rules. The generally accepted standard is that your work may not exceed in graphicness the American Film Rating of PG-13.
Work that does not follow these rules will receive a sanction up to and including immediate forfeiture of their place in the competition.

My fellow Spring mythologers, I’ll see you on the other side!

Edit: As an aside, we will accept entries without writing on them however I advise you to have some writing aspect as our expertise is in writing and the grading rubric will likely reflect this. So to do so is at one's own peril.

Edit 2: Follow up to another question that was asked. The contest is not Pokemon specific. You are welcome to connect your entry to Pokemon but it is not required.
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So long as it's PG-13, it should be fine. You may have hedonistic deities, just don't go into length about their particular debaucheries.
Carbink I think I screwed up I did this on a school account and it is only allowing people who go there to access it
Yeah, if you have an account from a GSuite organization, you will need to make a separate Google account in order to make it available to everyone.
1. Can I submit my entry though this forum
2. Is there a minimum amount of sentences I need for the Murkrow
3. How will I get the Murkrow?

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