Canalave Library Spring Contest

Create a Pantheon
These are fakemon.

Dragnolia - Dragon/Flying type
Bringer of warm weather (like gentle warm not hot) and signals plants to blossom.

Ironate - Rock/Steel type
Creates land masses with abundant iron ore with 2 giant iron swords.

Chromiex - Psychic/Steel type
Creates distortions in reality and sometimes small “bubble” dimensions with abundant chromium. Has many chrome spheres that it controls.

Pantheon - League of/Legends type
Aspect of War
This is a joke, move on to the next fakemon.

Spaceor - Dark/Ghost type
Being that created the dimension of Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, but was then mostly sealed away in a freakish dimension it tried to create after. It can channel its power through black holes with a dark hand.

Litoray - Electric/Flying type
A bird of pure electricity and light. This pokemon’s energy fuels stars.

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