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Final Submission


As we all now know, CAP10 is a cute little shrimp that will be stomping to hell and back some of the OUs' dreams of sweeping your team. As such, I feel the name needs to be something to reflect that without resorting to a cheesy pun based on the species or typing it's meant to represent.

My inspiration for the name is pretty simple: a scamp is defined as a mischievous young person, while in connotation (AKA popular usage of the term), it loosely refers anything diminutive in stature. On the other hand, the suffix is completely arbitrary and designed for no purpose other than to make the name sound better.

In short, I chose the name because it's cute, charismatic, and a fitting descriptor of CAP10's appearance, as well as its implied nature. Go, Scampali!
Just wanted to call my idea to attention once again, as it was lost among a sea of horrible puns.

For some honest reciprocation, I am rather fond of the names Krilowatt and Krillumine, but those are the only names in the thread that strike my fancy. I still think people need to emphasize on something that fits rather than focusing solely on typing and species. There's no rule limiting us from thinking outside the box.
Updated the list with little things I missed and the most recent submissions. I would really like to emphasize again how I want people to actually be discussing these names rather than just submitting more and more and more. For all of these tens of names, a very select few are going to be making the polls (under 10), and what makes the poll is going to be largely decided by a combination of posted support and my liking the names.
Does this list have any qualitative basis behind it, or does it simply take names that have been marked as Final Submissions?

I posted mine as a final submission in the post title, but it doesn't have "Final Submission" in the post body. Should I repost it? Link:
No, there was no qualitative assessment made in the generation of that list. There will be some assessment made before anything goes to the poll, however, as should be obvious given the fact that we have a TL and all.

Anyways, your submission has to have "Final Submission" in the post body for it to be considered. The post title doesn't work for this. The first post makes it clear that it must be marked as Final Submission in the post itself.
First Post said:
Names must be marked as final submissions to get into the polls. Be sure to make it clear to me in your post that the name you want to submit is your final submission.
See the bolded part. Also, do remember if yours was missed accidentally that BEEJ is only human.
Final Submission


Like luminous + depth. It's got a nice stress pattern too, and "ep" onomatopoeically sounds like a bite or pinch, which I presume the CaP will be doing a lot.


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Final Submission


Like Luminous. And it looks cool.
Now this is what I'm talking about. Not obvious, cheesy, nor convoluted, it sounds kind of cool, and it seems feasible to name a Pokemon. More entries should look like this IMO.

It's a nice idea, I just don't think it fits CAP10. Sounds a little too majestic.
Krillowatt would be better with one 'l' or one 't' right now it 'looks' too cluttered. But I'm supporting that =P

Were's the sprite submission? If we don't jump on that CAP10 will either be delayed or the sprites will be serious cut back...
Well, apart from obviously throwing support behind my own suggestion, I must say that there are few names I like, simply because a vast majority are a combination of two words that run well together. While mine isn't exactly any different, I at least had the decency to think about it before submitting, because many of the submissions are almost identical.

Scampali: I support this submission because it is the first one which used scampi in it's title. The others seem to be carbon-copies of this, with subtle differences to make it so they are not identical.

(Incidentally, scampi isn't anything to do with prawns, but is actually a dish made from lobster which is found in the North Sea, off the coasts of Scandinavia and Britain.)

Rakavolt: While the person who submitted this name thought Sweden = Switzerland, I like the name. It's more like the Pokemon you hear about, because it uses a word or name of something in a different language. It also is quite flowing in concept.
If you don't believe me, Vulpix is a key example: It comes from the word Vulpe, which is Fox in Latin.

Prontismo: I really support this name, as it sounds quite fun and quirky, similar to aragornbird's picture which won the polls. More importantly, there are more words which can be derived from this, such as prong or gismo, both of which are again, related to electricity.

A mixture of volt, exo (exo-skeleton) and Scampi (which seems popular). Vox is also related to speakers which are related to electricity.
Well, what do you know. Luminimp made it's way there (I'm going to have to keep that as the name I'll use on it when we get to battling)

And the names that stick out to me are...

thegamer128's Krillowatt.
familyguyman's Electrawn
(Obviously, my) Luminimp
Deck Knight's Prawnto

Those four roll off the tounge very well. Well, they roll off MY tounge, but they're easy to say, no problems with prounciation (Like with most legendaries.) at all.

Also, funny puns on Back to the Future and Krillowatt are in order.


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Sorry for anyone sick of seeing me post this for a third time, I'm really not trying to spam my submission in this thread -- but apparently I didn't properly mark this as my final submission in my previous post. So here goes...

Final Submission

Ebi (Japanese word for shrimp) + Ion (an electrically charged particle)

This is a tiny pokemon, so I think a short name fits nicely.
Thanks for the clarification, Dusk.

Final Submission: (changed it up slightly)

Bolt + Twerp

It's funny that with a base 151 hp, out of all the designs, we've ended up with a shrimp. This name celebrates the irony by emphasizing the "smallness" connoted by "shrimp".
Link in case this goes unnoticed because I had to fix the "Final Submission" message. My name support list there isn't changed.

swordmaster117 said:
Hey man dont rip on the name, it was for complete lolz because many of the other names are rediculous...and it rolls off the tongue. Yours just makes me think of drugs when I read it and it can't really see it as a viable name.
Like I said, it made me laugh. That was what you wanted, right? And what if my name sounds like drugs? I can imagine facing this guy being a somewhat psychedelic experience :P

Naxte said:
Yeah. Nonetheless, I still personally like the name, as I thought what we all probably did when we first read the name: that it really was simply a combination of the words "shrimp" and "pot" ("pot" having been from such an uncommonly seen term really caught me off guard at least as I was reading it). Thinking about it that way, it still works pretty much the same way: the things that you put into a pot depends on what you're cooking, which of course also depends on who exactly you're cooking for. Similarly, the moves, EVs, etc, you choose for CAP10 will depend on just what you're trying to go after with it.
Actually, I went with the potentiometer interpretation partly because I thought the raw "pot" interpretation didn't fit well with the name. However, the way you put it, it makes a lot of sense.

Concerning the obscurity of the name "Shrimpot" (tennisace):

Honestly, how much of a problem is this? Why do you have a complaint against scientific terms but not other-language translations? Maybe you decided that that problem was especially self-evident, but I'm going to have to call you out on this one.

Secondly, I find that I have to look at an encyclopedia of some sort for most of the Game Freak names. Take Chikorita, for example. Where did that name come from? Oh, it's some kind of flower. Evidently, though, that's all the layman needs to know. In the same way, all that the layman needs to know (if he/she really wanted to) is that it's a "variable resistor". Obviously, the term itself wouldn't fit onto a Pokémon's name. If one can bother to find out what an "ohm" is (Cyclohm), I don't find "variable resistor" that unreasonable. Blame NoA for lowering the naming standards, I guess.

Quite frankly, I think that people just don't like the way it sounds, which is perfectly fine, but the reasoning given is the problem. It's too obscure? If someone can't be bothered to find out what the name means, it will be just another simplistic name. No harm done. That was the entire point of the name from the very beginning; it's simple but insightful if you want it to be.

Normally, I'd be against pushing the CAP's concept into the name, but whatever I said about the art design, I still really like how CAP 10's concept art was seamlessly integrated into the competitive concept, so I did my best to return the favour. I went for the science route because I felt that the language route had been exhausted already, and because I felt that the other "science" names reeked of people looking a term up on Wikipedia just to come up with and/or vaguely describe the subject. My purpose for looking it up was to make sure I wasn't describing things incorrectly.

In short: The name's meaning is hidden unless you seek it, and it refers to something that you use all the time. You need it to cook, you need it to watch TV, and it can even help save the environment. But it's all right if you don't like how it sounds.
Oh I have to make it official.

Final Submission: Voxi

Volt + Exo(-skeleton) + Scampi

But it doesn't encompass much of each word because CaP10 doesn't counter lots of threats at once.

Also, Vox is related to speakers which are related to electricity.
Final Submission: Prawnage

Because whatever Prawnage will be switching in to will end up being completely and devastatingly pwned by this crustacean killer.

Plus, this Pokemon is only indigenous to the internet, so using a made-up internet slang word in its name is only fitting!
Would throw support behind Krillowatt, Ebion, Overkill, or Scampere, certainly, as well as Voltrawn for obvious creator's bias. But I will throw another name into the mix (don't kill me, I beg you): Raimi.

Raimi (pronounced RAY-mee) initially came from the genus name of a shrimp that frequents deep sea vents (Rimi-something), but it could easily be interpreted to come from Rai, Japanese for thunder (Raichu, Raikou), and miniature, which is what a shrimp is. Also incorporates ray, obviously having to do with light and electricity. So, short name, many connotations. Not bad.

Raimi (rai + miniature)

I'm sticking with Voltrawn as my final submission (in all likelihood), so if anyone wants to use Raimi, feel free to do so.
Final Submission
Shrimp + Cell
Shrimp for obvious reasons, and a cell is another name for a battery. Also, shell helps emphasise its defensive capabilities.
I think many of these names are chaotic and absolutely non-intuitive. For instance, a name like Teshrizap is absolutely not "the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the art." Combinations of 3 or more words are completely out of the question for this CAP, not only because there's little precedent for it in standard Pokemon, but also because it's way too many harsh-sounding syllables mashed together in one and there's little room in a 10 character name to effectively mesh 3 words together.

While I disagree with "shrimp", "krill", and "prawn" references, if you use them, at least make them obvious. A name like Krilowatt is excellent because you can pick up on thekrill reference and the kilowatt reference. A name like Shell, however, is not, as you don't think of shrimp immediately, you think of the word "Shell." Voxi is another poor choice, particularly because you do not see the reference to "volt", the reference to "scampi", or the reference to exoskeleton. It's so mashed together and convoluted that you completely lose sight of the origin of the name!

Another one, Ebion, sort of bothers me. I don't see the reference to "ebi" (although I do like the word "ion"). I also immediately see Ebion and think of ebon, which means black in color and makes me think this CAP is a Dark-type Pokemon, which it is not. These are the names I wanted to comment on from the last page or so. Cheers.
A name like Shell, however, is not, as you don't think of shrimp immediately, you think of the word "Shell."
I can see what you mean so if its not too late, i would like to make my

Final Submission


It still keeps the same combination of words, but has more mention to Shrimp, and still sort of keeps the 'shell' reference
Hmm, since I deleted my original post, since had my thoughts on the submissions so far and had forgotten about that when I made my new submission, I suppose I'll state my basic feelings again here:

As I've made clear in my other posts, I like capefeather's submission, so I won't really focus on that again. Beyond it, Deck Knight's Prawnto and Hydrolphin's Overkrill also really appeal to be--both are clever, role off the tongue really well, the origins of them are clear and fitting, and they both look nice as well. Krilowatt is also appealing to me for those very same reasons.
Another one, Ebion, sort of bothers me. I don't see the reference to "ebi" (although I do like the word "ion"). I also immediately see Ebion and think of ebon, which means black in color and makes me think this CAP is a Dark-type Pokemon, which it is not. These are the names I wanted to comment on from the last page or so. Cheers.
True, but while it's not amongst my favorites, I still like it. For me, the first thing I thought when I saw the first part of the name, wasn't "Ebon"/"Ebony" (I didn't even notice that until now, probably because of how I broke the word between "Eb" and "ion" when I saw it, so to group all but the center character didn't occur to me), but "Ebb", as in the ebb and flow of the tides, which works very nicely as a double-origin for it, making Eb both incorporate its other type (ebb=tide=water) and its appearance.
My Idea for a name:

Name Origin: Riposte + Tide
Riposte is to retaliate, or more specifically, to counter. And, well, I assume you all are familiar with the definition of tide. However, the word "Tide" is notably suitable due to the fact that a tide ebbs and flows, and each different tide has a different effect on the environment, similarly to this CAP. CAP10's creation is to create a Pokemon that will differ greatly from one to another, because it is adjusted to counter only one Pokemon, yet it is capable of countering almost all... That didn't make any sense, did it?

Some other ideas I had were:
Galvantis (Galvanic + Atlantis), Enkairrent (Enkai, Romaji for Ocean + Current)

Variations of Ripostide/Prototype Ideas for Ripostide:
Ripostorm, Riposhrimp, Shrimposte

C+C please?
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