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I guess you could say we managed to get through the whole CAP even though fuzznip quit (on the other hand a lot of people including me were beating on him) Though actually if this is the perfect partner for a different poke we can still learn from it. Not quite as good but at least we find out what makes a good mate.
Hi guys I'm new here so don't kill me. I enjoyed lurking and voting on polls :)
just one thing and I know it's been touched on before, but don't you think 6'6 is slightly tall, I'm not worried about the height alone, but for a fighter to be 6 foot 6 and only 167 pounds, he would be a scrawny fighter.
However it is only minor and I am very happy with Voodoom. Plus i understand your doing a whole 666 play off, I just feel maybe a more realistic height would be 5'10- 6'3
but great work guys.
p.s iron Mike was about 5'11 and 218 pounds


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I believe that anyone who didn't enjoy this CAP is making the wrong decision. It was not cliché'd, unlike other CAPs, and had a really creative design.

As a really arrogant person, I put my full backing behind CAP 11.
I personally think this was one of the better CAPs, with a AWESOME concept (credits go to DougJustDoug). Some CAPs were honestly meh (I thought the the worst honestly was Krilowatt or Syclant). There are still things I disagree about, but overall it was very good, as the CAP can never be perfect (unfortunately)..

I enjoyed going through this CAP, however marginal my contributions may have been. I think Voodoom will be a very intriguing addition to the metagame, whatever goes down.


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Nah you guys shoudla given it darkpulse aurasphere agility and nastyplot then it has pwnage moveset forever!!!

But seriously, it's too bad i couldn't vote earlier, because i wanted that guy to have static DX
I honestly love the concept but dislike the sprite. I dunno, I liked the version where he was menacing with that needle, about to strike with it. I viewed this CAP as using smaller/weaker pokemon as its voodoo dolls to inflict pain to make a nice juxtaposition. I dislike the abilities on this sprite and concept as well.

But then again, I'm one person versus the many and you can't please everyone 100%.
I have only one honest complaint about this CAP.

Polling. The worst offender in this was the Type polls - if you lived outside of the US and weren't a complete loser like me and went on at ungodly hours, you didn't get a chance to vote. There's also the fact that the Dex submissions were cut down to a ridiculously small amount of options, with no proper reasoning for why they weren't allowed. (Sore loser here, but eh.)

Otherwise I love this CAP, and I hope I can eventually get Shoddy Battle to work so I can use it!
Now THIS I agree with. I couldn't even be part of half of this because of the polls being closed at weird times. Overall, fun project, Voodoom is awesome, though I still think the name should have been more creative than that. (nothing is as bad as Seel, Ghastly or Krabby though lol)
I am new to CAP and i really enjoyed lurking in the discussions and voting in the polls. I think the finished product turned out great, and I hope to participate more in CAP 12.
I both hate and love Voodoom (Voodumb moar like it) and his process. He was fun to discuss, but I feel that a bunch of strange decisions here and there coupled with the TL ditching mid-way and a lot of things ending in ways I very much disagree with, but that's life. Doug suggested I make a props/slops list, and I think that is a good idea so that everyone can see what I think went well and what should be buffed srsly in CAP12.


  • Doug for winning like half the CAP with his submissions and setting a new record for most won polls in a single CAP. Grats!
  • My stat spread for winning. Yay for doing something right. (Thank God for round number stat spreads)
  • Recovering from no Electric-type resistance/immunity in typing with an ability.
  • Mad props go out to having a pure flavor ability on Voodoom and setting the precedent for that in the future. It also enlightened us as to some of the issues with it (and resulted in a lot of artists getting their panties in a wad over it!) that we'll have to sort through the next time such a thing comes to pass.
  • The new movepool submission stuff for being totally amazing and exceeding even my expectations with how it brought movepools down to reasonable levels. I am pleasantly surprised that it worked out as well as it did.

  • Doug for stealing half the CAP with his submissions.
  • An awful Counters Discussion thread. Really, this thread always seems to suck, and because of the indecision in that thread, movepools wound up being all over the place on whether Heracross should soft counter Voodoom or not, among other things.
  • Togekiss as a "perfect mate". I'm willing to bet money that this thing will inevitably pair better with Zapdos because Togekiss just isn't that great and the Fighting-type STAB really helps Zapdos a crapton more. I called it back when Fighting was the primary type for CAP11, Zapdos is going to be Voodoom's true perfect mate.
There are other things I could complain about, but I think it went pretty smoothly otherwise, so I'll spare you all. Anyway, I learned a lot of things about what I want out of CAPs as well as how they should be run from participating in this one, and I think that's really the ultimate goal of the project anyway. Here's to another one under our belts.
I think we can safely say that Voodoug would be an apt name for this guy following from RD's statements.

Regardless of my terrible puns, one looks forward to the release of this doll.


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Hold up, something's not right here. After reading the post on the main site, it just dawned on me: we made the perfect mate for a special attacking partner...another special attacker. Does this mean we have to run mixed all the time so we're not outstalled by Blissey? lol 85 base attack.

Maybe we should have made this guy a mixed attacker with like 100 in both offensive stats? Idk a special sweeper partnering up with another special sweeper for a potent offensive core is just silly. A base stat change somewhere down the line would be in order.
On the contrary, Taunt Voodoom stops Blissey from recovering and then proceeds to weaken Blissey for Togekiss to finish off. I'm sure there's another partnership like that in regular OU but I can't remember what it was.

Also, those are some pretty sweet icons Wyverii.
Yeah, that was kind of the idea. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure what your objection is to a special+special core, especially considering one outright beats Blissey and the other can at least pressure Blissey. Same-spectrum cores aren't exactly novel, with Tyranitar+Lucario being an example of physical+physical. Redundantly walled cores are even less novel. Haven't you ever wondered why Heatran is Gyarados's #1 partner and Gyarados is Heatran's #2 partner? Heatran does nothing defensively for Gyarados, and both are walled by bulky Waters. It might have something to do with Heatran being capable of beating bulky Waters with the right move + prediction... just like this combo we just made.


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Blissey is an important target though, and I'd prefer being able to kill it outright without having to resort to other novel measures. If Voodom is weakened at any point, Taunt won't save it from a Seismic Toss.

But hey, you guys' call...I still think it would have been much better for Doom to go mixed, since Togekiss is already a potent special attacker as it is. I'd probably even outright use him over Kiss anyway, since Kiss isn't really going to help vs. the things that check/counter Doom in the first place.
Boss jr. said:
Alot of Voodom carry close combat.... that should be able to pretty much destroy Bliss in one attack, right? Or am I mistaken?
Uninvested and unboosted, it deals 74% minimum to 252/252+ Blissey. It takes 152 Attack EVs to ensure the OHKO after Stealth Rock damage. Either way, Blissey doesn't want to stay in for that attack to find out if it lives or dies.
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