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How about a new one
Empyrine(empusa+pyro/vampire+marine) as I said in my first post, empusa is a Greek vampire, pyro to emphasize the near nonexistent fire type, and marine as a nice way to finish it off. I also like the empire vibe as it and the core are a powerful force. I'd like any comments on this. I personally like inkubus and sulfurapod best
Pronunciation (em pī' rēn)
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- succulent as in thick full flesh, something a vampire/demon creature would enjoy, and succulent plants have water filled flesh; the us ending coming from octopus

Hemovore (Blood-sucking) + Lula (Squid in Portugese) + Fogo (Fire in Portugese). Pronounced hem-LOO-go.


Inertia is a property of matter.
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Hellucent: "hell", referring to the vampire squid's species name, which literally means "vampire squid of hell", combined with "lucent", meaning "glowing". pronounced hell-oo-sent, I guess?

: from cirrus, the scientific term for spines like the vampire squid has on its body, and rust, the reddish-brown color that looks at least somewhat similar to CAP18's. if it were pronounced see-rust the first syllable would also sound like "sea", referencing its water typing.
Propyro / Propellink

Propel + Pyro/Ink

Named for the way that they swim through water and pyro for fire. I like the first option better, let me know what you think.


Cephalopod + Phlegethon, the river of fire in the Greek underworld, shortened to fit within the letter limit.

The Akkorokamui is an ancient sea monster, noted for glowing and being red (and huge, but let's ignore that.) Flare is obvious - I was also considered Akkorosear (water + fire connotation.)
Current favorites are DJD's Inkubus and Objection's Krakentoa. As for my own...

Devilopod: Combination of "devil" and "cephalopod." Pretty straightforward.

Lucepher: Combination of "Lucifer" (another name for the devil) and "cephalopod" again. Bonus: "Lucifer" translates literally from Latin as "light-bringing." Even better.
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As well as calamarine I have come up with cephalopyre "cef-uh-lo-pyre" a combo of cephalopod and pyre as in fire.
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And reasoning for the names I posted earlier
Infernophor combo of inferno and photophore, the light producing organs of vampire squid
Squidoom squid+doom pretty simple
Cthulure cthulu+lure alluding to its squiddy monstrous nature and how bio luminescence is used as a lure often.
Anyone have any advice/favorites?


Origin of the Name: Vampi(re) + Squ(-id)+eed

Pronounciation: VAM-pi-SKWEE-d

IPA: vəmpɪskwiːd


"Cephalopod" + "Algol". Algol is a star in the constellation Perseus known colloquially as the 'Demon Star". The term itself is derived from the Arabic "ra's al-ghūl" or "head of the ghoul/demon". "Cephalo-" itself refers to a head, so this name can mean "head of the demon" as well.

"Teuthis" + "Tartarus". "Teuthis" refers to squid and is part of a vampire squid's genus. Tartarus is a Greek analogue for hell.

Pronounced: "Sef-AL-gol/guul"; "TOOT/TOOTH-a-ris"
Just a couple names from the top of my head:


Both from the words "Octopus" and "Empousa". Empousa was the one of the inspirations for modern vampires as she was a Greek demigoddess who would drink the blood of men. Also coincidentally has "temp" in it referring to heat.

I'm also considering dropping the second o in each, as some texts spell it as "Empusa". Or changing them up to different combinations entirely.

, from "Krakatoa" the volcano and "Octopus". Also derived from "Kraken", a mythical creature.
Cephaltyx, from "Cephalopod" and "Styx", a river in Greek mythology.
Galamare, from the word "Galamay"(which is the Filipino word for "tentacle") and "Nightmare".


- Krakatoa because he's a fire-type mon. Krakatoa is a volcano situated in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. Octopus because he is one.(Or is he a squid?)
- Cephalopod because he's a squid/octopus thing. Styx because it is a river leading to hell, and from what I heard, the design is based on a vampire squid.
- Lastly, Galamay is a Filipino word for tentacle. And Nightmare because Hell is a nightmare-inducing belief.

Still trying to improve them, though. Anyone have any suggestions?
SubwayJ yours is one of my favorite so far (partly because it's similar to mine) an empusa is an underrated creature. In fact, I only remember it from Percy Jackson. The temp is a good lucky coincidence.
Since the design is based on a Vampire Squid, I was thinking:


Pretty straightforward, but it fits beautifully with the art and typing.
Doesn't really get much better than this. Simple and to the point. Perfect example of less is more. Vampire squid/octopus + pyre. 10/10. Would vote.


It's based on the words "Turmoil," which means confusion or disturbance, and "boil." This time I wanted to choose a name that referenced both fire and water in the same word, and boil seemed right to do it. Plus, the creature itself looks like it could cause a LOT of confusion and disturbance. Also, still wanted to choose something that rolled off the tongue.
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