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I like simpler names, because most pokemon don't incorporate long words or harder word structures. I think the best names are easy to say and understand. I think more than 3 syllables is pushing it. This is completely my opinion, though. :)

Abyss + Luminescent. This has references to light and dark in it, which I like because it mirrors the coexistence of the opposites Fire and Water. It's also nice that because there are bioluminescent spots on the squid, hence light, and it's a vampire, hence darkness.

(a-BISS-ent) or (a-BISS-nt)
the second one is like chasm, a syllable without any vowels.
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Comes from Abyss, which means "Deep" in both the ocean sense or "Deep" as in thought provoking. Abysmal also means "bad" or "horrifying" which references its evil appearance.
Maul is literally to wreck.
I don't know if it will provide some wordplay, but I felt it was pretty simple enough.
Krakler or Apokraken Combinations of Kraken and the word Crackle which is used to denote the sound a fire makes typically. Apokraken would be apocalypse and kraken combined, but I'm trying to find a way to make the second one work better.
From Fin and Inferno
From fin and Incinerate
From Squid and Vivid

Well this was ridiculously hard to name. Vampyre is my personal favourite, it works so well.
I think Sulphyre would be a good name for this.
The -pyre ending just fits the 'mon perfectly because of Vampire and the fire type and should be a part of the name by all means. Sulfur just seems to fit because CAP 18 immediately makes me think of hydrothermal vents. Also, Sulfur does not only associate with fire, but also with poison (and all squid 'mons are somehow pseudo-Poison).
Pronunciation: Sul like in Sulfur, phyre something between Sulfur and fire.

(Also, I'm really glad this thing won and not the Reuniclus rip-off.)
I'm thinking something along the lines of Nautilusteam. Nautilodea is a subclass of the class Cephalopoda, and, well, steam...

EDIT: Just realized this is 12 letters. Back to the drawing board.
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A bit of combo of culture Krakasai a combo of the giant octopus the Kraken and the Japanese word for fire kasai. Pronounced Kra + Kas + Ai.
Going with a short and sweet Knocktopus
nice lil name :P I'll edit with more ideas later if I come across any.
also antiochtopus and antiocto for the lulss
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Pronunciation: loo-SAIR-na-bis (SAIR as in "air" with an s in front)
IPA: luː'sɛərnəbɨs

First of all, with the CAP's goal of forming a core with Lucario and Latias, it is only fitting if this CAP's name start with "L." To begin, the word "lucerna" means lamp in Latin, which fits with the description of the CAP having numerous points on its body to emit light like a lamp. The "abyss" part of the name come from the fact that it lives in, well, the abyss of the ocean. I'll edit more if I have any further thoughts. All feedback welcome. Also, the IPA might be wrong.
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WIP's :)


A combination of Luce (light) and Cephalopod (scientific classification of octopus).

Pronounced: "loo-sah-fal"
IPA: 'luːsəfaːl

Easy on the tongue, and the slight tinge of "Lucifer" in there sorta helps with the hell theme of the design too.

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Working off a few ideas.

Cepholapod + Lava

Magma + Depth, with the beginning of "Mephistopheles," a traditional stand-in for the devil in many stories. When I get to pronunciation, the "t" is silent. (So it's pronounced more like Mag-meff"

Octo, for 8 limbs of a squid
kaust from kausto, greek word for burnt
Oc-to-CAUST (i think i suck at pronunciation writing)

Previous idea reordered

Inverse, because vampire squids have a unique ability to turn themselves inside out.
Agni, Hindu god of fire
Ignis, Latin for fire
In-VERG-niss or In-WERG-niss
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Based on Kraken (the squid-like sea monster, because this thing is a squid) and Krakatoa (which can either be the explosive or the volcanic island, both of which should help cement this CAP's relation to the Fire type).
Based on Squid(because this IS a squid, right?) and Eat, because it looks like a vampire and Eat goes along with that theme.


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Hey guys, just another quick suggestion. I've noticed people are focusing a lot on the vampire aspect of it or that it glows. I suggest more fire related names, as theres not a lot in the design itself that screams fire type, so the name should help make that clear, in my opinion. But I'm not a big fan of the "abyss" or "luminous" names. But it's not up to me, so If you think it's cool, go right ahead. Have fun!
How about cephlempusa or empod. The cephl and pod is from cephalopod (sorry about missing a, character limit) em is ember (coincidence) and empusa is a Greek version of a vampire. Still a WIP

Lavamari (Lava + Calamari)

Had this one in my mind for a while since the polls and thought it rolled off the tongue pretty nicely. It's environment could be near underwater volcanoes so at least this could emphasis the Fire type a bit more.

(wow I went to sleep and woke up and already there's a name poll with 3 pages. So fast!)
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