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WIPs updated


(Ill-oom-in-ink) improved from my previous suggestion of Inkluminus fusing ink and illuminous

and an additional suggestion I proposed on #cap sometime last night

(Ig-nor-ti-lus) from ignite and nautilus


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My third and final WIP


A combination of mollusk and Phlegethon, a flaming river in Greek hell. Being that this is a fire hell octopus, the water/fire combination fits.

Octoglobin (Octopus + Hemoglobin) or Hemolopod (Hemoglobin + Cephalopod)

I figured we needed something to do with blood because it is a vampire squid, I'm surprised no one (unless I missed someone) used anything with blood. I just wish I could jump on the Calamari bandwagon but I couldn't think of anything
I'm completely blanking on a good way to use it, so I'll just throw my idea out and see what more creative people can come up with.

I think it would be cool if the name could incorporate the River Styx. It fits our vampire/demonic look and as a river in hell, it captures both fire and water themes. It may be a bit adult for Pokemon of course.

Combination of maelstrom (large whirlpool) and steam, not sure whether to include the 'r' from maelstrom or not.
I love where both of you are going - what about combining your ideas? Something like:


I think both Maelstrom and Styx are great references for this CAP, and this name combines the two in a way that's easy to pronounce, looks cool, and is representative of both Fire- and Water-typing, and also represents the visual appearance of CAP as well (without going so literally as "octopus" or "squid.")
Nice, Ahh...Clefable! That's probably my favorite name so far!

Another WIP:
Like the last one, but now Pyre + Luminescent. (Pie-RESS-ant)

Quanyails: how about Pyrnescent? That sounds worse to me, but for now is the best way I've thought to bring out more of the Luminescent. I'll have to work on it.
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Squid + Kindle

Pronounced: Squinn-DULL

This is referring to the verb 'to kindle' as opposed to the electronic reading implement...although with Dracula being a defining novel of the late 19th century, and with CAP18's vampiric qualities, this could be a cool link to have.


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I'd hate to burst everyone's bubble, but this is an octopus, not a squid, so all of the calamari names don't make sense.

On another note, I like a lot of these names. The only issue I have is people digging way too deep in meaning so they get progressively more obscure. I'm moderately guilty of this myself, but I just want people to know that we're digging too deep.

EDIT: After minor research I found out that it is indeed a squid, but it looms like an octopus to me imo. I mean squid have ten legs and this has eight
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Whoo, that is a lot of names in one day. I'm going to keep my individual comments short.

General comment:

Note if the words you're using in your name are rated G. Even if the CAP's design is a vampire squid from Hell, Game Freak's translation team probably won't permit touchy words such as 'Hell', 'Lucifer', 'Devil', and such. Houndoom is based off of a hellhound and Malaconda is based off of the original serpent, but their names don't reference those design motifs.

I personally find the connection between the vampire squid and demons of various sorts a bit stretched. Vampires, yes, since that's obvious in the design, but demons, well, that's based off of the vampire squid's Latin nomenclature, a degree of associativity away. The closest word I would prefer regarding Hell and that sort of stuff is 'Hadal', as it's the deepest pelagic zone and happens to be named after Hades. The various zones of the ocean coincidentally bear resemblance to the circles of Hell, if only because the lowest level of both are deep pits within the entire system of layers.

  • Octopyre: I like the name, of course, since the root words blend well while including words that relate to sea creatures, fire, and vampires.
  • Vulgava: 'Vulgar' makes me think of the adjective first instead of the scientific name, but the 'lava' part is fine. I don't really like the overall tone of the name, though. It sounds vaguely obscene.
  • Vampyre: The name's as interesting as 'Vampire' or (hypothetically) 'Demon' to me, since the pun is completely within the word, making it less obvious. I would prefer something slightly more obvious. :P
  • Inkubus: The pun is great, but the root word of 'incubus' makes me hesitant. I don't think Game Freak wants its younger audience to Google what an incubus is--yes, it's a demon, but it's a demon identified by it sleeping with women. o3o;
  • Esquidsite: Why 'Exquisite' in the etymology, over other words? What's exquisite about the squid? The words mesh well, but otherwise, I don't 'see' it.
  • Cepherno: I like it! Words work well, both in explanation and in sound.
  • Ocotear: I see 'tear', like a drop of water, before sear. That might work with the name. ouob However, omitting the 't' in 'octo' makes me think of 'oco' or something ocular, so as a whole, the name makes me think of a moist eye instead of a fiery octopus.
  • Duoctopus: I'd prefer a word closer to the idea of fire vs. water rather than a synonym for 'two'.. What does it have 'two' of that's significant?, I'd ask first. I wouldn't think of fire vs. water as that duo.
  • Boilopod: Sure. ouob 'Boil' is a fire- and water-related word, and it works with 'cephalopod' as a word.
  • Cephaloric: I'm not too fond of the name, since the name ends adjectivally. I'd prefer flipping the portmanteau, getting 'Calorapod' or something, so it becomes a noun and name.
  • Abysmose: The name sounds nice. I wish it looked more appealing, though, since the 'ysm' looks clunky despite how nicely it flows. I really like your next name, though. :U
  • Kracula: I love this one! XD The original words work really well together while being indicative of the design. I prefer 'Kracula' as a spelling.
  • Pyropod: Works for me. Rather non-outstanding, though.
  • Hydroctane: When you posted your original name, 'Octane', I found if humorous, but as it was a real molecule, rather unfitting. Hydroctane works much better, now that it's a portmanteau, although 'octane' is still a bit detached, pun aside.
  • Pyroctus: Works for me. Looks really nice.
  • Molluscald: We have Mollux already, so another name beginning with 'mollusc' may avert voters. I know I'm less fond of it because of that. :/
  • Dampyre: Did you know that Dhampyrs are half-vampires? I find that correlation really nice, since we have a vampire squid. :D Add that additional word in the etymology, if you may. The name works better than you think!
  • Infernoct: Works for me. 'Noct' for nocturnal, like what Noctowl has, may add to it being a creature of the deep.
  • Bactopus: Okay. Words work well. Could be a little more flavorful. :P
  • Eruptopus: I don't see the design erupting, even if the word works quite well with 'octopus'. :/ Good name otherwise!
  • Octobat: See Bactopus.
  • Magmamari: The name would be better if Malamar didn't exist. D: The Ms have a nice rhythm to them, though.
  • Inkferno: I like it. ouob Flavorful and indicative of its design and origins.
  • Nosfiratu: The 'fire' part is a bit obscured without the silent e. Nosfireatu clashes with that 'ea', though. :/ So I don't like either way of combining those words.
  • Rubustens: I'd say to make the 'combustion' part more obvious. Rubustion? Combuscens? (No, that's too close to Combusken.)
  • Pyrigo: Good portmanteau. Dunno if I'd prefer it over 'Pyropod' or 'Pyroctus', though, when it comes to similar words.
  • Hapyro-Lumenis: ? It's 14 characters long, and it seems more like nomenclature than a Pokemon name. o3o
  • Hapyro-Infernalis: Same, but 17 letters long.
  • Calormare: Sure. ouob Although 'calor' makes me think of 'calorie', which makes me think of sushi... which works with a fiery squid and calamari. :P
  • Purgapus: I'd stray away from the word 'purgatory', since it's a bit distant in relationship to a vampire squid.
  • Sanguimari: Sanguine can also relate to blood, which works well for a vampire squid. :) 'Mari' works from 'calamari' as well as 'marine' or something, a boon for your name.
  • Inkthugha: The tone of your name is clunky enough such that it becomes appealing that way. I've wanted to use 'Cthulhu' in a name, but I haven't been able to find another word that meshes well. Good that I see a name that stems from such inspirations!
  • Inkluminus: I prefer Illuminink, since it has better flow.
  • Illuminink: I prefer this over Inkluminus, since it has better flow. :P Makes me think of a brand of glow-in-the-dark markers or something, though.
  • Coalmatofor: 'Coal'? I'm not seeing how it relates that closely to vampire squids. :/
  • Vampyropus: Not bad. ouob
  • Pyrosleuth: I can see the vampire squid being sleuthy, although for me, I imagine a hunting cap and magnifying glass over snooping. The portmanteau is rather clever, I admit.
  • Infernacle: Aye, the origin words share unfortunate similarities to previous Pokemon names. :/ I do like the name, though.
  • Blausto: The words beyond 'blautsauger' seem a bit obscure to me, and seeing a word beyond 'blaust' with an 'o' pinned to the end requires some stretching of mind. :/
  • Nerferno: Nerf, hmm? I'm not sure I would use that word to indicate squishiness, given how, in competitive communities, it typically means 'to make less powerful'. :P I get the intention, but I'd choose a different word.
  • Tentaruchus: Tartaruchus... why not 'tartarus', a more direct relationship to the underworld? I can then think of 'Tentarus'. Granted, since we have Tentacool and Tentacruel as Pokemon, I'm not that fond of names beginning with 'Tenta'.
  • Sulphuropod: I like how the words mix together! I do agree it looks and sounds long, however. I'd keep the 'pod' ending, so I'd go with Sulphurpod.
  • Inknition: Not bad. ouob I prefer Cepherno, personally.
  • Poulpyre: Works for me. 'Poulpe' isn't too detached, and it leads to 'pyre' very nicely.
  • Nosferno: Ah, that's a good mingling of those two words! I like this name among 'Nosferatu' names.
  • Abyssear: The name's okay, though I would prefer the words being slightly more related to vampire squids.
  • Fluoropod: The name is quite elegant in pronunciation, but there's something familiar about it that's unsettling me. I'm not sure what, though. Ignoring that, well, I think the name is fine. :P
  • Camoflare: Some cephalopods can change color, although that's not prominent in the vampire squid. We didn't give it Color Change as an ability, but Camouflage as a move is sitll up for grabs. The name is a little less relevant with that in mind.
  • Visquid: I like how squishy the name sounds. :) And I like its name origins, too. It is a nice change from octopus names. I don't think we have a Pokemon that uses 'squid' in the name, right?
  • Whispyre: This name works too, though the inclusion of 'whisper' seems arbitrary. There's less squid/octopus in the name, which I'm less fond of in contrast to Visquid.
  • Maelst(r)eam: It's an excellent name if water is all that was needed in the design. Our design isn't a whirlpool, though, so I would go with words that relate more with a vampire squid than something generically aquatic.
  • Tentacula: Makes me think of Tentacruel, but the name works great as a standalone.
  • Inxtyx: Interesting portmanteau, blending the 'k' and 's' into a 'x'. I give you points for creativity. Unsure whether I'd vote for it, but the name stands out to me.
  • Inklyx: I don't know about 'lyx', either, so I haven't been convinced to prefer the name.
  • Lumnivoid: We have a light word and a dark word, but neither relates to vampire squids more directly. Maybe if we had a design based entirely off of the concept of light and dark, rather than a squid that's bioluminescent.
  • Squidpyre: Not bad. Could be more elegant in syllabic flow, but not bad. ouob
  • Tempes: If you hadn't specified that the name was based off of the name 'Tepes', I would've thought it was a corruption of 'Tempest'. :/ I like the portmanteau, despite the initial perception, though, given that the words work well together.
  • Abyscent: See Lumnivoid.
  • Abysmaul: I don't particularly see the squid as being able to maul opponents physically, so 'maul' seems tangent to the design. o3o I get the pun, but it doesn't fit that well.
  • Krakler: Eh... Fire crackles, but so does a lot of other things. I don't think of fire foremost, admittedly.
  • Apokraken: Aye, I don't see 'apocalypse' that clearly in the name. I was thinking 'apoptosis'. Admittedly, I wouldn't use 'apocalypse' at all in a name, since its relevance to vampire squids is stretched.
  • Finferno: Works.
  • Fincinerate: Works, though it sounds less like a name and more like a cromulent verb.
  • Squivid: Why vivid? Vampire squids are luminescent, though they aren't that bright enough for it to be a prominent part of the design.
  • Infernophor: The name is okay, although the combination of the root words is slightly clunky.
  • Squidoom: Reminds me of Houndoom, which is pretty good, actually, since they have comparable concepts.
  • Cthulure: I appreciate you using 'Cthulhu' as a root word. Lure is an acceptable second word to blend with the first word, though it's a bit tepid to me in contrast to something more fiery or vampire-y.
  • Sulphyre: 'Sulphur', 'fire', and 'vampyre' work really nicely together in this name. :) I like it.
  • Krakasai: Nice portmanteau! I like it. :P Wish it was a little more obvious without needing translation, but it's fine regardless.
  • Kraqua: 'Krakatoa' and 'Kraken' work well; if you hadn't missed that and Objection hadn't taken the name, I would've brought it up as a suggestion. I prefer Krakentoa, but I give you credit for mentioning Krakatoa.
  • Knocktopus: Hmm? Why 'Knock' as a choice of words? It blends well with the first syllable of 'octopus', but beyond that?
  • Lucernabys: See Lumnivoid.
  • Lucephal: Granted, 'Lucifer' is derived from 'Luce', so there's a slight redundancy in origins there. Still, the name would be okay if it weren't for my preference against such religion-inspired names.
  • Cephalava: Works all right for me. Not my first choice, but I'd be okay with it as a name.
  • Magmepth: Not bad, either, though the connection to vampire squids is a bit farther than I'd prefer.
  • Vamphearno: Including the vampire and fiery part of its designs works well enough. The name looks a bit exotic with the 'ph' and 'rn' working as doubles for the various root words. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
  • Octokaust: When I see 'kaust' in a three-syllable word, I tend to think of something else other than the Greek translation of a word.
  • Kostopus: Yes, I prefer this rearrangement of the portmanteau.
  • Invergnis: We have the Inkay line, though, which has inversion as its gimmick, which fits them more than the current vampire squid.
  • Cephlogist: I'm not sure if I'd use the 'ist' ending. I understand that it'd be a specialist in cephalopods and phlogiston, but it sounds rather unnatural that way. I like your use of phlogiston, however. :) Perhaps you could expand on htat.
  • Krakentoa: When I saw Zergo's mention of Krakatoa, well, I made that connection immediately! I do like that name, even if it would fit V4LOVER's volcano squid more.
  • Squeat: Yes, squids eat. So do other heterotrophs, though. o3o
  • Squidneous: Not bad. Igneous's natural 'gn' sound adapts to 'dn' nicely, without increasing clunk. The overall name flows quite well and is appropriately squid-y and fiery.
  • Calamarine: The name flows nicely, but it's missing a more specific connection to vampire squids. I chose not to use 'Nautacle' despite the name blending really well because it's generically aquatic and of cephalopods. I bear the same lack of preference for the name for that reason.
  • Cephlempusa: A bit long and hard to digest as a name, in my opinion.
  • Empod: The other direction. A bit too short and hard to determine the root words. What about, instead of mixing 'Cephalopod', using 'Octopus'? Octempusa hinges on the 'pus' syllable well, and you get the bonus of 'tempus', resembling 'tempest', in the name.
  • Lavamari: Works well. Wish it wasn't similar to Malamar in overall composition.
  • Kraquatoa: Works like Krakentoa, but I like the obviousness of 'Kraken'.
  • Empyrine: I'm thinking of 'empire' in the name somewhere, which is not hurtful but superfluous.
  • Succulus: Makes me think of succubus, the distaff counterpart to the incubus. I'm not fond of that for the same reasons I'm not fond of Inkubus, since these demons are known for... sleeping with others.
  • Hemlugo: I don't think two different Portuguese words makes for an understandable name. One is acceptable by my standards, but two makes the origins opaque.
  • Ignisquid: The words work well. The mix of the two words could be slightly improved, but it's all right as a name.
  • Hellucent: I can't see Game Freak allowing 'Hell' in a name in fear of backlash from parents. :P Even if this is a fan project, I don't think I could see CAP step outside of that particular bound.
  • Cirrust: I'd like to use 'cirrus', although the first thing I think of when I see the word is clouds, like how calculus is identified as math over plaque. A pity. :/ Additionally, rust may be a color that fits the squid, but other colors would work just as well without being iron oxide (which has little relation to vampire squids). I'd like something more tangibly close in a name.
  • Balrenthic: The word sounds rather adjectival. What about 'benthos' instead of 'benthic'?
  • Propyro: Not bad. Kinda 'meh', though.
  • Propellink: Puns are great! Using 'ink' in place of an 'ing' ending feels rather simple, though, since you could fix 'ink' to any verb that way. If the name had an additional layer of wordplay, I may like it more.
  • Cephlegeton: I like the words, and I like what you've done to make that name. I only wish it looked a little less ugly, but that's no fault of you, the words, or their mix.
  • Akkoroflare: I Googled what the Akkorokamui is, and it fits this design quite well! I do wish the portmanteau fit together better, but I like the idea you're using with the Akkorokamui. I'd play around with the word a little more for something more elegant in word flow.
  • Vampacle: Sure. o3o
  • Devilopod: I'm not fond of 'Devil' in the name for the reason I mentioned in my general comment.
  • Lucepher: Same thing.
  • Cephalopyre: Hmm, I've been drawn to Sulphyre as a name that mixes 'fire'/'pyre'/'vampyre'. v.v I prefer that over this name, admittedly.
  • Vampisqueed: What's the 'eed' from? Not 'squee', I'm guessing, since that's what I think of when I see the name.
  • Holoquid: I don't think Game Freak would name a Pokemon after the Holocaust. o_O Nor do I see what vampire squids have to do with them.
  • Ventacle: Works well. Sounds vaguely vampirish with that v, too, which is nice.
  • Pyrinis: The sound of the name is nice, although I wouldn't know 'crinis' in the name, being a relatively obscure translated word. Still, I like the flow of the name best out of your words.
  • Ventapod: Also works, though there's less flow between the two words in the portmanteau compared to Ventacle.
  • Cephalg(o/u)l: I don't see the direct connection between a star known as the "demon star" and a vampire squid. XD This is related to what I think of in my general comment regarding demonic names.
  • Teut(h)arus: I like this better, even if 'tartarus' is rather stretched. :) I'd go with 'Teutarus' as a spelling.
  • Octempous: I noticed 'empusa' above from Hoping4megasceptile, and darn it, I gave a suggestion to him using that word that happened to be used very similarly later on. I will say, though, a vamp is s slightly less desirable in a name than generic vampires.
  • Krakatopus: I do prefer the other Kraken-based names like Krakula or Krakentoa, unfortunately. They work better compared to Krakatopus in syllabic stress. :/
  • Cephaltyx: Not bad. The word looks cool and sounds cool, even if the portmanteau is rather loose.
  • Galamare: I don't see the connection directly between a nightmare and a vampire squid. Maybe the squid is scary, though it doesn't induce bad dreams, I'd think. It's also a Fire/Water type, not Dark, as I'm thinking of. If you use 'mar'/'mare' as it relates to water, though, I'd like that explanation more. :P
  • Flamiabyss: The words work well, and there's nothing I overtly dislike in the name.... I just prefer others' more.
  • Turmboil: 'Boil' I get, and 'turmoil' I get as well, but it's less associated with vampire squids than I'd like.
  • Vladimari: Ooh, I love the flow of this name! I'm not sure if I like 'Vladimir', since it could be a generic Russian name, but otherwise, great.
  • Calamanero: Pretending Malamar's Japanese name doesn't exist, eh? :P
  • Ignautilus: I like the mix of the two root words, and, as I said on IRC, I would prefer it if the design was more of a nautilus than a squid. :/
  • Phlegethusk: Go with Octopyre. :) This name feels turgid in pronunciation, and even if a vampire squid is a mollusc, Mollux already stole that snowflake.
  • Octoglobin: ...Huh. I like it a lot. Really. The syllables connect, as do the root words. The name shows off a vampire squid well. I'd go with it! :)
  • Hemolopod: I prefer Octoglobin. XD The flow of this word is less smooth.
  • Maelstryx: A swirl of water and a body of water? Hmm, I'd like less water and more the other elements in the design.
  • Pyrescent: The 'luminescent' root word could be brought out a bit more, since I could imagine the name being derived from 'incense'/'scent' instead of the intended word.
  • Squindle: Nice portmanteau, although I don't see wood for burning connected as much to a fiery squid than other potential words.
I'll go for simplicity here. In ye olden times, Pokémon were often named quite simply, especially water types (ex: Seel, Lanturn). So, here are my ideas:

Romanian for Vampire, kinda well-known

Japanese for Blood Squid, because Pokémon is a Japanese franchise
I love where both of you are going - what about combining your ideas? Something like:


I think both Maelstrom and Styx are great references for this CAP, and this name combines the two in a way that's easy to pronounce, looks cool, and is representative of both Fire- and Water-typing, and also represents the visual appearance of CAP as well (without going so literally as "octopus" or "squid.")
I really like this. Ties them together well in a more ominous way.
Thanks to those supporting Maelstryx!

And to anyone who isn't fond of the whirlpool reference, imagine CAP 18 using Surf/Fire Blast/Other special move: CAP could spin and spin and spin to release whatever special attack it's using, creating a whirlpool-esque visual. I can't help but feel that it's a perfect comparison for CAP 18.
WIP: Insquidious

Doesn't play off the vampire bit, but it makes a lot of sense with its abilities and role in the core. Could also go for Igsquidneus or Insquigneus if it has to have some kind of fire connotation.

EDIT: Also invokes Darth Sidious, who was kind of vampire-looking and could easily start electrical fires.

EDIT2: Also considering Insquigdeus to throw "igneous" in there.
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A combination of lamp, referring to its fiery powers and how it can light up, and empusa, a type of Greek vampire, along with sticking with L names for our core (I know this isn't important at all but I like the idea). What do you guys think?


Sulphur + Photophore

I explained sulphur's relevance to the concept, but as a burning stone, I feel it would mix great with one of the key features of the vampire squid: The photophore, which are its light emitting organs.

Sulphur is associated with hell, known as "Stone that burns", and when burnt, it omits a blue light, much like the ones on our Pokemon.

Does anyone think this is better than Sulphurpod?

Tossing around Sanguid as an idea, from Sanguine (bloody) + Squid, to fit with the vampire squid theme.

Also thinking Calampyre to build off some of the other ideas, from Calamari, pyre, and vampire (also sounds like "lamp", which goes well with the bioluminescence). Just some ideas!
Squignite or Squignight...

Squid, ignite. And maybe night for the vampire part. I dunno, i think -nite works for that too, and keeps it simpler.
Octoglobin (Octopus + Hemoglobin) or Hemolopod (Hemoglobin + Cephalopod)

I figured we needed something to do with blood because it is a vampire squid, I'm surprised no one (unless I missed someone) used anything with blood. I just wish I could jump on the Calamari bandwagon but I couldn't think of anything
Missed me. Hemlugo.

Also, new WIP: Calflari. Calamari + Flare, pronounced cal-FLAR-ee. Or does Calaflari work better? And to the mods, does that count as two concepts?
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Banned deucer.
Thanks for the input Quanyails and I agree. Tentacula does seem a bit too much like the Tentacool line. I think I'll stick with Inxtyx.

In addition to Inxtyx how about Charredbis?

Charred (cooked or burned) + Charybdis (Greek sea monster)
However Charredbis would be pronounced with a regular "ch" sound instead of the Greek "k" sound in Charybdis (which is pronounced like Care-eeb-dis), so it would be something like Char-EED-bis.
Thanks for the feedback Quanyails. To be honest, I was going for a "light in the dark sea" sort of feel instead of a vampire, but seeing how the CAP is based on a vampire squid, it would be more appropriate if there were some reference to that fact.

Anyways, I still want the name to start with "L" and after "researching" a bit, I think I came up with something good.

Lamiabys (WIP)

Pronunciation: la-MI-a-bis

So lamia means vampire (or witch, but that's irrelevant) roughly in Latin. It is similar to the previous name; however, I still really like Lucernabys (although that might be my bias towards the first thing I created). I would like some feedback on which I should go with (although they are really similar).


Edit: Apparently, its "lamia," not "lumia."
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