CaP 18 Pre-Evo - Part 3 - Art Submissions

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Final Submission
here is me sneaking in at last minute again

Changes from original: more wing-like spikes on the sides, mild additional shading, small tweaks on shape and some texture/glow effects.
I also have a traditional Volkrakid in the same pose, as supporting art, though I don't have my scanner with me.

EDIT: Also changed/cleaned up the false face to resemble the traditional one. Typing up comments now that this is officially posted!
Quanyails: Nice to see you again too! I didn't like Gen V much ;w;
Your dumbo octopus is absolutely adorable and very unique. I have a soft spot for people with more creativity than me. Very solid design and one of my favourites.
V4LOVER: You have one of the most solid art styles; it matches Golurk's style practically spot on. It looks very similar to Volkraken but I think that is your intention. Several Pokemon do look just like their prevos so I would say it is one of the most believable designs; the main issue is whether it will stand out in the polls since people like differences. D: But I don't know what I would change with it.
Integer Mova: Your design is adorable! I like the style it is drawn in. :D That said, I think compared to Volkraken it is too simple. I'm not quite sure how I would change it either, though.
frenzyplant: Agreed that your design is very similar to Volkraken's, but I do think it has a young appearance that you have captured well. I think my only issue with it is that it looks more like a middle stage Pokemon, but as I whole I like this one a lot.
Blue Frog: Yours is adorable as well! I like your false face and beady eyes. :D I think would like to see the barbels incorporated somehow to add extra shape.
Ignis Unis: I like the horn on the top of the head with its rings! I think your design needs more fluidity - for example, if the orange part directly linked with the top of the eyes. Usually Pokemon have a sense of connectedness with their design elements.
The Steam Punk: I like the way you have incorporated the blue, and the larger batlike "wings". I'm tempted to say the eyes look too relaxed, but that may be on purpose.
HealNDeal: I love your design! I was wanting to make a stronger colour change with my prevo but couldn't think of a good colour scheme and this one looks great. I'd agree that the Fire type is hard to show with a Water colouring, though I think the flame-chamber-like look of the false face improves it. I would suggest for the flames- especially the ones on its head- to be brighter, perhaps with a sharp yellow center, as that will help the fiery appearance.
Absolclaw: I like the concept of a bubble/egg surrounding the head! Kind of like an underwater astronaut. I think I would like to see if you could make the top of the head taper backward somewhat since at the moment it looks a bit too flat on top.
paintseagull: I totally love this one. It is definitely one of my favourites. I'm amazed how you managed to incorporate fluff into an octopus and make it make complete sense!
CrazyToons: I'm a little confused about this one. There aren't any orange elements at all and you haven't put in a false face, which I see as one of the key elements of this line. It also has an awful lot of tentacles- I think you could either simplify it to a handful, or make the base a circle and then add spikes, sort of like a circular saw. I also think the smallness goes a little far. I could see it as a first-stager of three, but not necessarily a first-stager of two. (I would recommend also taking it into MS Paint and select-cropping it, since you have a large blank border.)
noobiess: This is one of my favourites too. I love the bat elements; the face is practically its own Pokemon and I love the way you've incorporated its actual eyes. At the same time it is surprisingly simple (and I mean that in a positive way). It's hard to find simple designs that still stand out- many real Pokemon have tons of spikes and bells and whistles- and you did an excellent job. I feel like it could use a single blue spot on each tentacle (thinking near the end of them), but I'm not sure if that would improve on it or not.
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noobies, I really like your design! However, I noticed the smallest dimension on your submission is 316 pixels; I think the smallest a side is allowed to be is 320 pixels. It should be a really small/easy fix, but I don't want your design to be disqualified because of that.
noobies, I really like your design! However, I noticed the smallest dimension on your submission is 316 pixels; I think the smallest a side is allowed to be is 320 pixels. It should be a really small/easy fix, but I don't want your design to be disqualified because of that.
Glad you like it :) I also noted it after I posted and changed it already ^^
my gosh heal thats AMAZING, its so beautiful i think im going to cry
%hendrix96 claps uncontrollably with a tear in eye
ok, here is my second draft of my volkraken pre-evolution:

  • paint comes from 2 arm-like tentacles instead of a paintbrush
  • made the blue rings on the mantle shaped like a headband instead of being scattered
  • changed the design of the eyes to make it look more like its evolution.
  • made the rings larger
  • changed the tentacles to look more like a pre-evolution.
I am very sorry about the image having no color, I didn't buy all of the materials yet. I think the main problem with my design at the moment are the tentacles. I feel like they are too small and disproportionate to the mantle. I also think the arms are in a strange position. If any of you can, I would like some opinions or advice on how to fix these issues.

Ok. Thanks for the comments, CBMeadow. I went into MS Paint and edited my submission for the pre-evolution design. I also made the fangs longer.
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Final Submission

Final Submission time. I didn't change much, just added some fangs to serve as precursors to the three circles of lights on the "mouth" of the orange face and add to the vampiric theme. I know my design looks very similar to Volkraken and pretty much all the critique I've received is about that, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it look different without redoing a whole lot of it, and to be honest I'm not very much in the mood for that :v chalk it up to me being lazy, then.

anyway, good luck to everyone else who's entered! I've seen a lot of great art, and I'd be happy seeing pretty much anything in this thread as the design for Volkrakid.

supporting art:
original sketch (blurry as hell)
badly executed dramatic view of glowy things (on edgy ocean background to boot)
unshaded ver. and lineart (basically the same as main design)


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Final Submission

My changes since last time are excessively minor, but I've added an eye-shine and a purple ring under one of the left arms. Oh, and I made my yellows show up better in the flames. Not much else to say. I'm the only one to divert from the original Volkraken color scheme so drastically, but I still think/hope the false face and other design elements show similarities to Volkraken, among my many differences.

I'm liking a lot of the designs so far, and I'm still hoping for submissions from Kadew and Mos!
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Orange Islands
I have had a request from an artist and I am going to extend the deadline to approximately 10pm Saturday evening my time (Approximately 60ish hours from now).

I will be continuing with other steps. This delay may mean that Sprites ends up hanging off the end of this process. Good luck.
Final Submission

A cute baby squid, wearing an egg/bubble as a helmet to try and be intimidating, and Volkraken's eye barbels extended into a domino mask.

I'll be fairly busy for the next week or so this is it unless there is a glaring error that would get me disqualified ._.
Final Submission

Boy was this difficult to make! Anyway, I just want to say good luck to all of the people who submitted art.

Procedure:I made an outline on paper, scanned it, and colored and black outlined on ms paint.

Brief description: The rings on its mantle and tentacles unnerve predators.

Inspiration:blue ringed octopus, Volkraken.
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