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Because of work, I was unable to make the designs for a while. But the ideas where boiling.
I'm happy I finally had the time to make them.
2 concepts fit the ability/stats/...:

The first one is based on a thundercloud+jellyfish. First I wanted to make an umbrella/jellyfish, but unlike Sunfished I couldn't pull it off.
The concept of the second one, is that a bacteria infected a hammerhead-like creature and controls is by giving small electric shocks. It also refers to deap-sea submarine, controlled by humans.
Now I just have to choose which one to pick ^^

Designs that caught my eye (I know it is a bit late):
Arkeis: As always, I like the simplicity of your designs, I think the lamp looks a bit better but it doesn't look like a final evolution to me. Maybe make it look a bit more dangerous?
Bird: I also thought doing something with screens, technology,... , so I really like the idea. But I don't think the 2 ideas (tv + crab) and combined very well. It just looks like a tv with legs ^^
Birkal: I love the design and concept. I would lose the eggs though. It just seems impractical to me: If it uses it to smack on opponents, wouldn't the eggs be broken?
DougjustDoug: I love it. The design and concept are amazing. The only remark is that it looks like the green sludge is getting strangled because it is only around the neck.
Golurkyourself: Very inventive. I wouldn't change a thing!
Hollymon: Centrainly one of my favorites! The only remark is that it doesn't look so dangerous, and a bit like a prevolution.
Magistrum: Not much to say, it just... looks great!
mcFlareon: I think it is an inventive concept. But it also looks like a basic pokemon that still needs to evolve.
OldManDugan: I really love the design. I don't think it really matches the abilty though.
Quanyails: I think it looks great. The concept is unique and very different from the other designs. I think it really matches the typing and stats, but the abilty a little less.
Sunfished: Like I said, I had the same idea a while ago. I think it looks cute and matches all aspects of the CAP already.
UselessTrainer: I love the concept. the designs looks nice to but I would love to see an actual head. This way the tube look like shoulders.
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This is my CAP19 entry, based on a collection of Rays, but primarily the Stingray.

Design Justification
Rays are a perfect fit for the Electric/Poison typing, since Stingrays are infamous for their venomous tails that inflict tremendous pain. They are also known to use electroreceptors as a way of sensing prey, and a subspecies, the Electric Ray, can discharge electric currents.

The design features a contrasting Dark Violet-Yellow-Purple color scheme to reflect the typing, and is adorned with golden rings to give resemblance to tesla rods. Its back patterns pay homage to spots seen on most rays, and also serve as false eyes. The stingers on its wings and tail resemble that of scorpion tail's tip, further supporting the poison typing.

And as a concept quirk, its relation to Gyarados, whom we will primarily support, is shown in the above thumbnail, where Mega Gyarados is attached like a remora to a manta ray, relating to the support idiom "taking under your wing"

Stats and Abilities
At a glance, the stingray emits enough vibe as a special attacker with its overall sleek look and fluid appearance. 57/131/100 offenses are pretty much fitting, and the 100 speed is relatable when looking at similarly built mons like Gliscor (95). 60/119/98 defenses are also a good fit for this guy, and is somehow relatable to Mantine's bulk (65/70/140).

Storm Drain is a bonus fit, since aquatic Pokémon usually are relatable to water immunity abilities.

Vital Spirit/Insomnia are quite a fit to the stingray as well, because like sharks, they remain in a state of awareness even if they rest.

Pokémon Description
This Pokémon is known to stealthily glide on the seafloor despite its humongous size. Its back illuminates at night, attracting prey which it quickly attacks with the venomous spikes on its wings and tail, only to deliver a paralyzing discharge of electricity.

It is sometimes seen with Gyarados, Huntail, or other underwater pokemon under its wing because its static electricity sometimes attracts other Pokémon like an electromagnet. It uses the additional weight to dive unbelievable depths in a matter of seconds.

Supporting Art
Proposed Size, Zap Cannon, Alternate Colors, Preliminary Sketches(Click Thumbnail for full view)

During the start of this CAP's art stage, I've had a slight preference for my first design, the Manticore. But since Storm Drain was chosen, I pushed for the Stingray instead. Although, I did have more fun drawing this guy, especially in the supporting art, than the Manticore where I struggled to make it distinct from the other existing lion/catlike pokemon. I'm grateful for the support, critiques and suggestions given by everyone in this thread and in #cap IRC. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

9/14 Resized Main Design Image
9/15 Added Explanation for Vital Spirit/Insomnia
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Final Submission


It's a Lightbulb-goo-mon. I had an idea for it since CAP's typing was revealed, but I didn't have time to draw it until now.
I hope that those arms and legs dont make it look too much like a steel type....
Also it literally has storm drain inlets attached to its body.... :D

Its funny that so many submissions are (under) water creatures, I guess the answer why is gyarados....

noobiess : In the first design I think you should either make "thunders" more like the rest of the body or body more like "thunders". The second one I think should be a little smoother because it doesn't look like a 100 speed-mon. I think you should choose second one if you want to be more original. :D

Hollymon : I really like this one, but I don't know if it fits the storm drain ability

Regime : I think you should change something about colors, because it looks nothing like a poison type

Sunfished : Maybe make its hat (umbrella?) something like a dynamo, or some electric thing...

Quanyails : It doesn't fit the ability, but it looks really good.
BTW. Thanks :D
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The first one is based on a thundercloud+jellyfish. First I wanted to make an umbrella/jellyfish, but unlike Sunfished I couldn't pull it off.
The concept of the second one, is that a bacteria infected a hammerhead-like creature and controls is by giving small electric shocks. It also refers to deap-sea submarine, controlled by humans.
The second one looks quite a bit like a barreleye fish. Maybe incorporate it into the design?
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I did an action pose of my Computer & Acid Battery Symbiote, showing it running or lunging forward in a dynamic, nimble way.

Here's a thumbnail link to my main design, for reference:

The computer body is flat, with the yellow markings being advanced circuitry. The idea for the flat body started from me working with concepts of a computer motherboard. I've stylized it to be much less literal, but that's the origin of the idea. So assuming that the flat body is also flexible, it lends itself to some lithe, free-flowing movements. The fat acid battery glob is along for the ride, but controls all the movement of the symbiotic duo. The action pose shows that interaction a little better than the main design I posted earlier.

We didn't end up making CAP 19 overly fast, so it's not really necessary for me to justify any huge speed number with the action pose above. But I already had started the sketch before the stats were decided and I thought it looked pretty cool, so I figured I'd share it with everyone. If anything, it presents a different twist on my design that hopefully spurs the imagination of what this thing could do, and gives me some supporting art for the upcoming final submission. Hope you like it!
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Final Submission

Well, I guess here's the final version of my scorp mon. Since my last version, I've added more shading, changed the size of the claws, and redid the eyes and the mouth.

I think the design definitely makes the Electric/Poison typing evident. On its back are little water/poison wells, and the "flavor" behind them is that the Pokemon can absorb water that it can in turn use to mix more of its poison. In this sense, I tried to incorporate not only the water absorption of Storm Drain, but also the offensive buff of gaining special attack (more specifically of having a surplus of offensive poison for this lil guy). Furthermore, since scorpions are commonly thought of a desert animals, the ability to retain water is quite important and helps fit the species with the ability.

EDIT/ABILITY UPDATE: I also think all of the electric designs/patterns help show off Vital Spirit pretty well, as he can come off as a high-energy, powerful Pokemon. In terms of insomnia, many scorpions are nocturnal, so it somewhat fits too (I just personally prefer vital spirit at this time for the design).

In terms of stats, the hard shell/exoskeleton of scorpions allude to a higher physical defense than special defense. The claws, though somewhat large, are misshapen and thus probably very poorly designed to deal physical damage with. Instead, all of the lightning bolt shaped aspects allude to a higher special attack. Scorpions really aren't that slow of animals anyway, so I think the speed stat fits as well.

I also have some very rough supprting art that can be found here: I always envisioned my design being small enough to sit atop of Mega Gyarados's head, and this piece or art tries to show that.

All of the submissions so far are really amazing! Good luck to everyone :D

I really had wanted to make some more comments on other artwork at this point, but I haven't had the time yet. I'll try to get comments up tomorrow, but no promises.
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Final Submission

final wub
This design is based on a Mongolian death worm crossed with a Bobbit Worm.
The death worm is a cryptid that is said to live in the Gobi Desert. It is allegedly able to spit a highly corrosive acid, and paralyze prey from afar with an electric discharge.
The bobbit worm, on the other hand, is a marine worm that hunts by ambush; sensing prey with five antennae then attacking with fearsome retractable jaws (the real one has two pairs). They belong to the polychaete class of worms, which have bristles on the sides of their bodies.
  • The typing fits it very well, as it is a creature that produces both electricity and poison to hunt.
  • Its pincers resemble crocodile clips or taser prongs, and along with the bristles hint at the Eelectric typing. Poison is emphasized with the bright colors and an iridescent sheen that brings to mind oil on the surface of water.
  • Storm Drain fits a burrowing marine animal well, along with the suction-y manner in which it feeds.
  • It is more death worm than bobbit worm in hunting style with those stats, with its fragile pincers being used in grabbing and electrocuting already weakened prey.

I managed to draw two pieces of supporting art:

[1] Low attack :( or "Don't fuckle with a Shuckle" [2] Spitting, electrified, and eating

I'm lucky I finalized this early since this typing is hella hard
Final Submission

Ok, this is it, due to many reasons i had to change my concept, but this guy here was my best (?) idea.
It should be a moray eel who shares the electric eel's ability to create an electric field all around its body. As the moray eels' saliva is poisonous, i decided to make it have some sludgy saliva coming out from the mouth. The reference for the pattern was just a barred moray.

As for the stats, i couldn't avoid making it look a bit too physical, but i think it can fit with everything else well enough, as moray eels are pretty fast and their strong muscles make them tough, but still don't give a huge bulk (meaning it can take hits but not too many). As for the spA, the thunderbolt pattern on the body would allow it to create an electric field strong enough to stun or even kill the preys, while the redundant saliva would make it at least able to spit it. At the same time, i thought an aquatic animal would represent a good example of a storm drain user, and what would help a predator that uses electricity more than water?

note: i'm sorry for the big concept change at the last minute
note to the note: i managed to fix the bg
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Final Submission
So, in the event I can't submit it tomorrow, here's my rendition of CAP 19, a jellyfish or something :U

"It floats serenely within the deep depths of the ocean, using the electricity in its cap to send out pulses of light strong enough to be seen above the surface. Whenever it moves, the appendages on its body dance with the current."

I felt like a jellyfish was the best fit for Poison/Electric because while their stings are of toxic nature, they feel like shocks of electricity. Also, it fits the theme quite well because dead jellyfish still have living stingers. This sort of plays into the role of what this CAP needs to do, which is to present a sort of "aftershock" after the events of its death.

Also, the design was made after the stat spread was decided upon, so I built it around the "Speedy Special Sweeper" sort of build. And anyone that says that jellyfish aren't really fast, I'd like to point you to Tentacruel :P

Storm Drain is also what made the design, as jellyfish are unnaturally 95% water.

And thank you to everyone that commented on any of my designs, even though my genie guy didn't look special sweepy enough
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************************** Mod PSA **************************

The secondary ability is either Vital Spirit OR Insomnia - we'll pick whichever one suits the design best.
The deadline is 8pm EDT tomorrow (Tuesday)! If you need an extension by an hour or so, tell me ASAP. I can't guarantee that we will be able to accommodate extensions but the sooner you let me know the better!
(I've added an extra 24 hours - we're supposed to have 48 hours after the end of Secondary, not just 24!)

************************ End Mod PSA *************************
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Final Submission

This Pokemon, based on the hagfish, coats itself in a toxic slime to slip away from predators' grips. Its yellow spots are charged with electricity, which it channels through its spines to stun prey before taking it out with poison from its four fangs. Storm Drain makes sense, as the hagfish is a sea creature, while Vital Spirit works since its body is constantly charged.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


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************************** Mod PSA **************************

The deadline has been updated - we're supposed to have 48 hours after Secondary is decided.
The deadline is now 8pm EDT Tuesday September 16.

************************ End Mod PSA *************************
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Final Submission

So I think this is my fourth CAP in total and I want to thank everyone here for making my Smogon journey very enjoyable and helping me think of better designs and even just commenting, it really does help. Shoutout to Quanyails for the humongous list of comments you make on every submission, I have tried to do that and I always get bored, so props to you!
Basically I posted my idea on the first page of a plasma ball jellyfish. People told me to make it less metallic and to give it more personality so I did. But I decided to update the design for water absorb and because I think it looks nicer now. Hopefully you do too lol.

Concept: I had this idea by looking at bio-luminescent jellyfish so it is based of those and plasma balls and it fits very well with the typing imo. Also, jellyfish are called medusa in other languages so I decided to do a subtle hint at that by making the eyes able to turn on and off and they can stun prey just like Medusa paralyses her victims. I made the four absorbent appendages based on jellyfish who have those sort of large tentacles and other smaller tentacles. Okay I think I have confused everyone. I'll just stop there. Supporting art
Final submission

The concept is that the bacteria infected the marine animal and controls is by giving small electric shocks.
It is based on a barreleye fish (thanks Dry Paratroopa), plasma globe and a deep-sea submarine (with the bacteria representing the humans controlling it)

I think the journey of this CAP was very different from the others. I generated a lot of ideas but didn't have the time to execute it.
In the end I'm happy with the result, even though I would love to have worked on it a bit longer.

Overall I think there are a lot of great entries this CAP and I can't wait to find out which is the winning design. Good luck to all participants.
I sadly didn't have time anymore lately to improve or update my design. Besides that, the polls since my last update - stats and secondary ability - might not have been the most favorable to my design. That said however, I just updated my previous post (page 5) and changed it into a final submission:)
Anyway, I had a lot of fun participating in this CAP process and wish all the design submitters good luck during the upcoming Art Polls. I'm sure we will have a great design at the end of the ride seeing how many GREAT designs have been created for this CAP!
Final Submission

Decided that the Boxfish was too smart-alecky. The point of this exercise is to make something relatable, and I hope that this fellow adheres to that edict.

Based upon boxing/pom-pom crabs, which carry tiny sea anemones in their pincers to help them gather food and ward off predators. In this gestalt design I decided to invert the expected typing, with the anemones being the electricity generators rather than the venom repositories. The crab acts as a battery, allowing the anemones to store energy and attack with more intensity than they could on their own.

Will upload supporting art tomorrow, time willing. Best of luck to you all!


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Final Submission

Oil-eater catfish pokemon

With Storm Drain and Poison typing, the basic motivation for my design is a Pokemon whose purpose in life is to clean up oil spills that happen in rivers, lakes and oceans. A design based on an algae eater /"pleco" catfish works well for this - these are fish that suck algae and grime off of rocks with their unique mouths (and are popular as aquarium pets because of this). The idea of oil as fuel is what drives the Electric part of the typing, and it's expressed through bulbous whiskers and barbs. Finally, Vital Spirit can be incorporated again through the fuel-consuming aspect of the design.

This Pokemon roams oceans and rivers seeking out oil spills and industrial accidents. Its first priority in life is to keep aquatic habitats pristine. When it finds a spill, it consumes as much of the pollution as it can (Poison typing, Storm Drain), incorporating it into its body, especially into its fins. The water that it sucks in is expelled through its gills, purified. It also uses the fuel to power its electric attacks and the bright lights on its body (Electric typing). Its bright whiskers are beacons for helpless victims of oil spills, who flock to this Pokemon when they see it. It is a vengeful Pokemon and becomes enraged when it sees habitat destruction. It will blindly and viciously attack any ships or industrial equipment of any kind that it finds near a source of pollution with its powerful electric attacks. It only uses poison attacks where it is sure they will not harm the environment. It is tireless (Vital Spirit) and almost never rests, constantly fuelled by the desire for revenge and the need to keep other Pokemon safe from harm.

Other Art:
Sludge Wave and Thunderbolt
Other sketches
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Blue Frog

It's lucidity. So clear!
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Final Submission

I didn't change much from my last post; I mostly followed Quanyails' comment on making the slime fit better over the limbs. Commence longish background text:

This Pokemon is a sentient self-powering barrel of nuclear waste. It constantly generates electricity in its limbs, which it can fire off as attacks. Its sludge is also extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, it is a very cheerful Pokemon that is always full of energy, always wanting to play with other Pokemon despite being a biohazard. When excited, its electricity arcs throughout its entire body; despite look slow and clumsy, it is quite fast as it can generate enough energy to move quite quickly.

This design fits all the flavor attributes of our CAP well; in terms of stats, it is based off of nuclear energy, which is very powerful. The low HP and decent defenses also work, as many other artificial Pokemon designs match that template (see: Aegislash, Magnezone, Carbink). The speed is also workable as it has a whole lot of energy, considering it has a nuclear generator inside of it.

It terms of abilities, it definitely fits Vital Spirit and arguably Insomnia as well—it has a cheerful attitude (it always wears that happy look on its face) and is self-sustaining for energy. For Storm Drain, I'll simply quote Jaiho (thanks for helping me out!):

Nuclear power plants are notorious for taking in large amounts of water, so storm drain makes sense
Also, worried that Sap Sipper would win the poll, I had redrawn this design as a llama, so there's that.

Overall this was a great art round with so many amazing designs, and I was glad to be part of it. Thanks for everything, guys!
Final Submission

k guys here's my submission it's really late to the game, but hey I wanted to be part the art stage as well so yeah XD

Ok this design is basically a battery acid salamander, storm drain just works perfectly with salamanders, and since its from a battery its always full of energy so it cant go to sleep. The tail is electrochemical acid that has excessively charged so it is full or electricity.
Hope you guys like it :P
Edit: changed some stuff to make it legal
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Final Submission

The inspiration for this Pokemon came from the idea of insects (particularly the bombardier beetle) using naturally produced chemicals to deter would be predators from harming it. Taking this concept and running with it, I designed this round, flask-like Pokemon that contains noxious chemicals within its transparent glass like body and produces electricity from its sharp antennae. These chemicals, in conjunction with it's electrical capabilities and volatile nature will usually deter any would be attacker.

Its capacity to store great amounts of liquid, in tandem with its toxins and electricity, cause it to become much more potent when exposed to large doses of water.

Supporting Art:
Final Submission

Didn't have enough time to incorporate the second ability & stats into the design.
Design is based on bioluminescent fungi, which I found very suitable for the typing as it can generate light (Electric) and is often poisonous in nature (Poison). It also somehow fits the Storm Drain ability as mushrooms usually thrive and grow in the presence of moisture/water.
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