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h ttps:// i. imgur . com/WfVSPxc . png

Well, we've done it. It wasn't the smoothest project with the changes of leadership that occurred, but I'm hopeful everyone found this project as enjoyable as I did. We're also the first Fairy-type CAP in the history of the project, which will be a fitting end to the XY/ORAS era that introduced the typing.

Now there's only two things left for me to finalize, height and weight. For the height I approximated the base body to be around 1.5 meters tall and the legs to be roughly a third the length of the body based off the artwork, which added up to 2 meters tall. I then decided on 2.1 meters (6'9'') by adding an additional tenth of a meter for the ears. For the weight I decided that Kerfluffle would be on the lighter side because it is a pillow, and to me, the special attacking bias means it's not as solid or muscular as one would expect for a traditional fighting type, which fits perfectly with the pillow design. Based off some rough estimates I made from looking at the weight of various different body pillows, I figured the main bulk of Kerfluffle would be about 12.1 kg (26.7 lbs), with additional weight coming from its water content. For the sake of simplicity I decided to just double the original weight to account for the water content, giving Kefluffle a final weight of 24.2 kg (53.4 lbs).

With that all settled, I'd like to thank everyone who has put time and effort into making this project possible. Kerfluffle would not have happened if it wasn't for your contributions to it. Special thanks to Elite Lord Sigma, snake_rattler, Snobalt, and Deck Knight for being a great TLT team and ensuring this CAP went as smoothly as it could. It was both a pleasure and an honour to work with such a talented group of people. I'd also like to thank sparktrain, wherever he is, for creating a strong direction for me to guide the project towards.

And, with no further ado, let me introduce CAP's very own pillow monster:

Name: Kerfluffle

Typing: Fairy/Fighting
Abilities: Natural Cure / Aroma Veil / Friend Guard
Stats: 84/78/86/115/88/119
Height: 2.1 meters (6'9'')
Weight: 24.2 kg (53.4 lbs)


Movepool said:
- Scratch
- Feather Dance
- Fairy Wind
5: Fairy Wind
9: Yawn
13: Wake-Up Slap
17: Draining Kiss
21: Endure
25: Crush Claw
29: Scary Face
33: Parting Shot
37: Play Rough
41: Rest
45: Aura Sphere
49: Moonblast
53: Close Combat
57: Nightmare
57: Dream Eater

TM06: Toxic
TM08: Bulk Up
TM10: Hidden Power
TM11: Sunny Day
TM12: Taunt
TM15: Hyper Beam
TM17: Protect
TM21: Frustration
TM27: Return
TM31: Brick Break
TM32: Double Team
TM34: Sludge Wave
TM36: Sludge Bomb
TM41: Torment
TM42: Facade
TM44: Rest
TM45: Attract
TM48: Round
TM52: Focus Blast
TM53: Energy Ball
TM67: Retaliate
TM68: Giga Impact
TM77: Psych Up
TM85: Dream Eater
TM86: Grass Knot
TM87: Swagger
TM88: Sleep Talk
TM90: Substitute
TM91: Flash Cannon
TM95: Snarl
TM98: Power-Up Punch
TM99: Dazzling Gleam
TM100: Confide
HM04: Strength

Charm (Clefable)
Encore (Clefable)
Quick Guard (Sawk)
Wide Guard (Throh)
Wish (Clefable)

Drain Punch
Giga Drain
Helping Hand
Low Kick
Name: Last Act of Defiance

General Description: A Pokemon that is defined by its use of the move Parting Shot.

Justification: Parting Shot is another move that's pretty amazing on paper, but its true usage has yet to be fully explored because it's only available to Pangoro. Pangoro is not the most viable Pokemon OU and is nearly unusable in CAP due to its 4x weakness to Fairy. Moreover, when I've used it in RU (prior it to being banned) and UU, I found myself clicking an attacking move more often than not. With the optimal Parting Shot user in the CAP metagame, we may be able to tap into this move's potential and figure out how it is best utilized. Maybe Last Act of Defiance will be a fast Pokemon that aims to keep up offensive momentum. Maybe it'll use the move like it would use Memento to help a teammate use a boosting move. Maybe it'll be a slow, bulky pivot intended to discourage switching. Maybe it'll do something completely different.

This falls under both actualization and archetype in terms of being a concept. In terms of actualization, it will teach us how to use Parting Shot "properly." Clearly, no other Pokemon, not even Pangoro, comes close to it. Well, users of U-turn, Volt Switch, and Memento come somewhat close, but even then, we'll be able to see what makes Parting Shot different from (and possibly better than) them. In terms of archetype, Last Act of Defiance will give not just the CAP metagame, but also the whole game of Pokemon, a utility Pokemon that we've never seen before, as Parting Shot was not (and still isn't) one of Pangoro's most important assets. Because Parting Shot has so many potential uses, a utility Pokemon such as this can be the ultimate team player for offensive and defensive archetypes alike.

Questions To Be Answered:
- Whether it's pivoting, offensive momentum, Memento-esque support, or something else, what is the "ideal" way to use Parting Shot? Why?
- Considering Pangoro rarely finds the time to use the move, how much should a Pokemon be willing to sacrifice another offensive option for Parting Shot?
- What makes Parting Shot different or similar from Volt Switch, U-turn, and Memento?
- Pangoro is definitely not the ideal Parting Shot user, so what does the ideal user look like?
- What strategies, whether they be certain Pokemon, playstyles, or other factors, will rise to prominence to combat a Parting Shot user?
Pokedex Entries:
Kerfluffle, the Right Stuff Pokemon

X/OR: Kerfluffle can knock out a grown man in one punch - but it always carries the opponent to their bed to recover afterward.

Y/AS: Kerfluffle's stuffing is made of tightly woven muscle fibers that allow it to be as rigid or soft as the moment requires.
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Thats one big pillow o_O Its huge 6ft 9in damnnn

This was fun! First CaP project I have (properly) contributed too :)
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Kerfluffle the Destroyer enters the arena...

It was great working with cbrevan and TLT, and I had a blast making the CAP. Sorry that secondary ability discussion was such a trainwreck though
I enjoyed working with Kerfluffle from the summer, and I'm glad to see the result. This is the fifth CAP I have participated in, but I might contribute to two or three more before the human world takes over.

Kerfluffle's pretty damn tall, though. That's what he gets for being such a fabulous fighter. :P

Now that Alola will take a long time to stabilize, do we get to make a canon CAP movie to tide us over?


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Great project everyone! Kerfluffle turned out really nice, and besides the TL switch and occasional gap between steps, the process flowed pretty smoothly. This was the first CAP where I was very involved throughout the entire process, and I'm excited to get even more involved in the upcoming generation!
First CAP that I got the chance to "work on".

T'was fun :]

Also, can't wait for the playtest. Being fast + Parting Shot is going to be so much fun to play with
Definitely enjoyed working on my first CAP! Never thought I would ever get to say that I named a Pokemon lol
Can't wait to playtest this fluffy monstrosity
A 24 kg pillow? Would not cuddle :o

It was fun being an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini bit more involved than I had been in the past, hope it works well in the playtests.


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Lots of fun making Kerfluffle! We had the usual ups and downs on this project, but everything worked out pretty well. Thank you to everyone who led and participated!

And our Tongue-Wagging Pillow Fighter is taller than Tyranitar, which makes me giggle...
Congrats It's a nice feeling to see something come alive. I've been here lurking the thread since Volkraken never posting and this is my second CAP that I've participated in. It's so Great to build off CAP and not OU. Can't wait for Sun and Moon ~~S&M~~ to come out so we can build for that style next.

Deck Knight

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Love the way this CAP turned out. Had a few bumps along the way but I think this was a fitting close to our Gen 6 CAPs. Now we go onward... onward to an era where our ability discussions have not less than 5 new things so generically good they'll vie with Intimidate...
I am satisfied with the results and look forward to seeing it in action. This may even be the first time I actually get into the CAP meta :P

On to Gen 7 after this and I already have an idea or two for concepts to try. Future's looking bright (or slightly less dark if you are getting Moon)
DougJustDoug Godzilla vs. The Pillow Monster. MAKE IT HAPPEN HOLLYWOOD 8D

This was a fun CAP! I enjoyed watching the entire creative process from start to finish and I look forward to seeing how the playtests go. Alas, I'm too busy with Real Life to join in said playtests, but maybe next time once I get my business together. We'll see how this turns out!
I'm slowly becoming more active I promise

Kerfuffle was a really fun project to spectate and I really enjoyed the small contributions that I made. I have to commend whole TLT for making a smooth and enjoyable project. Even with bumps along the way, this has been a fun little project, and that I have been looking forward to for a long while. Thank you!


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I may start to get into the CAP meta game because of this thing!

Can't wait for the SM era, cuz I have some possible ideas I want to try such as Misty Terrain and dignified stat passers. :)


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Kerfluffle looks great :) im glad that I could be a part of the project, even though school kept me away from the end of it and I'm so excited to play with this :D

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