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NEW: This is a Celebration CAP, meaning that we are going out of our way to break some rules. We'll be creating a set of three Pokemon this time around, a set of Fire, Water, and Grass-type starters! You can read exactly which rules we'll be breaking here and the logic behind Celebration CAPs here. Give these a read-through to get some context.

CAP 25 Grass-type art submissions:
CAP 25 Water-type art submissions:


This thread is open for WIPs, comments, and final submissions for the design of the CAP 25f. Important considerations that will come into play over the course of this thread are base stats and abilities. Please see the process guide for clarification on the timing of these decisions and for the timing of the closure of this thread. Warnings will be posted multiple days ahead of submission closure.

Posting Rules

***All material in both the main design and supporting material must be your own. Using another piece of art for inspiration is allowed, but blatant plagiarism will result in warnings or bans depending on the severity.***

Collaborative material (such as work made by multiple artists or a vision and art direction by a non-artist and execution by an artist) is not permitted.

Posting Frequency

Intentionally or unintentionally, thread-hogging tends to be more prevalent in the art submission thread compared to other CAP threads. In order to ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance to showcase their designs and air their opinions, thread-hogging will be moderated. If you wish to add new comments or art, but don't want to hog the thread, please consider editing your most recent post to add new content.

Posting Rules: Artists
  • Artists can post any work-in-progress (WIP) artwork in order to solicit feedback or to help develop ideas. WIP artwork does not need to conform to the standards of a Main Design. It can be in any medium or stage of completion, but it must be related to an original art design by the poster.
  • Do not post to state your intended design. You may not reserve an idea for yourself.
  • Do not post questions asking for help in making art. For art resources on Smogon, check out Smeargle's Studio.
  • Do not post inconsequential updates to designs. Only if you have made a significant change should you post an update in the thread.
  • Do not bump art or beg for feedback. If no one comments on your design, consider the silence to be your feedback. Also, check out the CAP Discord channel or the CAP PS Room for open real-time discussion on CAP art.
  • Images posted are subject to the following rules:
    • They must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
    • They must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur or puush). Do not use the forum's 'Upload a File' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza or Ezimba.
  • Each post should contain no more than one (1) full-sized image, meaning:
    • The image is at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
    • The image has a file size of no larger than 200 kB.
  • Artists should post links to additional art or use linking thumbnails. Each thumbnail can be no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Any number of thumbnails can be included in a post.
  • Out of courtesy to users with lower bandwidth, artists must include a warning when posting links to images with file sizes exceeding 500 kB.
  • The use of hide tags does not circumvent or alter any of the image posting rules.

Posting Rules: Commenters
  • Please DO post constructive feedback for artists.
  • Do not post ideas or images to serve as inspiration for artists or attempt to commission an artist in the thread to render your idea.
  • Do not declare any artwork as "the winner" or make similar comments to that effect. Such posts are insulting to all the other competing artists.
  • Do not comment that a design does or does not "look like a Pokemon/Digimon". There is no artistic style guide for Pokemon and therefore such comments are unable to be substantiated or refuted.
  • Do not repost images from the thread. When quoting a post, remove any images.

Final Submission Post

All artists must make a final submission post conforming to the following rules, including those for the Main Design, in order to be included in the art poll.
  • The post must have "Final Submission" (in bold) as the first line, the Main Design included in image tags below that, and supporting material (if applicable) below the main design.
  • All supporting art must be included as links or as linked thumbnails no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Do not include full images of supporting art in the final submission.
  • Only make one (1) final submission post. Artists are welcome to work on multiple designs and get feedback from the community, but only one design can be submitted for final consideration. If you wish to alter any aspect of your final submission, then edit your post. Do not make a new one, even if you delete your original post. Any deleting and re-posting will be treated as bumping and is subject to moderation.

By making a final submission, an artist gives the CAP project permission to use the submitted art for CAP and related projects. The artist also consents that the design can be interpreted by other artists for the CAP project and for other promotional purposes.

Artists cannot submit any artwork that has been previously or that is currently used by another project not affiliated with CAP. The winning CAP artist agrees to not later use the winning design for another project or contest not affiliated with CAP.

Main Design

The main design is intended to follow the same general posing and layout as the "Official Art" for existing in-game Pokemon. It must be suitable for display on the CAP Pokedex section of the CAP Website and any other CAP propaganda where a picture of the Pokemon is needed.

The comparison to 'Official Pokemon Art' is only applicable to the basic content of the main design; it does not imply any standards or guidelines regarding artistic style or rendering technique.

The following rules of content must be followed for the Main Design:
  • The image must consist of a single Pokemon on a plain white background. The background cannot be transparent.
  • The image must be a 2D digital or scanned traditional drawing. 3D media and photos are not allowed.
  • No part of the Pokemon may be cut off by the canvas.
  • The Pokemon must be in full color.
  • The design must have a distinct outline on the entire subject in contrast to the subject and background. Colored outlines are allowed but must not obstruct the clarity of the design.
  • No part of the design can be blurred into the background or blended into the background in any way.
  • No props, action effects, move effects, or additional objects can be rendered on or around the Pokemon. If a prop is part of the Pokemon's basic design (i.e. Conkeldurr's pillars), then it is acceptable.
  • The image must not include offensive or obscene imagery, or be intended to mock or insult the project or other users.
  • The image must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • The image must be at least 320 pixels and at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
  • The image must have a file size of no more than 200 kB.
  • The image must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur or puush). Do not use the forum's 'Upload a File' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza or Ezimba.

The rules for main designs will be strictly enforced. Do not make comparisons to in-game Pokemon designs or to past CAP designs to determine if your design is in compliance with these rules. Some in-game Pokemon designs and past CAP designs do not conform with the current CAP art submission rules, and emulating those designs is not an acceptable excuse for breaking the strict interpretation of the current rules.

Supporting Material

There are almost no rules when it comes to supporting material. Action scenes, movement studies, interaction with other Pokemon, animations, sculptures, and cartoon strips are all allowed. Non-art supporting material is also allowed. This includes detailed descriptions of the art, background data, stories, etc. All supporting art and information must be related to the main design in some way.

Art Polls

All art polls will contain the Main Design and, if applicable, a link below it titled "Supporting Material". This will link to the artists final submission post, if applicable. All final submissions conforming to the rules above will be slated.


CAP 25 so far:

Topic Leader: reachzero

Topic Leadership Team:
EpicUmbreon29 - Typing
snake_rattler - Ability
jas61292 - Stats
cbrevan - Movepool

Name: Starter Trio CAPs

Description: This CAP is not one Pokemon, but three seperate Pokemon, based off of a Grass/Water/Fire starter trio.

Explanation: There is rarely such thing as a competitively viable starter Pokemon in the OU metagame, rare exceptions being Serperior, Greninja, and Blaziken for their insanely powerful abilities, and Infernape for his speed and movepool. Running three seperate CAP Processes with different Concepts can be loads of fun, and a nice way to celebrate CAP with our own starter trio! I'd love to see what the artists can come up with, and what pre-evos will be made alongside this trio, as well.
I've spoken to Birkal about this framework, and I've decided that this framework would definitely limit the Typing stage of each CAP, but not necessarily limit the Abilities stages, as Overgrow, Torrent, and Blaze aren't very competitively viable, and not necessarily limit the Stats stages, as starter trios tend not to share the same BSTs, giving us flexibility with where and how we want to place stats, especially with each "starter" most likely having a different concept from the others.

Possible Questions:
Is it possible to create a fully competitively viable Grass/Water/Fire trio?
What can be learned from a trio of Pokemon that will mostly likely check, if not counter, each other in a Rock Paper Scissors manner?
Exactly what does it take to create a fully competitively viable starter trio, something unprecedented in all of official, competitive Pokemon?

Of course, feedback is all but begged for as we work to flesh out this framework!

Starter Fact Sheet

Final Submission
  • Name - Astounding Ability Actualization (Triple A)
  • Description - These Pokemon each maximize the potential of their given, separate abilities by coordinating their movepools and that ability's competitive effect.
  • Justification - This is an Actualization concept much like Cyclohm's original "Neglected Ability." In my research on what made Pokemon with "Starter Level" stats effective, the common denominator was they all had abilities they used to full effect with their other competitive aspects. This framework gives us a unique opportunity to A-B test some fairly powerful abilities we usually shy away from and bring out an effective competitive starter trio.
  • Questions To Be Answered -
    • Which Abilities are best suited to a full, comprehensive exploration of their specific mechanics?
    • Why does Ability seem to be the common factor in taking "starter-esque" Pokemon into prominence (e.g. Protean and Battle Bond Greninja, Contrary Serperior, Speed Boost Blaziken to Ubers, etc.)
    • What is the threshold where maximizing an ability goes toi far, such as Blaziken's combination of Swords Dance, strong attack and mid-grade speed, and high BP STABS with Speed Boost or Protean Greninja's huge speed and just-varied enough movepool in prior Generations?
    • How will introducing three specialized Pokemon into the metagame at once impact it overall?
    • Which type combinations along with the starter types are best suited to maximizing the potential of a specific ability, and why?
  • Explanation - Competitive Pokemon has suffered from a massive power creep for a long time. In order for a Pokemon to be effective, not only does it have to be fairly good generally, it also can't be directly outclassed. Considering our Framework, our Pokemon are already competing against Heatran/Volcarona, Toxapex/Keldeo/Greninja, and Ferrothorn/Kartana for offensive or defensive roles. However, each of those Pokemon have their own flaws that give our FWG CAP Trio space to explore if we are focused on a key niche for each of them.

    Let's take Grass for example, and Tough Claws. Tough Claws boosts one of the most incredibly CAP-relevant moves, Grass Knot, because it is a special contact attack. Only Mega Metagross ever even came close to utilizing this combination, and Mega-Meta was banned (for other reasons, of course). Grass could also use it's huge number of healing options with Triage, including priority Strength Sap that even outruns Bullet Punch. Nearly every Fire attack has a secondary effect chance perfect for Serene Grace or Sheer Force. Water has a few specific moves that would also love Serene Grace, but would also appreciate breaking through Gastrodon and Mollux with Mold Breaker. Suffice it to say, this concept gives us an ability to meet our Framework demands and think through a huge combination of synergistic types and abilities in a single project.
CAP 25g

Typing: Grass/Electric
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Overgrow/Galvanize
Stats: 84 HP / 106 Atk / 82 Def / 77 SpA / 80 SpD / 106 Spe

CAP 25f

Typing: Fire/Ground
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Blaze/Technician
Stats: 88 HP / 116 Atk / 67 Def / 88 SpA / 78 SpD / 97 Spe

CAP 25w

Typing: Water/Bug
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Torrent/Poison Heal
Stats: 91 HP / 94 Atk / 110 Def / 80 SpA / 97 SpD / 63 Spe
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Deck Knight


flying moose























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Gonna have to just post a link if that's okay? Computer is busted atm so I have to use my phone for right now.

ANYWAY This mon is based on a bison, and the minotaur. Its costumey appearance is based on matadors. The top "fluff" of its upper body is based on lava flows etc.

I know it's silly to do things according to fan theories but I always liked the one where all the fire starters were based on different zodiac animals, so this one is the ox. Similarly for consistency with other fire starters (and to differentiate from the other bulls), it stands on two legs.

Modedit: Please use image links, not media links.
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Ayy time to waifusperg again

My work-in-progress design, based on the Jackrabbit and a heavy inspiration on the Dust Bunny. Also to appease the zodiac cultists

For the offensive-oriented starter of the trio, I chose the hare to accommodate a nimble physical build. Flaming boots are the main type cue for this design, as the final evolutions of fire starter pokemon so far tend to incorporate an actual flame in one certain body part.

As a design quirk, I wanted to give a jobclass theme amongst my starters, much like what has been done on the Gen 6 and 7 ones. This design in particular follows a Dancer-class aesthetic, which the Dust Bunny inspiration helps bring out. They adorn the body like a muffler, a veil on the waist, and a head cover that resembles headphones. The whiskers are a slight homage to a dancer's face veil as well.

I'm not entirely settled on the color scheme yet but I'm enjoying how it's coming together so far. As always, comments, critiques and criticism is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I was aiming for Pale Yellow but the fur came off as a sandy Light Brown. Fixed.
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Magistrum I really like the direction that you're taking with this design, it really does look like a final evolution. Having flaming boots does look very cool and in flavor sense very handy for battle, my critique is that I find the whiskers a bit awkward, it looks more as scarfs then a dancer's face veil, tho you did say it is a homage to it. Think a real dancer's face veil would work well, but that's my opinion anyway, take it as you well. Overall really neat design and favorite one so far!

Pharaoh Spinosaurus that swims through lava. Since my grass submission is anthropomorphic, I wanted this one to be a little more monstrous. I was Definitely inspired by Agnaktor for Monster Hunter, hahaha.

Quick doodle of what I've been calling a 'bikedillo'. The whole idea is an armadillo that has some motorbike parts and has some kind of magma-like liquid flowing inside. To attack it curls up and uses the exhaust on its tail to make itself rotate really fast :P.

Currently doesn't look too much like a Fire-type but I hope colors help with that.

Deck Knight

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So I had this concept from the very start. Obviously I need a LOT of work on execution, shading, proportions, etc., but it was too cool not to at least take a shot at this.


The idea draws on one of the things I loved about XY, is they made Vivillon a Pokemon that changed its design based on where you live. Since a starter is a mon you choose your journey with, I thought what would be cooler than a mon that changed its pattern based on where you live?

Thus, a fire horse (horse being one of the chinese zodiac symbols Fire starters supposedly align with) with a globe pattern that changes based on where you live. I depicted Florida because it's one of the most easily recognizable states. For the rest of the design, I knew horses would draw heavy comparisons to Rapidash / Mudsdale, so I decided to dial way back on the flames and give FireHorse a masonry drillbit for a tail. It has metal ingots on its collar you can use to hold on, and like Rapidash its flames won't actually hurt you if it's not trying to. They're arranged like nitros so if CAP 25f needs a speed boost it can use them as afterburners.
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I gotta say, Magistrum's jack rabbit looks absolutely badass! My only very very small quarrel would be not to make it too similar looking to Lopunny's concept. I may try a crack at this at some point and see how I do. I have a small idea on what 25F could look like (if this was Fire/Ice, I actually have a very old drawing from wayback when that could look really awesome).
Pharaoh Spinosaurus that swims through lava. Since my grass submission is anthropomorphic, I wanted this one to be a little more monstrous. I was Definitely inspired by Agnaktor for Monster Hunter, hahaha.
I like your design very much. I think, maybe, you should make it a bit larger so the size of the two pre-evos can be more differentiated. Good job!

Here my possible final concept for the fire/ground starter ! A driller minotaur

Love your concept about Dust bunny for the ground part Magistrum, its a very nice idea :D

Modedit: Please read the rules in the OP.

Nektulledit: Oops, really sorry, i saw the rules about size & weight but i uploaded the wrong version :(


EDIT for answering feedbacks :

Reiga said:
Nektùll: Nice proportions and cool patterns, but I can't just shrug off how it definitely looks A LOT like a Fire/Steel, what with the giant metal drills catching my eyes. If you want to go with the concept, I recommend making them more natural looking, followed by then trying to make them less metallic and more Ground-y, if you can get me.
Thank you for the time you used to comment my concept !
Indeed, the actual drills design is much metallic, but after some feedbacks from nice people on discord i realised that the big drills are really not viable for the pokemon life (if we care about the logic in design ofc).
So without the big ones, the steel proportion will be very smaller, so ground and fire parts will take more importance.

SuessMD said:
Nektùll I avoided the boar concept personally because the Fire-starter man-bear-pig Emboar already exists. I like the drill concept because it makes the Ground typing very obvious, though it could make prevo design . . . interesting. I like the fiery hair and accessories, but the legs look a touch awkward to me for some reason and I'm not actually sure why (yes, I know, that's so helpful). Maybe the thickness?
Yeah you're right, the legs are weird in regard of the rest of his body. I'll correct that in the next version ! But... I'll correct his face too, because if you think its a boar, i failed something :p
It's supposed to be inspired from the Minotaur, so a taurus head was my objective here
Thanks a lot for your feedback !
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Just putting down some ideas. The idea of a fire ox was too good to pass up. Gonna work harder to make it cohesive with the ideas of lava, molten ground, and bull elements. I may also go quadruped, but it will depend on our speed stat. As always, interested in constructive criticism!

This snake-based design takes inspiration from sandworms. They're both fast, ruthless and bask in (or under) the unforgiving heat, accommodating for an offense-oriented CAP. This design is also based on how some snakes detect heat.

That glasses-like marking is a special membrane. It lets the eyes see heat signatures of its prey from miles away, above or below the surface. Inspired by thermography, the stripes on its body go from jet-black to soft yellow, depending on its internal temperature. As most official Fire starters incorporate visible fire, this one has a slender flame as its tongue, naturally shaped like a fork.

I aim to incorporate the effective simplicity of Gens 1 and 2, as well as the subtle menace given to some of their "cute" designs, like Totodile and Heracross.

Thanks for everybody's help in the CAP Discord, by the way!
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Magistrum and Zephias I love your concepts. Very nice work they both fit the typing very well, especially the Armadillo. You two never disappoint very good work!
Just putting down some ideas. The idea of a fire ox was too good to pass up. Gonna work harder to make it cohesive with the ideas of lava, molten ground, and bull elements. I may also go quadruped, but it will depend on our speed stat. As always, interested in constructive criticism!
I would remove the flame in the tail and add it in the nose, whether it is in form of ring or like Chard-X from every hole. I like your design, good job!!

For the offensive starter I came up with a design based on the Tasmanian devils and dust devils. I didn't want to make it too devil-y to avoid it looking like a dark type and the colour scheme associates it with ground and also links it to dust devils. I figure it attacks by spinning like Taz the Tasmanian devil in the cartoon.

Bit around mouth is badly painted fire

Would love C and C on whether it needs more detail, or how to make it more starter-y.
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So! Here's my (very much vector) entry so far!
My design is based off of the Burrowing Snake, and (obviously) volcanos.
AND YES, I know CAP 25f is an offensive mon and mine looks defensive, and I'll probably have to change it later.
Also, everyone's WIPs look amazing so far!


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Long live the Mole King!

Probably the design with the most inspirations out of my current CAP25 wips, this snobby dude is based on star-nosed moles, the popular media depiction of "mole kings", european kings, japanese feudal lords, and volcanoes.

Going more in dept, this design is based specifically on explosive eruptions, which unlike the more commonly portrayed effusive eruptions release an explosive cloud of gas and volcanic ash, which usually descend in the form of extraordinarily deadly pyroclastic flows, known to kill almost anything in their path.
The smoke coming from this Pokemon's body shrouds it in a veil that resembles not only a kingly robe, but also a cravat and even a cape in the wind. Head smoke and pointed, mustache-like, ends of its nose also resemble common depictions of famous feudal lord Oda Nobunaga.

As for the Ground type, it comes from three elements in is design! First, moles are well known for burrying, second how volcanoes in Pokemon are often associated with the typing (with Camerupt and the amount of Ground-types near volcanoes), and third due to the high amount of volcanic ash and soot located in its smoke, which can be considered dirt or the like. All three combined give good reason behind the type, and even if its rather subtle, another fellow /Ground starter in Torterra also isn't extremely obvious in its Ground typing.

EDIT: Updated the design to accentuate even more the **explosive** eruption concept, with the a star-nose shaped like an explosion and a fuse-like tail. Speaking of which it has a tail now and also no ears, because I forgot moles had and didn't have those respectivelylmao. Yellow is added to the color scheme and I added supporting material of what its palms look like (they shoot fire!!).
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Lots of cool concepts and some good art here. I'm also taking a shot at it for fun. I went through a few animal concepts before landing on an antelope/gazelle sort of a thing. The typing will be more obvious once I add color, but I thought the big horns and the speed of an antelope might be appropriate for the concept.

I will try to find time to make specific comments on others' designs later. :)

EDIT: To focus future commentary, I have uploaded preliminary colored version. Thanks to Reiga for commenting already. I know blank eyes are super creepy, that's just how I outline. I will also attempt to fix the legs later after some of my layers are merged, thanks pointing that out. You are completely correct that the lengths aren't quite right.)

EDIT2: Coloring is mostly done for now unless I get comments that lead me to come back to it. The length of the legs has also been adjusted to make the proportions less awkward.
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Gravity Monkey

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Galvanatic, I really really like your design. But, I must say that right now, I doesn't really look like a fully evolved pokemon. I think you should try fixing that before starting anything else. Same thing for JAGFL, your design is cool but the mon looks really small.


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Galvanatic, I really really like your design. But, I must say that right now, I doesn't really look like a fully evolved pokemon. I think you should try fixing that before starting anything else. Same thing for JAGFL, your design is cool but the mon looks really small.
Considering it’s a sand worm, giving it overwhelming size (like Steelix and such) would be a good way to give it a fully evolved few without overly complicating the design
Pharaoh Spinosaurus that swims through lava. Since my grass submission is anthropomorphic, I wanted this one to be a little more monstrous. I was Definitely inspired by Agnaktor for Monster Hunter, hahaha.
I really like this design! :D although I find the lower part of the tail a little weird (I know is a lizard but I'm used to seeing a longer strand on the upper side in fishes so it looks really odd to me)
hope to see it colored soon


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Its *checks clock* comment time wow I'm so absurdly happy I could pop.

If I don't comment on you here its because I already commented on your stuff on Discord. Cool stuff.

Morghulis: Pretty interesting pool of concepts to pull from, although I think you should tinker a bit with how the concepts interact. I'm not too big of a fan of the head fluffs, and you should probably watch out for its body type, since its veery fighting-like. Either way, the lower part of the design looks absolutely killer, and a few reworks and you'll have a really cool design in your hands. Perhaps make it a matador with lava-flow inspired red sheet? Good luck!

Magistrum: Not much to say because this is a pretty great design overall. I absolutely looove the look on the flaming feet, and the dust stuff is pretty neat. I'm not very big on the mufflers, since they feel weirdly modern on something based on an RPG dancer. I'd also wonder how it'd look like with a visible tail, since bunnies got some cute ass spherical tails. Good stuff Magi.

D4rk3r: Legit one of my favorite designs on the thread at the moment, with probably my favorite face. Love the adorable goat/sheep eyes, they really give it its own flair. Just feels a tad middle-stage is, so imagine how you could make this design seem like it could have two prevos without each stage being too similar to one another and I think you'll have a good grasp on how to grow your design!

StephXPM: Liking the body shape on this, especially the flat back. Reminds me a lot of a fish, which is nice considering the lava swimming flavor. I don't really get the weird rectangles on its body, and think you could expand the pharaoh concept more. I agree that you should give it more fully evolved proportions.

Zephias: Probably my favorite of your wips between all three threads, this definitely has potential. The shell looks really cool, although it would look better with something around 3-6 segments near the end of the shell, over the current 12. I think you should also make the exhaust more organic, more akin to something like Heatmor's tail. You should also read into how starter faces look like, since I think yours is a bit barren. I'm very excited for how this design develops though! :o

Deck Knight: Vivillon-like gimmicks have never been done on starters before, and likely for a good reason, since they're mostly meant to be general and mascot-y. The gimmick itself also concerns me over how it implies it either only works in one country (that in the context of Pokemon isn't even the company's home country), or that its emblem shows the current state you're in in any country in the world, which would likely give this Pokemon thousands of forms, some of which you'd probably have to reach, like, Siberia to get. In the end, at least it made me pause and think about, and gave me a laugh, so there's that heh. Other than that I think you should refrain from having Steel elements and distribute the fire in a more interesting manner.

Nektùll: Nice proportions and cool patterns, but I can't just shrug off how it definitely looks A LOT like a Fire/Steel, what with the giant metal drills catching my eyes. If you want to go with the concept, I recommend making them more natural looking, followed by then trying to make them less metallic and more Ground-y, if you can get me.

Birkal: Neat take on the concept with a really nice color scheme, though even if this is more or less you putting down ideas, don't forget to give this fully-evolved proportions, since the current design looks a lot like middle staged starters like Pignite and Quilladin. Also not much of a fan of the hourglass sort of shape on the thorax. Overall neat stuff tho, Birk.

JAGFL: I suggest studying existing fully evolved starters and trying to incorporate their feel into your design, especially since it currently looks rather unevolved. I'd also watch out on how immobile the design is, not only because we're probably going to be at least decently fast, but also because no starter really has a design that can't easily move. Perhaps implement the volcano in a more subtle way, implementing it into the snake's design itself?

SuessMD: More of an artistic critique than a design one, but you picked a rather weird pose for your antelope, and the front pair of legs look way smaller than the back pair. Onto the design itself, I don't really get the meaning behind the brick-looking thing in its neck, and its body currently looks a bit barren, and I think some sort of pattern element could help. Not sure if part of it being a WIP or not, but no canon starter has blank eyes, and it just ends up making it a bit... creepy. 0.0

Grassgem389: Can't comment on much since the design looks rather unfinished, but it doesn't look like a starter, not even because of the proportions or something but because of the base concept; all starters are based on animals, so something like a living tiki is more of a midgame fire Pokemon and less of a starter.

see you guys next time bye
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