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Through this series of polls, we'll be voting as a community on which concept we'd like to pursue for CAP 26. Make sure to read through each concept thoroughly; it is imperative that you understand what you're voting for here. Our slate of six concepts was chosen by our Topic Leader, SHSP, from the Concept Submissions thread.

This will be a Ranked Pairs vote (RP) (a form of voting where each candidate is ranked according to head to head matchups with each of its competitors in a directed acyclic graph), the details of which were discussed here.

This is a ranked vote: order does matter! You can upvote your favorites and downvote your least favorites. You may choose to rank as many or as few options as you like, but we encourage you to rank as many options as possible to ensure your preferences are taken into account.

Bold your votes and nothing else!
A typical vote might look like the following:
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Third Most Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
CAP uses automated scripts to count votes. For this reason, it is very important for all ballots to be submitted correctly. If you do not compose a legal ballot, your post will be subject to moderation.
  • The scripts count bold words in ballots, so do NOT bold anything in your ballot other than the options you are voting for.
  • Do NOT put any formatting other than bold in your post.
  • Only one option per line.
  • The spelling of options must be EXACTLY correct and must match the spelling listed above.
  • Capitalization and spaces are ignored by the vote counting scripts, but you probably should not depend on it.
Composing a proper ballot is easy. Enter BBCode Edit Mode (the A in the upper right corner). Copy/paste the options directly from the OP to your ballot as plain unbolded text. Delete and/or rearrange the options to suit your preference and the poll type. Bold your vote text using bold tags or re-enter rich text mode, highlight your vote and click B. Spelling or formatting errors may spoil your ballot, so be careful!

Please post only your votes in this thread. Do not respond to other posts, or your posts will be moderated and you may be warned. You are allowed to say whatever you like in relation to your vote at the bottom of your post, but please do not look to begin a discussion. Keep those comments to the PS! CAP chatroom or the CAP Discord channel.

Asking for votes for your submission or for the submissions of others is not allowed. Anyone found to have done so risks punishment at the moderation team's discretion. If you find that someone has broken this rule, please contact the CAP moderation team with your evidence and no one else. Mini-moderation of this rule is also considered a serious offense and can be punished.

IMPORTANT: When voting, use only the name of the author! The list of possible votes include:


This poll will be open for 24 hours. The concept submissions are quoted below in order of submission.

Asking for votes for your submission or for the submissions of others is not allowed. Anyone found to have done so risks punishment at the moderation team's discretion. If you find that someone has broken this rule, please contact the CAP moderation team with your evidence and no one else. Mini-moderation of this rule is also considered a serious offense and can be punished.

The Future is Bright!

Name - The Future is Bright!

Description - A Pokemon that makes usage of the 'delayed-attack' moves - Future Sight and/or Doom Desire

Justification - Given we're attempting to create a Pokemon that uses one of two specific moves, this is an Actualisation concept. Future Sight and Doom Desire are incredibly unique moves, which see limited usage in spite of their high base power, and ability to have a target Pokemon struck twice in the same turn. In using CAP26, the aim is to create a Pokemon that inspires a feeling of being able to trap opponents, to establish win-win situations.

Questions To Be Answered -
  • One Pokemon which has been seen to fairly reliably use Future Sight is Slowking. What can we learn from Slowking about what makes a viable user of Future Sight? On the same token, what has led Jirachi to not be effective at using Doom Desire, and other Pokemon to not effectively use Future Sight?
  • What is the optimum usage of Future Sight/Doom Desire, both on the turn immediately after using the move, and the turn on which the move will land?
  • Should the user of Future Sight/Doom Desire be primarily helping itself, or other teammates. If helping itself, what is the aim? If helping teammates, then what types of teammate?
  • Are Z-Future Sight and Z-Doom Desire mandatory, or just useful tools?

Celebrity Entourage

Name: Celebrity Entourage

Description: This Pokemon supports the playstyle and tactical considerations of a single, well-documented Smogon competitor.

Justification: Very few concepts we have explored in the Create-A-Pokemon Project have explored what is the most important ingredient in competitive battles: the players. Through this concept, the CAP community would sift through replays, RMTs, YouTube videos, interviews, posts, and miscellaneous content of a community-appointed Smogon battler. Using this information, we'd condense their overall competitive mindset into a Pokemon that caters to how they play the game. We have a gargantuan amount to learn as a community from analyzing a high-profile competitor as we actualize their battle mindset into a newly created Pokemon.

Questions To Be Answered:
  • Basic: What are some considerations the competitor makes when building a team? For example, do they prefer certain types or stat biases?
  • Basic: What is the competitor's mindset when going into a battle? How do they mentally prepare for the battle and ultimately select a team?
  • Intermediate: What is the competitor's mindset like during the battle? How concrete is this during team preview? Does this shift at all as wincons are established?
  • Intermediate: How often does the competitor repeat Pokemon selection and general team composition? Are they varied and unpredictable, or safe and fortified? Do they tend to select Pokemon with singular sets or a plethora of options?
  • Advanced: How does luck and hax factor into a competitor's selection of a specific Pokemon? Where does the competitor lie on the spectrum of power versus accuracy, and does this mindset change based on the stakes of the match?
  • Advanced: What is the mindset of a competitive battler? How much of it is social versus self-prep? How much of it is unchangeable versus flexible? How much does this vary between competitors, and does this variation correlate to any sort data?

I don't like pebbles and caltrops.

Name: I don't like pebbles and caltrops.

Description: A Pokemon that is able to deter hazards in some way.

Justification: This is a Target concept, because it is supposed to (partially) decentralize the metagame that is currently heavily based around stacking hazards.

Questions To Be Answered:
  • How can we make CAP 26 stand out from the plethora of other hazard control options?
  • What method will CAP 26 use to deter hazards?
  • How do we make sure that CAP 26 does not get an overbearing grip over the hazards game?

King of the Drops

  • Name - King of the Drops
  • Description - A Pokemon that abuses stat drops, either by lowering the opponent's stats or by taking advantage of it's own drops.
  • Justification - This concept fits into the Actualization category because it aims to learn about the underutilized stat drops. It will likely have multiple options to abuse stat drops, giving it the option to help it's teammates or directly benefit itself.
  • Questions To Be Answered:
    • How much effect does stat-lowering have on an opponent?
    • How can we make CAP 26 a viable abuser of stat-lowering moves?
    • Why are moves that lower stats so uncommon?
    • Can a Pokemon remain effective when it's stats are lowered?


Name – Alchemist

Description – This Pokémon aims to shake up battles through means of status and other utility moves.

Justification – This is mainly an Archetype concept, as it is a concept that has been promoted in the past, but with the tools and metagame that has been created since that point, can be done in a modern and effective way. The primary focus of this concept is to spread status and other utility moves. It can be taken down several different routes through combinations of these moves, and the secondary focus of the concept.

Questions to Be Answered
  1. What advantages would this Pokémon have over other status and utility spreaders?
  2. What status and utility move combinations can work well together?
  3. What types of moves do Pokemon benefit from the most?
  4. What archetypes desperately need support to work? What types of support do they need?

The Return of Speed

Name: The Return of Speed

Description: This Pokemon's speed tier is in a range from around Base 120 to around Base 150. (About Tier II to lower Tier I on USM CAP Speed Tiers).

  • The goal of this concept is to understand the role of a Pokemon's high Speed stat in its viability; thus, this is a Target concept. Some of USM CAP's best Pokemon, including Tornadus-T, Greninja, Weavile, Tapu Koko, and Mega Alakazam have high speed tiers. However, other fast Pokemon like Mega Aerodactyl, Crobat, and Zeraora have almost no place in Gen 7 CAP, but find themselves in solid usage in UU. Some of ORAS CAP's important Pokemon like Mega Lopunny, Mega Manectric, and Talonflame (Gale Wings definitely defined it, but Base 126 speed allowed it to use Flare Blitz and U-turn freely and to run Specially Defensive with minimal speed investment). Gen 7's banned Pokemon like Dugtrio (Arena Trap ban killed this Pokemon's viability), Naganadel, and Pheromosa also have very high speed tiers. It's well-known and clear that a large Speed stat can play a large role in viability, and there are other factors at play when determining viability, so let's figure out what those are.
Questions To Be Answered:
  • What makes Pokemon in this speed tier metagame staples?
  • How much do these Pokemons' speed stats play a role in their viability?
  • Why do other Pokemon of this speed bracket fail to make a mark?
  • Does this Pokemon need a high power ceiling to be useful? Does it need other traits?

CAP 26 so far:

Leadership Team:

SHSP - Topic Leader​
GMars - Typing Leader​
Jordy - Ability Leader​
Jho - Stats Leader​
G-Luke - Movepool Leader​
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While I understand that no 1-2 people ever control a process, I still fully think that analyzing a certain player will cause at least some degree of significant bandwagon, even if its in like polls, if this person joins in on the discussion. No offense Birkal, but just a personal gripe.
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