CAP 28 Playtest Tournament - Sign Ups

Hosted by Mx and Birkal. Art by Shadowshocker

Ever been interested in CAP? Here's a great way to learn more about it! Come to compete and watch battles featuring our custom creations. The CAP metagame consists of OU-legal Pokemon plus all CAP Pokemon. Find our forum here to join the creation process. Join our Pokemon Showdown room here to discuss the metagame and teambuilding with our community.

With CAP 28 already on its final competitive stages, it's time to start thinking about testing our latest creation. This tournament is designed to let everyone interested have a chance at playing with our newest CAP and to provide us with valuable information about how it works out in a competitive environment. The winner of this tournament will earn a commemorative forum banner!
Tournament Rules:
  • All general tournament rules apply.
  • The first 3 rounds of the tournament are on Swiss format with 2 games won required in order to advance. From Round 4 onwards this will change to a single elimination format.
  • The upcoming Crown Tundra additions won't be allowed until Round 4. (CAP usually follows the OU banlist but it has been decided that for the first 2 weeks after the Crown Tundra drops, the playtest will continue using the pre-DLC. This will give time for the metagame to properly stabilize after all the while also giving us some more time to test CAP 28 on its intended metagame.)
  • All matches are best of three.
  • Matches can be played on Smogtours or the main server.
  • All replays are mandatory.

SS CAP Metagame Resources:
CAP Viability Rankings | CAP Sample Teams | CAP Metagame Discussion

Sign-ups will close on October 18th at 11:59pm GMT -4.
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