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Quick first draft of one of my ideas, I'll be doing mock-ups of a few other concepts this week for more feedback. I really liked the idea of trying something in the realm of "alchemy" in order to touch on both the Poison typing and Colour Change, in my mind both the fluid and symbol in the middle would change with the colour. Would love some feedback on this golem guy!

I love it conceptually, but I'm getting more of a poison/flying vibe, I think it needs a bit more grit to be Dark. I think it could still be a bird, but something that looks a little more angry about the oil compared to being relatively sad could help.
NoahIOTJ: Great start! Similar to Malamar, it's definitely a squid without looking too close to being a water type.
Quanyails: Of these three, my favorite is the shark. I considered a similar design of doing a literal "card shark" with the different suits helping with Colour Change, if you'd like to experiment with something like that go for it. I think it's the strongest and most distinct of your options right now.
StephXPM: I think the robe needs to be a bit less robe-y, right now it's a little detached from the design. I think making it a bit more "eldritch" almost would help, a bit more sinister and alien would lean more towards dark too, right now I'm getting more of a water/psychic vibe.
DrifblooomCF: I think this design is a little too close to the animal world, adding in a bit more cartoony elements like eyes or a face would help it feel more alive.
Shadowshocker: Good start, I think it looks poison/dark to a tee. I'd be interested in seeing a bit more of a lean into the tattoo theme, maybe dropping some of the spikes for more designs on the body
JAGFL: Cool use of a real world interaction, I think it might be a bit too spooky looking for a Pokemon. I'd say in the next draft to try to make the face a bit more "dizzy" as opposed to sharp angles and teeth
House_of_Radiance: I love the mask motif, I'm missing a bit of the poison side of things, I'm getting a bit more of a ghost type from the wisp. I'd say trying to make the masks more expressive, like a range of emotions, and trying to add in more toxic elements would help.
SunMYSER: Love the first draft, what I think I'm missing is if it produces the oil or is covered in it. I think trying to introduce a bit more around the source of the oil in the design would be neat.
flying moose: The claw machine design is interesting, I think it's a bit of an improvement. I do think you'd have something great on your hands if you leaned into more of a "germ" design, like instead of being "toys" if they were cute germs that were on this malevolent creature I think it would be a bit clearer what you're going for while keeping the same style.
Sunfished: Brilliant design, but I think it screams "dragon type" right now. I think the goopiness would help substantially here to make it almost more "melty" and less majestic
Slapperfish: I love both the dinosaur and the genie options, in particular the genie as I think it hits both the ability and the typing spot on. In further drafts I would invest in cleaning up those options.
PsychLantern: I think you did a great job differentiating it from other reptile/amphibian designs, it doesn't look too close to any existing Pokemon. I'd love to see some colour on it but great initial line work.
Explosion Badger: Solid bones, I think the main thing would be making the eyes look a bit more cartoony. I think some eyes that look closer to other Pokemon would make it look a bit more in line with the Pokemon style.
sgtxam: I think the "miasma" around the head technically breaks the rules the way it's currently drawn unfortunately. Cool concept, I'd try some alternate colours on the body, I think some purple could help here.
Yilx: Both these two designs have awesome personality. I love the blob, I think if it looked a bit more like a later evolution it would be a big win. Sort of a "Muk" to the Grimer.
Golurkyourself: I love this design, my only feedback is that the eyes could be a bit more distinct. I think some cartoony eyes would work great and wouldn't kill the gas mask vibe at all.
Zephyr2007: I think if this design had a devious grin and a bit more attitude it would be absolutely perfect.
Z-nogyroP: I love this start, I'm a bit confused about the smaller pieces that are floating around? I'd clarify those and maybe look at ways to look a bit less like a Ghost type.
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Some Design thoughts on some other people's designs:

StephXPM Too humanoid at the moment. If you cover up the face it looks pretty much like a person. Maybe make the clothes more tentalcle-y, or dial back the clothes so that it invokes a robe but is actually part of the creature's body.
DrifblooomCF Really nice color scheme that really makes you believe the flounder will flash to different color, but it does need a discernible face. Otherwise it just looks too amorphous.
NoahIOTJ Nice squid, though I'm not sure I'm a fan of the multiple pairs of eyes. I really like how you designed the tentacles.
Slapperfish OMG the tar slick sauropod is AWESOME. Everything about it. The other designs are cool too but they look more like they're made of multicolored sludge, whereas the sauropod really invokes the iridescent sheen of an oil slick.
PsychLantern Nice lizard that does a really good job at differentiating itself from the others. It's a little hard to see they typing connection now but I'm sure colors will help a lot.
sgtxam Really nice frog, and extremely clever combination with a Rorschach test. Right now it looks a little unbalanced/top/heavy, like it won't be able to stand without falling over, and you could probably up the rainbow aspect a bit, but other than that I love it.
Explosion Badger It's super cool, but it looks a little... elephantine? Especially with the tusks. And there are so many ripples all over its body that it's starting to lose the cuttlefish. I think you can safely tone it down while still having it look poisonous.
Sunfished We are so overdue for a Glaucus atlanticus pokemon. Really glad to see you trying this path. Right now I think it looks too much like a water type though. I think it may be that it's very plesiosaurian, moreso than nudibranchian actually. Maybe reducing the neck and leaning into the amorphous quality of the wings (rather than making them paddle-like) would help.
Yilx I'm personally not a fan of gjinka designs so I much prefer the ink blob. If you do go with the gjinka maybe de-emphasize or eliminate the skirt so that the human and cephalopod elements are more blended.


As for my design, I'm sticking with a creature that covers itself in color-changing amorphous cuties, but I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with the decorator crab or try something weirder. Specifically... a claw machine.

Since claw machines aren't naturally venomous, I gave the color-changing toys lots of spikes and barbels that I will probably be a permanent purple. Same with the claws on the control-lever fingers, and maybe on the claw mouth as well.

Any thoughts on which design I should use, or how to improve a design, are appreciated.
Thanks a lot for the feedback! I can definitely see the colors complementing the typing and theme really well. I think I will try to make it shiny to convey a salamander skin of sorts.

As for your design, I feel like blending the Decorator Crab and Claw Machine ideas could work really well. Perhaps give the first design more crab-like aspects (pincers, articulations, etc.)

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Yeah, needs a lot of work, I know. I'm not the best drawer (actually I'm most likely the worst here) but it's a concept and that's something. Plus it doesn't stop you from imagining what a WAY better one looks like.

And yes, I know this looks like some regional variant of Spiritomb, I promise it's not on purpose!
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its a jackson chameleon thief. it uses color change to sneak around! its horn can force its way into anywhere, and it wraps up what it finds in its giant tail as it makes a getaway!

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Here's a rough sketch of the first thing I could come up with for this CAP.
I call it "Bad Chemistry":

This guy is the result of a chemistry experiment gone wrong, and it wants to exact its revenge! Its body is formed around beakers of chemicals, and various chemical-filled bubbles emerge from its hide. As this monster gets hit, it provokes different chemicals to mix and react, and changes colors. This sketch is pencil only, so maybe the multiple different colors of chemicals is hard to envision. It's still very early in the CAP process, but I think this design could work out nicely, if I decide to go with it and flesh it out more. We'll see!

Graffiti Gecko Graffiti Gecko

It produces different colors of paint on the many sacs on its body, which it then funnels into the canisters on its back. It can use its tail to grab the canisters and use them in combat!

I wanted to go with a punk rock/spray paint vibe for my submission and I wanted it to be an octopus. I figured out how to implement poison, so it is actually based after a blue ringed octopus. How I imagine it would use color change is it would shoot a spray paint like substance out of the spray can-like pipes. The substance would coat over its body and it would change the Pokémon’s color to the color of its environment. Still a WIP so may change some stuff about it! Taking as much feedback as you have on it!
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its a rat king of those funky glow-in-the-dark lab mice, and its shaped like an octopus/squid

i think if every part of its tails were fluorescent green (like this) itd better convey color change, but i also think it needs the pink idk ill figure it out
Final Submission


I like to defy common colour-type associations, excuse my sweet colours. As most of you, I wanted to explore a less common animal, like a starfish or some kind of echinoderm. Its body is prepared to assimilate the internal composition of whatever it touches, and its bifid trunk is particularly sensible and retains corrosive substances extracted as it swims. It strategically developed a seashell that covers some vulnerable parts of its body so it doesn't get easily worn down. In strict pokemon terms, you probably will see some inspiration in Hatterene, Reuniclus, Toxapex and, at a more subtle level, Cubone, Starmie, Omastar and Hypno.

I think I have uploaded the image correctly (640x640, png and used the Smogon forums attaching service), but I'm new over here. Sorry in advance if I did something wrong.
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This is my work-in-progress design, which is based on a variety of poisonous, camouflaging frogs but most notably the Beelzebufo/Devil Frog.

As a Dark/Poison Color Change CAP with the intent to go to a Bulky Setup Sweeper route, Frogs actually fit the bill for most of these specs. Poisonous Frogs are common knowledge, and some species among them have the ability to change their skin color (albeit slower compared to the Chameleon). The extinct Beelzebufo in particular lends itself well from the typing to the build because of its common name Devil Frog and the fact that it is thought to be the biggest frog known so far.

Devilish themes are incorporated into the design, however the patterns in this sketch so far are open to changes.

As always, comments, critiques and criticism is greatly appreciated!
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By popular vote, I decided to focus on my sauropod design over the others. I considered putting it in a pose with its back turned, but I could neither get it to look right or show the more minor bits of the design well enough. For now, I simplified the rainbow colors down to four (notably a similar palette to Alolan Muk), and made the bone parts a bit less prominent.

I added sprayers to its tentacles so it can paint its body different colors! Don’t know if I should add a mouth, but generally taking feedback on this guy!

Very rough, needs a lot of rethinking, I just wanted to throw this lil guy out there for some critiques. It’s based on a masked assassin, changing his face as needed. Might try and give the masks different flairs and such? Also I wasn’t sure what to do with the head, so he’s got a floof.
PLEASE give lots of critiques and ideas. Very open. Will be doing the same for others soon.
I like the mask idea a lot, fits dark type and color change perfectly. Only critique I'd give is to have an indication of the poison typing. Maybe like poison-tipped weapons since it's an assassin? Or its cloak could be gaseous?


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Second attempt at a colour pass, and per The Metric System's suggestion, I tried toning down the spikes a tad and connecting the skull tattoo to invoke lines pumping ink into the hands a la Toxicroak. Hopefully the anatomical status quo persists through moves and stats...

Decided to drop the original desing in order to use this one, a giant pig with mushrooms on its back.
Its based both in a wild boar and the "Catoblepas" a mitical creature that cant see properly but when it does it kills everything on its way either with its massive horns or its poisonous breathe

In this case, my mon has a symbiotic relationship with the fungus on its back, no only giving him food buta lso changing the color of its fur slightly based on what it eats.

This is currently a work in progress for a salamander based Pokémon that thrives off polluted waters. He absorbs pollutants and converts them into bubbles. The pollutants absorbed in battle, such as attacks from other Pokémon, will affect his type.
All feedback is appreciated!
I made my design look a bit more "wet" to get it closer to the poisonous salamander aspect that plays a bit of a role in its base design and gave it a bit more detail. I also colored it and tried to show the color change aspect more with its tail

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Changed from a punk toad to a punk/hair metal Llama. The idea is that the llama's coat of fur changes colours depending on its mood (or music choice). I wanted an animal that felt punk, and what's more punk than a thing thats known to spit in your face? The "dark" typing comes from it's punk aesthetic, and the "poison" comes from the poison it spits when it's feeling rowdy.

Still very WIP, and the colouration is still very much in flux. Hit my up with critiques if you guys want.


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Kapuas mud snake (a snake species that can change color) with some inspiration from Plague Doctors. The bright colors on the belly would be the part that change color with Color Change

Looking better huh? the lower suction cups need work but other then that it's just shading from here. Leave feedback if there is something you may recommend for the design, I may use it!
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